Lattices on windows - 30 photos in the decoration of the

For many people, gratings on windows are a necessity, without which they would be happy to do. Really: who wants to voluntarily put himself in a cage? But, perhaps you change your mind after this article. We suggest you to find out what window grills can be convenient, and show 30 photos of stunning art forging products that combine safety and visual appeal.

Why put lattices on the windows of a private house and the ground floor

The first reason that comes to mind is security. When the apartment is located on the first floor or you live in a private house, the window grilles help to protect your family and property from intruders. Note that they can be installed both from the side of the facade and inside the interior. In both cases, they can have swinging or sliding doors, which leave the opportunity to admire the clean, unobstructed view from the window. Internal gratings windows are also placed on the upper floors, when the apartment has small children - to prevent situations where the child can open the window himself.

White grilles on the windows - photo from the inside of the houseAlso read: How to choose good and quality windowsForged gratings on windows - photo inside the houseForged window grilles inside on the windows of the first floor Metal grilles on the windows - internal grilles on the photo Beautiful forged grilles on the windows - photo of the house

The third reason to install the grilles on the windows may be your desire to somehow decorate the facade of the house and provide beautiful decor along with safety. An example of such a solution you see on the following photo: modest, unremarkable windows with the help of lattices turned into a stylish element of the facade.

Decorative grilles on windows - photo of the facade of the house

Metal and wrought iron gratings on windows - photo of the exterior of the house

Metal window grilles are welded and forged. Forged gratings on the windows have a unique design that will add style and respectability to the facade of any house. Wrought iron is distinguished by its high strength and is an intractable obstacle on the way of intruders. The only drawback of forged lattices for windows is their high price - you pay for the exclusive work of the master. For clarity, here are a few photos of exteriors of houses with such gratings.

Forged grates on windows - sketches and photo ideas Metal window grilles forged - exterior of the house Forged window grilles with the design of a private houseWrought iron gratings on windows - best photos

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Conventional welded grilles are installed when the facade decoration does not play a significant role or there is a budget restriction. But even in this case, you can choose an original and presentable design. There are blind and detachable welded gratings. Deaf people are not removed and do not open, which in case of fire is a huge minus. Removable are often used in cottages to avoid seeing the sky in the cell during the rest, and on returning home do not worry about their property.

Welded metal grilles on windows - photo from the facade Photo of the exterior of the house Welded metal grilles on windows in white color

Sliding and sliding window grilles (7 photos)

Sliding grilles on the windows are attractive in that they can be compactly folded and hidden along the wall. A complex prefabricated structure somewhat reduces their protective properties, so they are often installed from the inside of the windows.

Sliding grilles on the first floor windows Internal gratings на окна - раздвижные синего цвета Internal sliding grilles on kitchen windows

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Facade swing gates for windows have a shut-off device or quick release mechanism, which is accessible only from the inside. The plus of their design is to provide a fire exit and easy cleaning of the window panes while maintaining a high level of protection.

Metal swinging grilles on the windows of the ground floor Swing decorative grilles on windows Metal hinged window grilles with lock Sweeping beautiful lattices on the windows - photo of the house outside

Photos and sketches to make gratings on the windows with your own hands

Can you handle metal? Are there skills and tools for artistic forging? Or maybe you found a good master? Then it remained to choose a beautiful design of window grilles. Below we offer you some more photos and ready sketches, necessary to make lattices on windows with own hands.

How to make gratings on windows with your own hands on a sketch Welded lattices on windows - sketches and photo selection Sketches for swing bars on windows:Sweeping forged gratings on windows - sketches and types of locksForged lattices on windows - photo in the decor of the facades of private housesModern window grilles - photo on the first floor Also read: Design of the stairs to the second floor - the best modern ideasBeautiful grilles on the windows of a private house made of bricks Unusual metal window grilles for protection How to put the bars on the windows, so it was beautifulTypes of gratings for windows - forged decorative Metal grilles on windows and large balconies