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Of all the premises in the apartment, the kitchen is the most significant and visited. That's why the kitchen corner for any kitchen is an essential purchase. It allows you to comfortably take food to the owners of the apartment, and is also convenient for accepting a small number of friends. Today, the furniture market presents a large number of models of kitchen corners, so it will not be difficult to find a specific copy for your kitchen interior. In this article, we'll figure out what kinds of kitchen corners there are, and also get acquainted with the most popular solutions.

Kitchen Area Kitchen Areaфото

Kitchenette for modern kitchen

The kitchenette for the kitchen is comfortable, and in most cases, a more compact replacement for a traditional dining table with chairs. Due to this feature, the corner is becoming more popular, especially in small kitchens. In fact, a corner for the kitchen is a set consisting of a corner sofa, a table and a pair of chairs or ottomans. Cozy kitchen corner photoCozy kitchen corner

Advantages of the kitchen corner:

  • Occupies a small space, saving square meters;
  • Can serve as a storage system for things;
  • The soft corner is more comfortable than traditional chairs;
  • Ability to accommodate more people in a small space

However, in addition to the positive qualities, the kitchenette has drawbacks.

Disadvantages of the kitchen corner:

  • The impossibility of placing a kitchen corner in a narrow or very small space;
  • Lack of mobility (people sitting in the center of the bench can not go out without hindrance)

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Kitchen Areaдля кухниKitchen Areaдля кухни фото

Types of kitchen corners:

Kitchen corners are of two types: L-shaped and U-shaped.

L-shaped kitchen corners

Такой кухонный уголок идеален для маленькой кухни, и подходит для большинства малогабаритных квартир. L-shaped kitchen corners с ящиками для хранения являются наиболее часто встречающимися. В таких уголках сидения дивана поднимаются, предоставляя пространство для хранения кухонных принадлежностей.

Corners PhotoCozy kitchen corners photoKitchen Areaсо столом

U-shaped kitchen corners

U-shaped kitchen corners, такие как на фото ниже, зачастую имеют немалые габариты, поэтому подходят только для кухонь большого размера. Уголки такого типа предоставляют полноценную обеденную зону, но для использования на кухне, для них нужно отдельно приобрести обеденный стол и несколько стульев.

Kitchen Areaдля маленькой кухни фото Kitchen Areaсо столом фото

Kitchen corner design

Traditionally, kitchen corners are made with soft upholstery, but there are also models, in firm execution, on which, if desired, you can lay soft cushions. This solution is very convenient, since it allows you to separately wash the pillows when they are contaminated.

Cozy kitchen corner со столом фото Cozy kitchen corner со столом

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Upholstery Upholstery

Depending on the preferences of the owners and the interior of the kitchen, you can buy a corner with both fabric upholstery and upholstery made of natural or artificial leather. As for the fabric for upholstery, it is initially impregnated with a special compound that repels dirt and moisture, and makes it easy to clean it with a damp sponge. Upholstery made of leather or its substitute is more durable than fabric, and it is easy to clean in case of anything. However, leather upholstery is not very comfortable in hot weather, so this factor should be considered when buying.

Kitchen Areaс ящиками для хранения Kitchen Areaс ящиками для хранения фото

Kitchenette with table for a small kitchen

If you own an apartment, the kitchen in which is modest in size, then for such occasions small kitchen corners are produced. This solution allows you to organize a full dining area for three or four people. Kitchen corner for a small kitchen, as in the photo below, will be an excellent and very comfortable solution for one-room apartments of Soviet construction, for example, Khrushchev.

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Small kitchen corners Small kitchen corners фото Kitchen Areaдля маленькой кухни