Amazing ideas for decorating a student hostel

Decor elements for a student room

Bedroom from Natalie Myers

Have you become a student and moved to a hostel? But at the same time, the overall style and depressing design of your new home does not cause you positive emotions.

If your financial possibilities are limited, then use the original and budgetary interior items, furniture and accessories to decorate your temporary apartments.

Focus your attention on five elements: blanket, decorative pillows, table lamps, wall decorations, carpet. Thus, you can easily change the appearance of the room and bring it freshness, comfort and incredible charm.

Вы любите носить вещи от таких известных брендов, как J.Crew, Abercrombie & Fitch, Ralph Lauren и Hollister? Тогда вам непременно понравятся следующие аксессуары и interior items in American stylistics.

Try using brand logos as an application on a pillow case. This decision will not only emphasize your individuality, but will also give the room expressiveness and laconism.

Decorative pillows with prints

Pottery Barn Decorative Pillow

The original striped blanket will be a wonderful addition for any apartment. Cheerful ornament will give the atmosphere of the room an incredible charm and expressiveness, as well as transform the decoration of housing. Made with 100% wool, this blanket can warm you in the cold or decorate the bed.

Quilt in multi-colored stripes

Classic blanket from Pendleton

Another amazing pattern in a small broken cage can perfectly complement the calm and serene atmosphere of the bedroom. Pleasant to the touch fabric and a rich shade of color will give space brightness and creativity.

Carpet in a small broken cage

Carpet from Amazon

You will certainly like these accessories in the form of trophies made using papier-mâché. They will become a wonderful decor for a living space and at the same time can perfectly complement a single-colored decoration of walls.

Papier-mache on the wall

Decor in fusion style from West Elm

You need a good table lamp, which not only allows you to read the book in pleasant conditions, but at the same time can focus on yourself and fill the room with a cheerful mood. These bright and creative models can transform any design and make the atmosphere carefree and charming.

Multicolored table lamps

Modern table lamps from the company PBteen

If you prefer to buy wardrobe items in the shops of brands Urban Outfitters, DKNY and French Connection, then you will certainly appreciate the urban lifestyle and the industrial culture that they offer.

To equip your room, use objects with simplified graphics and shapes, as well as an uncomplicated black-and-gray color palette with neon accents.

Decor elements for a student room

Bedroom from Natalie Myers

A rich pleated decor of this smoky blanket from the brand DKNY can decorate any Interior Design.

A dark gray blanket

Современный пододеяльники и комплект постельного белья от Bed Bath & Beyond

This fluffy gray pillow with a charming bright yellow button will be the epicenter of attention in your room. Neutral shading palette and exquisite design of the accessory will certainly complement your home.

Fluffy gray pillow

Decorative cushion from CB2

You do not want to use too dark things and ornaments for decoration. A plain plaid with a brown coloring and a salad geometric ornament can easily supplement any space. This carpet is made from recycled plastic bottles.

Plaid with geometric ornament

Carpet from

Pay attention to these air and light clouds in the creative picture. The shades of gray and bright yellow represent an ideal duo that can bring to the atmosphere dream houses magnetism and cheerful mood.

Creative painting

Works of art from Etsy

A colorful glass lamp will become the epicenter of the gaze in any room.

Light green table lamp

Scandinavian table lamp from the company IKEA

We presented to our readers an impressive selection of creative and unusual options for the design of hostels, which will fill them with incredible magnetic charm and give the atmosphere authenticity and expressiveness.

And you liked these solutions decor for home? Do you use them to decorate your student housing?