Green curtains in a modern interior

White sofa by the window

The color composition sets the mood for the entire room. Correct selection of its components is considered the basis of a cozy interior. Curtains in the room perform not only the practical function of curtains of windows in the dark, they help to smooth the situation, make it a little softer and warmer. To visually assess the possibilities of curtains, it is enough to expose a window that will look lonely and empty. In such a room, a person can not feel safe, he will be pressured by psychological discomfort because of the acute sense of incompleteness of the situation. Exceptions are only modern styles (minimalism, loft, high-tech), where curtains are replaced by laconic blinds. In this decoration, empty windows are considered justified design solution, which is in harmony with the rest of the environment. Green curtains in the interior - a bold and highly controversial choice. Although a more "natural" shade is difficult to find, it is difficult to adapt in the room. Let's consider in detail the variety of gradations of green color, the ways of its combination with other tones and the rules of introduction into the palette of the interior.

Green is widely represented in the flora, although he did not deprive the attention of the fauna by decorating the backs of frogs and caterpillars, the plumage of exotic birds and shaggy laziness. Use it is still recommended with caution. Regardless of the tone gradation, the color in any case will attract attention. Dark green can bring even gloomy notes to the interior, but light shades will lift the mood and adjust to a positive mood.

Picture in the interior of the living room

Tips for choosing - what to consider when choosing

Before making a reckless purchase of green curtains, it is worthwhile to understand their main characteristics. Value is not only color, but also the material, its texture, monotonousness or the presence of a picture. Separately it is worth noting the lineup of curtains, which is represented by simple curtains, as well as complex Roman or Japanese panel constructions. Textiles in the interior must necessarily be related to its theme, that is, the stylistic decision, the rest of the color palette, the layout of furniture and even the zoning of space. Curtains of green color of a bright shade will become an accent element in the room. You can duplicate the tone in other textiles (blankets, pillows, carpets) or furniture upholstery. Pale green curtains will be the perfect backdrop for more juicy tones.

Green upholstered furniture in the living room Interior of a small living room Heavy green curtains Green Curtains Brown and green in the interior design of the living room Room with fireplace

Variety of shades

In addition to the classic green and its "forest" variant, the color can please a rich tone gradation. Light and bright shades include light green, lime, citrus, meadow (grassy) and exotic chartreuse, which was named after the eponymous liqueur, infused with herbs. "Culinary" variations (kiwi, avocado, pistachio) are also considered to be juicy gradations of color. These bright colors bring "life" into a boring and mean interior, so overuse with their use is not recommended. To more quiet shades include mint, wormwood, olive, viridian, malachite, jade, emerald and asparagus (named after the plant). Neutral tones with a large proportion of yellow admixture, which brings them closer to brown, are considered hacks, camouflage and border mustard. Spring and sea green differ in color "freshness", which unequivocally lifts the mood in the house.

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Living room in classic style Brown-green interior  Manege of white color Dining room in classic style Black color in the interior of the living room Coffee table in Art Nouveau style

Compatibility with other interior colors

Green is not bad combined with coral and pink. Such a combination is often found in nature, so it's nice to the eye. A duet with a red one may be considered too vulgar if bright shades are used. Well combined bright greenish tones with orange, yellow and peach, forming a juicy, positive combination. Here the close relationship of the flowers is affected, since on the spectral circle they are located in the neighborhood. Green with yellow evoke pleasant associations with a bright meadow, which is dotted with spots of dandelion heads.

Corner white sofa in the living room Green bedding on the bed in the bedroom Bedroom in green and pink colors Room in green-beige tones Room in black and green tones  Curtains of a green shade

Coupled with lilac, purple or purple, the color forms an exotic combination that will become an accent in the interior. Do not burden this situation with additional dynamic shades. The duet with blue fits for spacious rooms, where the "cold" decorations will not play a cruel joke with the perception of space. Green and cinnamon, beige, walnut are found everywhere in nature, so this solution will be ideal for a natural eco-style. In alliance with white and gray, it forms an easy, unobtrusive combination. The combination of green and black creates a grim, burdensome environment, so if it occurs in the interior, then in very small "doses".

