20 accessories for small spaces

Sofa with drawers

Modest apartments have a simple and concise layout and limited space, so they need careful selection of items of furniture and jewelry that can not only radically change the appearance of the apartment, but also fill the situation with incredible functionality and practicality.

Today, we will bring to your attention marvelous solutions and ideas for equipping a modest living space.

These modern magnetic washers are great holders for knives and other metal utensils. These products can sit perfectly on the kitchen apron and be used by the hostess during cooking to clean the countertop from unnecessary and unnecessary items.

Magnetic knife holders

Magnetic washers from Amazon

These modern pieces of furniture can easily be placed under a sofa or practical table and used when friends or relatives come to visit you.

Multicolored folding chairs

Living room chairs by Stephanie Sabbe

Gorgeous plastic flower pots will be a wonderful addition to the terrace or balcony. They have an original and creative appearance, so give your apartment a special natural charm and coziness.

Flowerpots for handrails

Garden pots and flower pots from A + R

In the next photo you can see a console table that has a laconic and miniature silhouette. It splendidly saves the area of ​​the apartments and at the same time fits perfectly into any stylistic decoration.

Dining console table

Dining tables from resourcefurniture

Modern Collection designer furniture and beds Murphy created specifically for apartments with a limited area. In addition, they are well combined with products from the IKEA store.

Rollaway bed in living room

Cabinet-bed from resourcefurniture

You will definitely love this unusual modular headset design. The number of options for its installation is unlimited!

Foldable coffee tables

Coffee tables by Stephanie Sabbe

In miniature apartments, as a rule, bathrooms have tiny sizes. Try to save the area of ​​housing with the use of a compact wall toilet.

Mounted toilet bowl

Unlock by Faucet Direct

This miniature refrigerator will perfectly fit into a modest kitchen! At the same time, its stylish and elegant appearance will perfectly complement the modern decoration.

Stylish two-compartment refrigerator

Refrigerator from summitappliance.com

This wooden cutting board is installed above the hob. It excellently saves space in a small kitchen!

Wooden table top on the stove

Chopping boards from shop.catalinaowners.com

This tiny shell with a shallow depth is ideal for a miniature bathroom.

A small white shell

Bathroom sinks from Overstock.com

A wooden storage box is made using reclaimed wood. It is perfectly suitable for placement under the bed, besides this set not only allows you to give your bedroom extra functionality, but also fill the atmosphere with coziness and warmth.

Wooden box under the bed

Decorative boxes from eatsleeplive.co.uk

A snow-white sofa will be the epicenter of attention in any interior design. It is put into bed - the perfect solution for a small house.

Small sofa bed

Диван-кровать от Crate&Barrel

This original chair has a fantastic silhouette. It is made using snow-white plastic.

Chair with original silhouette

Modern armchairs and decorative chairs

Currently, all apartments have a small workplace. You can equip it with a modular furniture set, which harmoniously fits into a tiny space.

Small work place

Chair and secretator from resourcefurniture.com

Wall sconces as a bedside lighting can excellently save space, unlike a table lamp. In the next photo the model is equipped with a scissor folding mechanism, which gives it additional functionality.

Wall sconce with scissor mechanism

Wall sconces from Greige

This first-aid kit for the bathroom has a stylish and practical execution.

First-aid set for bathroom

Mirrors for bathroom from KEUCO

The benches are an excellent alternative to the sofa. They will perfectly blend in with any home decor.

Wooden bench

Банкетки от Crate&Barrel

Designer ottomans with charming execution and a roomy storage niche can complement the miniature decoration.

Designer ottoman with a niche

Decorative baketki from Overstock.com

This magnificent multifunctional device for storing lids from pots and pans will be an excellent addition for a tiny kitchen, where every square centimeter is counted.

The lid storage device

Separator for kitchen boxes from Amazon

We presented to our readers a fantastic collection of delightful interior items and accessories that are great for a modest apartment.

And did you like these decisions and ideas from professional specialists? Would you like to use these models to decorate your own apartments?