How to make blinds with your own hands: step by step

Blinds have always been the most convenient and practical option for curtains, however, not everyone can afford. If you want to save and get a truly unique thing, you can make blinds with your own hands from improvised materials. The advantage of self-made blinds is the possibility of their design in any style, the combination of different materials, as well as much less cost compared to analogues in stores. A thing made by own hands, will please the owners with one of its kind for a long time, and also add comfort to the room. In this article we will tell you how to make blinds with your own hands quickly and efficiently.

Relief blinds with your hands from wallpaper

Pink shutters with own hands

Stylish wallpaper blinds with your own hands

Many people, after repairs in the apartment, often left the remains of rolls with wallpaper, which are great for self-making beautiful blinds. The wallpaper is a very convenient material for paper blinds, since you can cut pieces of the necessary length from the roll without additional gluing. However, you can only make blinds with your own hands from paper wallpapers.

Blinds with wallpaper bows

White blinds with their own hands

Advantages of paper blinds:

  • Simplicity of manufacture;
  • It is easy to replace old or damaged blinds with new ones;
  • Low cost of materials for manufacturing;
  • Simple fixing to the window makes it easy to remove and reinstall the blinds;

Disadvantages of paper blinds:

  • Not very long service life;
  • Cheap appearance in comparison with store solutions

Blinds with your hands from wallpaper Blinds from paper with their own hands

Blinds with their own hands step-by-step instruction with a photo:

So, for the manufacture of blinds we will need:

  • Wallpaper;
  • Roulette or long ruler;
  • Stationery knife or scissors;
  • Silo or punch;
  • Clamp;
  • Double-sided cord;
  • Kapron rope or cord;
  • The end

Green shutters with their own hands

How to make blinds with your own hands

  1. Before you can make blinds from wallpaper with your own hands, you need, using a tape measure or a long ruler, to measure the height and width of the double-glazed window, to which we will attach them. This is a very important stage, since parts of the wallpaper will be cut out for these dimensions.
  2. We take the obtained dimensions, and add another 25-30% to the height. The added length will be needed to make an accordion. If you make blinds from wallpaper with a picture, then immediately it is necessary to track its location on future blinds.Colored blinds with their own hands
  3. When bending the accordion, the width of the strip is selected at will. The best appearance is achieved with a width of slats of 3-5 centimeters.
  4. At this stage, you need to decide on the appearance. You can make blinds with a "svag", or a classic option, where two holes are made at the edges. Depending on the chosen option, one or two cord with tips are required.
  5. After we have got a beautiful "accordion", in it, with a punch or an awl, it is necessary to make holes for the supporting cord.Blinds of wallpaper with their own hands step-by-step instruction photo 1 Blinds of wallpaper with their own hands step-by-step instruction photo 2
  6. If the option with svag is selected, the lower part of the blind is glued together with PVA glue in the form of a svag (peacock's tail). In order for the svag to remain in the right position, it must be secured. To do this, you need to tie a knot at the end of the cord, passed through the center of the accordion, and fasten the clamp to adjust the height. At the end of the cord, you can put on a decorative tip. If, without a svag - the lower lamella can be further strengthened with a piece of cardboard or thin plastic.
  7. To fix our blinds to the window, we will use a double-sided adhesive tape. The upper lamella of our blinds is glued with adhesive tape, which glues to the window. This fastening makes it convenient to fasten the blinds without damaging the surface of the window.
  8. It remains only to glue the blinds to the window and enjoy the creation of their hands.Paper blinds with their own handsBlinds with own hands
  9. To give a more interesting appearance, the resulting blinds can be additionally decorated with bright ribbons or stickers. The independent manufacture of blinds is a simple task, and takes a little time. However, the resulting blinds will allow you to enjoy the result for a long time.
  1. In the photos below you can see how beautifully can look homemade blinds in the design of the apartment.
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  3. Blinds with own hands на кухне