Apartment in Art Nouveau style

Variety of models

Curtains have a wide range of models. The range is presented as concise options that are suitable for village styles in cottages, and intricate designs that emphasize the luxury of the interior of a city apartment. The main models include:

  • The Italian. The model is equipped with numerous folds, which artistically fall to the floor. Suitable for classical interiors with a touch of romanticism.
  • The Roman. They represent a design of a canvas, a roller and a special mechanism that winds a cloth on it.
  • Curtains of ropes and strips. Perform only decorative function.
  • Japanese panel. They look like wide vertical canvases, which when pushed aside, "go" one after another in the manner of the doors of the wardrobe.

Unusual decoration of the ceiling in the bedroom Green Bedroom Interior  Green upholstered furniture Curtains of green color Wallpaper green in the interior of the living room  Green cushions on the couch

  • The Austrian. Curtains along the entire perimeter have special ribbons, which pull up the canvas along vertical lines, forming numerous folds.
  • English. In many ways similar to the Austrian, but the number of assemblies is much smaller and each thread symbolically divides the window sections.
  • Country curtains. Short curtains that barely reach the windowsill. For them, usually choose a cloth with a pattern to emphasize the color of the interior in the style of country or Provence. The most primitive type of construction on the windows are blinds, but even they can be made in a cheerful green color that completely knock out the "office" spirit from the living quarters.

Quality of the material and invoice

Depending on the material, the intensity of the color of the curtains will change. Dense canvas, which is called curtains or curtains, make the colors more intense. The finest curtains or tulle will let in light, but the shade will become more airy, light. In the manufacture of curtains, as a rule, use natural materials:

  • Velvet. Usually used in classical interiors, as the fabric is associated with luxury. Velvet curtains have a short "pile", due to which the green color will become deep and saturated. For such curtains it is recommended to choose dark shades. Do not use velvet in small rooms.
  • Linen. Natural, affordable material, having a rough, "fibrous" texture, remotely resembling burlap. Green linen curtains fit the country and Scandinavian style, which also tends to naturalness.
  • Jacquard. The surface of a dense material, as a rule, is decorated with relief (imprinted) drawings, made within the same color. Jacquard green curtains will suit both light and strict styles.
  • Silk. The only air material from this list, which weakly passes light, but can serve as a reliable veil from the street. Silk is very sensitive to damages (puffs), therefore behind curtains it is necessary regularly to look after and not to admit to them clawed pets, thirsting to show the instincts and to hang on a cloth.
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Double bed Green living room in classic style Green curtains on the window in the room Rocking chair in the interior of the living room with a fireplace Flowers in a white vase Armchair with coffee table by the window

Curtains or translucent tulle are made from organza, veil or muslin. In the latter case, not a single canvas is used, but a set of the finest threads. Organza and veil well scatter sunlight, but at the same time reliably protect from prying eyes from the street.

Velvet curtains are very hard to wash and it's not just about the weight of the fabric. After drying, the fleecy material looks very unattractive, since its "bristles" stick out in different directions and appear to be crumpled. The iron in this situation is powerless. Velvet will literally be combed after each wash.

Beige and green in the interior of the apartment Green armchair in the interior Indoor plants in the interior Apartment with panoramic windows Chandelier on the ceiling Ceiling lighting in the living room

Single-color or with a picture

To select curtains with a picture should be with special attention. Small repetitive patterns are suitable for classical or rustic interiors. Not bad, such curtains are combined with the wallpaper in a cheerful little flower. Textiles decorated with large prints can not be used in cramped spaces. Green color becomes an ideal background for plant ornaments, which, together with it, look organically and evoke pleasant associations with nature. Depending on the subject, the pictures are classified into four large groups:

  • Floral ornament.
  • Patterns with animals.
  • Abstraction and geometric shapes.
  • Prints.

White and green curtains in the interior of the room Green armchairs in the living room Brown furniture in the living room Large green sofa in the living room The combination of lilac and green in design Green Bedroom

Each type of drawing is suitable only for certain styles. For example, green curtains, decorated with geometric figures and lines, will look good in minimalism, avant-garde, hi-tech or futurism.

In the interior of different rooms

The trend of using green in the interior appeared not so long ago, since the appearance of the fashion for a laconic, but positive design. Depending on the chosen shade, curtains can be decorated with a living room, a bathroom, a kitchen, a bedroom or a corridor. The lightness of the country atmosphere is emphasized by the green curtains on the veranda. Consider the illustrative examples of using the most familiar color for the human eye in separate rooms.

