Fabulous golden fireflies from japanese photographer yuki

Yuki Karo is a photographer from Japan, he is one of the most outstanding photographers who with special professionalism use long exposure in their works. Most of the photo of Yuki reflects the nature and beauty of the places around Maniva and Okayama, Japan.

Fabulous golden fireflies from Japanese photographer Yuki Karo Photos of Yuki Caro

The most famous works of the photographer are pictures of crossing golden fireflies. Not by accident, they are delicious! You might think that these photos are from dreams. Many of these photos were made during the rainy season, from June to July, when fireflies mated after a thunderstorm.

Photo by Japanese photographer Yuki Karo Fabulous golden fireflies

The photographer could easily transfer all the beauty of the moment, the whole fascinating atmosphere and with awe to convey to the final viewer.

Golden fireflies Yuki Karo