Fashionable decor: wallpaper in the style of the loft

Could the inhabitants of semi-abandoned warehouses and lofts in old factories once assume that their homes would lay the foundation for a new trend in interior design called loft style! The demand for such spaces is now so great that developers have specifically left spacious lofts in new buildings without finishing and sell them as elite apartments.

Loft style apartment interior

Dekorin has already prepared an article for you on key features of loft design "How to draw a loft correctly", but seeing the growing popularity of these interiors, we could not resist and decided to tell you about the main decorative element that sets them apart and which you can apply in your house to create this unique urban atmosphere - and this is a loft-style wallpaper.

Of course, this loft will first of all be distinguished by its large area, high ceilings, allowing the possibility of creating a second floor, the minimum number of walls between rooms and huge windows. But what if you like the loft style, but do you live in an ordinary house or apartment? Then the surest way for you is to properly decorate the walls and ceiling. Next, you will learn about how different there are wallpapers in loft style and how to use them to achieve the desired effect!

Choose wallpaper in the loft style

Did you ever wander around abandoned or unfinished buildings? If so, then you know what the interior walls look like in the loft style. What first came to mind: bare concrete or a brick wall, half-tattered tiles or shabby wooden planks?

Walls in the interior in the loft style

In today's world of wallpaper, you will find it easy to find covers that mimic such a look of walls. On the following photos you will see examples of their application in stylish modern interiors.

So, our first and most obvious kind of wallpaper in the loft style is ...

Wallpaper for "bare walls" (brick, concrete, wood and other coverings)

White brick wall in the interior Concrete wall in loft style Concrete and brick wall in loft style Design loft with a brick wall in the interior Classic Loft style wallpaper Kitchen wallpaper in loft style Wallpaper under the stone in the interior design Wallpaper in the style of loft under the tile and wood Wallpaper in the style of a loft under a tree Unusual interior design in the loft style Wall decoration in loft style Modern wallpaper under the tile The design of the walls in the loft under the tile Brick wall in the design of the living room

Did you notice the most important thing? What is most advantageous is the interior of the loft looks when it combines several different types of walls, for example, one of them is framed for concrete and the other for brick etc. Such heterogeneity is a key feature of lofts and allows to make this "industrial" style more comfortable for perception. Imagine if all the walls of a small room are covered with wallpaper under a red brick wall! How long will they last, so as not to bother you?

Thus, when you choose wallpaper in the loft style, you should consider the options for creating one accent wall (for example, under the same red brick) or selecting different types of wallpaper for different areas of the home. The next series of photos will give you even more ideas for inspiration. Our second type of wallpaper in the loft style is ...

Wallpaper for a bookcase, graffiti and various wallpaper

Black and white wallpaper in interior design Wallpaper for an interior in a loft styleUnusual interior design in the loft styleLoft apartment with photo galleryPhoto wallpapers in the dining room opposite the dining tableLoft style room designPhoto wallpapers under the antiquityPhoto wallpapers for comics in the loft styleWallpaper in the loft style: a variety of options Photo of the sky in the interior designBedroom design in a loft with photo wallpapers

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Wallpapers in indastrial style with graffitiGraffiti on the walls in the interiorWallpapers with 3D effect in the loft styleIndustrial style wallpaper in bedroom design The most interesting designs for the loft wallpaperBookcase - wallpaper in the loft styleFashionable Wall-papers Bookcase in the libraryIndustrial style interior - wallpaper in the style of the loft Bright interior design in loft style

Agree that black and white wallpapers are simply amazingly combined with brick walls, concrete and other loft style elements! Also interesting with them look wallpaper with a picture for comics (after all, the fashion was on them at about the same time as lofts) and graffiti, which are a mandatory attribute of all abandoned buildings. But this is not all the wallpaper in the loft style that you can use! Loft - a home for a modern man, and therefore, if properly combined with the rest of the decor, any wallpaper with modern patterns can perform in the right role for you.

The key point here is the diverse design of walls and ceilings (so that they contrast with each other), and the need to select the appropriate decor, which will match the color or patterns with the design of the wallpaper, is added.

Below you will see a wonderful example, when wallpaper with a picture of trees combined with a black and white carpet on the floor and create a funny contrast with a warm wooden ceiling. Take a closer look at the rest of the photos to find out the secret of the successful design of these interiors in loft style.

Modern wallpaper in the loft style

Forest of trees - wallpaper in the style of the loftWallpapers in luxury style in interior design in loft styleWallpaper with the imitation of tiles on the ceiling of the kitchenLoft design with loftKitchen design with wallpaper in the loft stylePatterned wallpaper in the loft style Chic wallpapers in the loft style Bedroom design in the attic Two-storey loft apartment Interior design in loft style: choose wallpaper

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At the end of this article, we only need to mention the simple monophonic wallpaper, which, surprisingly, can also make your loft interesting and unrepeatable. Create with them bright accent walls or combine them with unusual textures of walls, floor or ceiling - there is not and can not be any limitations to your imagination!

Remember that the first lofts served as a refuge for poor artists and other representatives of bohemia, and therefore they are simply inherently obliged to express the taste and creative vision of their owners. Good luck to you!

White walls in interior design Bright interior in loft style Kitchen design in a loft with black wallpaper Brick wall and wallpaper in the loft style Design a small kitchen in the apartment loft Mint Wallpapers in Loft Style

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Stylish design of a large loft Interior design in the style of industrial modern Bright wall in the bedroom