Armchairs yellow

In the living room

In the living room зеленые шторы, как правило, подбирают под цвет ковра на полу или иного крупного текстильного ориентира. Нельзя сказать, что в спокойной композиции использование этого цвета только в занавесках будет смотреться некрасиво. Наоборот, если гостиная оформлена в серых, белых или светло-коричневых тонах, то зеленый заиграет еще ярче, независимо от интенсивности оттенка. Однако чаще цвет штор логически «привязывают» в другому декору. Это может быть не только ковер, но и плед, обивка дивана или кресел, подушки, мелкие украшения (вазы, шкатулки) или фасады шкафа, тумбы, комода.

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Blue sofa in the living room Large green corner sofa  Pillows on a green sofa Living room in green and brown tones  Red upholstered furniture A picture above the fireplace

In the bedroom

For a bedroom, pick up light green, pale or juicy shades of curtains. Do not use this jade or purple tones in this room. In color composition, green is usually associated with white and pastel shades in the decoration of walls. The sleeping place is decorated with the same neutral colors: beige, coffee, gray, walnut. Not bad in this room will look fresh mint or olive shade. A bold decision will be the combination of green curtains with the same wallpaper. Do not recommend using dark shades, as they are combined "with a creak" and create a depressing environment that is not acceptable for a rest room. Juicy grassy or lime curtains look great against the background of pale green wallpaper.

Green curtains in the bedroom Green-brown bedroom design Curtains of a green shade в спальне Bedroom in brown-green tones Olive color in the bedroom design Bedroom design option

In the nursery

In the nursery, как правило, используют сочные оттенки зеленого: цитрусовый, лаймовый, травяной, салатовый. Они действительно «дышат» оптимизмом и создают благоприятную обстановку как для игр, так и для учебы. В комнате для девочки зеленый комбинируют с розовым или персиковым. Выше уже упоминалось о «натуральности» подобных сочетаний. Для мальчишек можно подобрать дуэт с коричневым, голубым или экстравагантным сиреневым.

Green curtains in the nursery Green curtains in the room for a teenager Green curtains in the nursery для девочки  Green furniture in the interior of the nursery Design of a large children's room for a girl  Green curtains in the bedroom для девочки

For rooms in which live hyperactive kids, it is recommended to use mustard or olive tones. They soothe and cause mild hypochondria.

In the kitchen

Short curtains or roller blinds are ideal for the kitchen. Use heavy curtains in this room is meaningless, as the hostess is exhausted by regular washing. Preference is given to light tulle from organza or veil. It is for the kitchen recommend choosing a classic green. If you use shades with an admixture of yellow, too warm a situation will cause an excessive appetite. Excess of blue tones in the variations of green can suppress the "hunger desires" and make the room uncomfortable, slightly "prickly."

Kitchen in green colors Kitchen in white color Green curtains on the window in the kitchen Green Roman curtains in the kitchen Green curtain in the kitchen Yellow-green curtains in the kitchen

Decoration of a verandah in a private house

Veranda in a private house is usually enjoyed in the summer. This room can become a temporary kitchen, a greenhouse, a study room or a rest room. For the veranda, lightweight air curtains made of organza are ideal. They can be combined with the same weightless white tulle. If the design of the veranda has a pronounced classic features, it is better to choose one-tone textiles of mint, nephrite, emerald shade. These tones "cool" the interior, so it will be nice to hide from the summer heat. In the village verandas, brighter and juicy variations of green are used, which are successfully combined with openwork tulle. Curtains are usually tied up so that they do not "swell" from every gust of wind.

Green curtains on the veranda

In the design of the Russian veranda, you can use linen green curtains, which complement the thematic decor of burlap or straw.


Do not give up green just because it carries a too powerful charge of positive. This color, like yellow or orange, many are neglected precisely because of excessive dynamism and intensity. Dark shades of green perfectly combined with strict interiors. Many overlook the ability of the color to adjust to the situation, emphasize the strengths of design and successfully mask defects. So can play absolutely any shade, if it is chosen correctly. For green is characterized by a duality, so whether he will accompany the overall interior melody, depends only on the designer.