Knitted crafts for the new year

We always expect some positive changes and bright events from the new year, and therefore tries to meet him properly - in new dresses and suits, in a new setting, with new dishes on the table etc. This also applies to decorating the house for the New Year: hang the same Christmas toys sooner or later, and to buy new ones there is not always a place in the pre-New Year's budget. Therefore, in this article we have prepared for you a wonderful selection of knitted Christmas decorations, which you can make by yourself!

Soft and fluffy, cute and cozy, they will add comfort and elegance to your house, while adding lurex yarn, as well as colorful beads, beads and crystals will provide them with a bright New Year's shine. There are many ingenious ways to make festive decor with the help of thread and hook, and we hope that here you will find the right inspiration!

Knitted Christmas ornaments:

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