Innovative ideas of chinese designers for a future

Design kitchens

More and more designers are developing projects designed for small rooms. Chinese designers have not become an exception. Chen He, Liu Kwang Kui and Zhou Dong shocked the imagination of the public by presenting their vision of the kitchen of the future, which is designed to save the kitchen space. We invite readers to get acquainted with the new idea for the kitchen. This is a remarkable project of a multifunctional round rack, which is called the "Round Twisting Cabinet". The design of the kitchen is more futuristic. But it is necessary to pay tribute to the presented development: it also has a realistic concept, which is ideal for placing small sizes. A successful design solution is the compact placement of all necessary kitchen areas. In the "Round Twisting Cabinet" rationally located refrigerator, stove with oven, sink, working and dining area, shelves for dishes. Such a multifunctional kitchen with small dimensions, undoubtedly, will find its connoisseurs.

Design kitchens Design kitchens