Video: "dreams about nature" by tatiana zvanskaya, in

The film "Dreams of Nature" by Tatiana Zvanskaya is an accurate and beautiful version of Plato's famous allegory about the cave, the music of one of the Icelandic post-rock band Sure Ros. AT allegories about the cave of Plato, a person lives his whole life chained to a rock in a cave and sees only the shadows of real things that are projected onto walls. But he can see the real essence of things only by leaving the darkness and going out to the light. The beauty of video is understood better after reading the allegory. However, without knowing it you can plunge into the gentle and unreal world presented by the director of the picture.

Producer: Victor Ermakov Director: Tatiana Zvanskaya First Assistant Director: Valeria SosnovshchenkoOperator: Alexander Kotenko Editor and Colorist: Tatiana ZvanskayaCG Artist: Igor IsaevV Cast: Anastasia Zhidkova, Jana Tarabanko Place: Monologue studioSpecial thanks to Alexander Tsyganok, Sergey Kosyakov, Ivan Stepanov, Maria Kuzmenkova and Katya Fedotova.

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