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A big role in human life is played by lighting. The atmosphere of comfort and softness is easy to create with the help of floor lamps or lamps. If you do not find a suitable lamp to your interior, you can always create a new lampshade for your desk lamp yourself.


Table of contents of the article:

  • Choice of lamp and frame
  • Choice of fabric
  • Preparation for work
  • Sequence of work execution
  • Original lamp decoration ideas
  • Provence
  • American style
  • Flowers from cloth
  • New ideas
  • Photo lampshade for table lamp made by own hands

Choice of lamp and frame

Select the lamp for the product base. Ideal fittings only with energy-saving light bulbs, as simple can burn the fabric.


The framework can be made or bought in a specialized store. Prepare a thick wire with pliers.

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In operation, the cylindrical frame is simpler than in the form of a cone.


Choice of fabric

Suitable for any material: from light to dense, even wool. It depends on the artist's intention and style of the house.


The wire frame is best covered with an opaque cloth (silk, cotton or taffeta).


Colors are cold: blue-blue or greenish, and warm: red, yellow, etc.


Preparation for work

No preparatory work is required when an old lampshade (plain) is glued to a new one.


A new wireframe of dense wire should be painted, then wrapped neatly with cotton tape of any tone. The lampshade sewn on the sewing machine will look more beautiful and neater.


For work, prepare: an iron, a long ruler, as well as a simple pencil, a piece of cloth, pins with a ring, suitable threads, as well as kraft paper (Whatman) and adhesive for fabrics.

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Sequence of work execution

We will analyze in detail how to make a lamp shade for a table lamp.


1. Prepare a template.


For a carcass-cylinder, you need to measure the circumference and its height. With a pencil, measure the rectangle on the fabric, then cut out the desired template.


For the cone on the paper of the paper, slowly roll our frame, mark it with a dotted line in pencil. Mark the point where they started, for example, with a pin. Then we connect the lines for the stencil.


2. For testing, try the sample obtained on our skeleton, they must match in size. Superfluous it is necessary to cut off, if does not approach, alter.


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3. Then you need to attach it to the matter. Ornament (pattern) must be properly selected. For example, pay attention to by mistake not to cut off the bird of paradise tail or head. Beauty and aesthetics are important in design.


The sample should be attached to the wrong side, secure carefully with pins. Draw a pencil around the contour with a pencil. To make the lines visible on dark matter, take a thin piece of soap (chalk). Then add the allowances of 1.5-2 cm.


4. Without touching the pattern, remove the pins, and the allowances wrap in, pin them with pins. Then fill with the already-sewn sewing machine with the desired threads.

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5. Stretch this part from two sides (along the length), not reaching 5-7 cm from the edges. The height of the product should not remain stitched, otherwise it will be necessary to unbend the thread. The seam at the end of the work will need to be done on the frame.


6. We steam off the "preparation" with an iron. Poorly ironed areas of the fabric are difficult to glue to the base, the product will not be ideal.


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7. Open the windows in the room. To work on the table (smooth surface) lay an unnecessary tablecloth, on it we put the "workpiece". Apply the glue neatly, let it dry, take the time from the instructions.

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8. The last stage of the work - the material is glued to the finished frame, our shade should be closed with a sewn edge.

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With the basis of thick wire with cotton ribbons, we glue only the places of contact with the details of our frame. The fabric must be tightened so that the surface is even.


9. The ready lampshade should dry well. The next day you can put it on the selected lamp. The new interior is ready.


Original lamp decoration ideas

With a monophonic fabric, you can think about how to decorate it in different styles.


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For this style, green, as well as pastel shades are suitable. A cage or a vegetative ornament of a fabric will look harmoniously. We need a small piece of cloth and a beautiful fringe.


It is necessary to choose a monophonic fabric to the lampshade. Cut out two strips: the 1st long for decorating the top of the lampshade. She should cover the rim of the lampshade from above, tie a beautiful bow. The second strip is equal to the lower circle of our lampshade, we sew fringe to it on the typewriter.


So that the edges of matter do not fall, treat them on the typewriter. Then, with a thread or glue, attach a ribbon with a long fringe sewn to the lower circle of the shade. The top can also be decorated with a ribbon along the circumference and tied with a bow.


Effectively looks lace, which must be glued on top of the fabric. It can be lace flowers.


Photo lampshade for table lamp


American style

Pieces of denim material can be used even with pockets, play with contrasting tones, add skin or applique.


Flowers from cloth

If there are different pieces of matter in the house, you can use them. The organza, colored chiffon, will fit for strips of multi-colored circles. The entire bottom of the lampshade can be made "flowerbed", or only 3-5 flowers from the side.


New ideas

An unusual solution is a shade in the form of a bright skirt with buttons, belt and pockets, it is convenient to hide anything in them.


In the kitchen, the lampshade from the burlap looks stylish, you can think of decorations in the form of wood and button parts. Inscriptions paint, too, will do.

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For a girl, beautifully made from a mesh, a beautifully tied up bank to finish the composition.

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You can make a lampshade of a desk lamp from a knitted fabric with an openwork pattern and attach it to a solid foundation.


Make your own fantasies for the design of the lamp.


Photo lampshade for table lamp made by own hands




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