8 amazing ideas for decorating apartments in the style of a

Student-style apartment quatre-studio

In today's story, we present to your attention the magnificent solutions and ideas for the design of comfortable apartments in the style of the hostel, which will help not only to give them an unmatched appearance, but also to form a cozy and warm atmosphere.

1. Fame

A laconic sofa with a stiff and plastic silhouette and a magnificent appearance will perfectly fit in the decoration of not only the guest cabin, but also in the bedroom or home office. In addition, the modest silhouette makes it an ideal option for a tiny room.

Add this furniture set with bright decorative pillows and other interesting accessories.

Bright pillows on the couch

Cabinet by Kristen Rivoli Interior Design

Futon is an excellent solution for decorating a tranquil and serene relaxation room. Its low seating is complemented by a coffee table and a wicker chair, and a monochrome coloring palette will not distract guests and family members from enjoying the panoramic environment.

Large window in the living room

Гостиная от Robert Young Architects

2. A rack of boards and cinder blocks

This unusual furniture It can easily form a feeling of living in a dormitory. However, if you do not like the concrete appearance of the product, you can paint it with a snow-white color.

Large shelving for decorative items

Dining room from Artisan Books

3. Boxes for storing books and CDs

In the next photo, your look is presented with a stylish version: wooden boxes, fixed on the wall and functioning as magnificent shelves for decorative accessories.

Boxes on the wall as shelves

Проект от Annie McElwain Photography

4. Interesting lighting

What is the dormitory without a compact lamp for night-time teeth? Try installing an original lamp in the guest cabin or bedroom, which will fill the space with a soft and casual glow.

Small table lamp on the bedside table

Гостиная от sarah & bendrix

5. Cabinets with curtains

it modern art The decision has recently become an extremely popular trend in the design of modest premises.

Closet with curtain

Baby room by Nicole Lanteri Design

6. Bright posters

Воспользуйтесь для оформления настенной поверхности постерами, которые у вас остались от концертов, выставок или других общественных мероприятий. it позволит придать убранству креативность и неординарность.

Bright posters on the wall

Bedroom from Kim Armstrong

Or you can choose the opposite approach: hang your favorite poster in a frame on an empty monophonic wall. He will attract the attention and interest of the guests.

Poster on a white wall

Design by Carey Dodson

7. Chairs "Butterfly"

These folding seats have recently become the most popular apartment design solution among many homeowners and architects. Choose for the decoration of your apartment interesting models with leather or fabric upholstery, which will perfectly fit into the overall stylistics and interior design.

Folding leather armchair in the living room

Living room from Jenn Hannotte / Hannotte Interiors

This простая пара кресел «бабочка» была использована для декорирования балкона. Их лёгкий и воздушный внешний облик придаёт жилому пространству невероятное очарование и креативность.

White folding chairs on the balcony

Project by FORMA Design

8. Loft beds

This оригинальная идея позволит вам эффективно использовать ограниченную площадь спальной комнаты. Деревянный постамент не только придаёт оформлению будуара яркость и креативность, но также даёт возможность сформировать дополнительные ниши и полочки для хранения одежды, обуви и личных вещей.

Sleeper on the podium

Спальня from Kia Designs

In the following example, the boudoir was equipped in the attic, which visually combined with the guest cabin.

Sleeper under the ceiling

Modern design from Butler Armsden Architects

We presented to your view a unique collection of furniture set items and accessories that can form a nostalgic feeling of the student hostel in the apartments.

And you liked these ideas decor for home? Tell us in what ways you are trying to achieve a similar effect?