Interesting ideas for space saving - innovative scandinavian

Magnificent design of the kitchen area

We offer you to get acquainted with the magnificent interior of a one-bedroom apartment, which is located in Sweden. Its area is 52 m2, and the layout is somewhat similar to our standards, so pay attention to its design. As you know, the use of white and light colors always expands the space, even the smallest. And do not be afraid to apply these colors on any surfaces, it can even be sex. Another important advice for small space equipment is maximum use of all zones, for example, when decorating walls, one can think not only about their appearance, but also about the functionality that they can give.

Functional wall design

To save space the wall, equipped not only under the bookshelves, but also under the hooks for clothes, will help perfectly. In one fell swoop, this solution kills the problem of room occupancy.

Hooks for clothes and shelves on the wall

This method of organization is very convenient, you can hang on the hook not only clothes, but also a bag or any other accessory and in a hurry you do not have to search all this in the closet for a long time, because the necessary hangs in the view.

Window decoration with an unusual lamp and plants in pots

Designer pictures in the kitchen and in the guest room

Classic shower with transparent door

A fabulous corner of nature near the house

Bathroom interior

Snow-white doors and unusually bright wallpaper on the walls

Soft transitions from one zone to another

Cute kitchen decoration

Gently pink walls and laconic interior of the room

Stunning drawing of juicy leaves on wallpaper

The magnificent facade of the building

Soft carpets, table on wheels and comfortable sofa

Bedroom in soft pink color

View of a cozy sofa in a light gray finish

Light and light space for rest

Shelving for shoes

A gentle room with a big mirror on the wall

A fascinating view of the night city

Stunning relaxation room

Plan of a one-bedroom apartment in Sweden