Modern stove fireplace long burning for dacha (48 practical

Every owner of a country house will sooner or later necessarily face the issue of heating it. The stove fireplace for giving long-lasting burning is an excellent solution, both for small summer houses, and for solid buildings for all seasons of the year.

Fireplace in the living room

The design of the modern stove-fireplace looks elegant and will easily fit into any interior.

Cozy dacha

A long-burning stove is the choice of most modern summer residents.

Stylish kitchen interior

The furnace-fireplace of long burning in the cast-iron case will look great in the interior of the country kitchen. Especially if it is decorated in country style.

In this article, read:

  • 1 Types of heating furnaces
  • 2 Advantages of long-life combustion devices
  • 3 Choosing a stove fireplace for a country house
  • 4 Furnace-fireplace of long burning. Short review. Video
  • 5 Furnace-fireplace - ideal for villa design

Types of heating furnaces

Choosing a heating system, the owners of country cottages are guided not only by the practical point of view, but also by the desire to create a cozy atmosphere in the house. And here they face a rather difficult choice.

Traditional stove fireplace made of bricks can heat almost the entire house, but its construction requires significant financial investment, including the foundation of the foundation for it.

Decorative biofireplaces for a country house do not require the presence of a chimney and other costs, but they are used more for decorative purposes, since they can not heat the whole house.

An electric or gas heating device requires a reliable connection to an appropriate system that ensures continuous operation:

  • 220 V network;
  • centralized pipeline.

The stove fireplace is a truly perfect device, which is suitable for heating the entire dwelling, and for cooking food. Basically all devices of this kind require the use of solid fuel. There are cast-iron stoves and fireplaces made of steel that heal the house by air or water circuit.

Fireplace for living room decoration in high-tech style.

A modern stove-burning fireplace can be used to decorate the living room in high-tech style.

Furnace-fireplace in the design of a guest room of a country house.

The stove-fireplace in the case of white color exquisitely fits into the contrasting, colorful design of the guest room of a country house.

Fireplace in living room

Correctly selected panel for the stove-fireplace of long burning will make the interior complete and attractive.

Advantages of long-burners

The modern stove fireplace is highly efficient. To achieve it allows a thoughtful design, material of manufacture and re-burning of gases, which are contained in the smoke.

This feature not only can increase the heat transfer of the device, but also protect chimneys from a large amount of soot formed on them.

Due to different modes of combustion of thermal equipment, consumers can choose the most suitable for a particular case. For example, using an economical mode, you can make one bookmark, which will maintain a certain temperature in the house for a long time.

Furnaces fireplaces for country buildings are equipped with heat-resistant glass. Due to the appropriate design of the heating equipment, soot does not pollute the glass, and the doors for furnaces and fireplaces protect the room from flying ash.

Fireplace of long burning

Stove-fireplace of long burning at the dacha in the suburbs.

Furnace-fireplace of long burning

Increasingly, the stove-fireplace of prolonged burning becomes an integral part of the interior of country houses. Exquisite, strict design of the fireplace organically fits into the interior of any style.

Certain models are equipped with removable ash scales, and thanks to this the process of cleaning the stoves becomes easier and more convenient.

Modern manufacturers of heating equipment have developed a design through which fireplaces for long-term burning provide a long, even heat distribution and are able to heat several rooms in the house at the same time.

Another advantage of such fireplaces is the lack of the need for a foundation or partition. They are easy to install, require a minimum of costs and restructuring.

Tiled stove-fireplace

Tiled stove-fireplace of long burning is a highlight of any interior.

Spacious living room

A spacious guest room in a country house is heated by a small cast-iron stove-burning fireplace, which looks gracefully in the overall picture of the interior.

Choosing a fireplace for a country house

When choosing a heating device for a dacha, it is necessary to be guided by the following basic criteria:

  1. Required capacity of the unit. As a rule, the following algorithm is used to calculate the power: one kilowatt is required per ten square meters of space. However, to this calculated capacity it is better to add about 30% of the reserve for the features of the configuration of the house, the number of floors, partitions and other factors.
  1. Types of fuel. Most models are heated by firewood, but there are some types of boiler houses, as well as cast-iron stoves, which are melted by coal.
  1. An important point that must be taken into account when arranging the furnace in the house are chimneys. Their arrangement should be given a special approach, since it depends on them the quality of the combustion process and the almost complete removal of the products of processing (gas and smoke). When the house already has ready chimneys, before installing the fireplace it is necessary to make sure that the size of the pipe and the thrust in it will be enough for the full operation of the device. Fireplace in the cottage

    A long-burning stove-fireplace at the cottage can be used for cooking. Functional solution, will save space in the house.

    Modern stove-fireplace

    Stylish stove-fireplace of long burning from metal organically fits into the interior of modern kitchen.

  1. It is worth paying attention to the availability of additional features of the fireplace. Some models are equipped with a hob and an oven, the so-called BBQ fireplaces. They are more functional than conventional units, designed only for heating.
  1. The material of manufacture also plays a considerable role. For example, a cast-iron oven fireplace (due to the properties of this metal) is capable of long-term heat preservation, but due to its massiveness it takes more space in the room. But the device made of steel has a lighter construction, but at the same time it gives off heat very quickly. It is possible to improve the quality of a steel furnace by covering it with natural stone or ceramic tiles. Such a method will increase the heat-transfer time, and at the same time such a fireplace in the interior will look more attractive.
  1. The construction of long-burning furnaces. As shown by the inhabitants, the most popular today are devices for air heating of the building. Such popularity is explained by inexpensive price category, simple design, ability to quickly warm up the whole house and economical fuel consumption.

But it is worth noting that such a high efficiency fireplace is noted only at the dacha, whose building has a simple structure with a minimum of partitions or built on the principle of a common studio.

A small stove-fireplace in the interior of a cozy family cottage.

A small stove-fireplace in the interior of a cozy family cottage.

Elegant stove-fireplace of long burning

Elegant stove-burning fireplace is made in the same style with a kettle. An unusual solution for a true connoisseur of style.

If the dacha traditionally has several rooms or floors, it is unlikely to create a comfortable temperature in all rooms, even at the highest power of the device.

A stove with a water circuit is the most reliable solution for heating a house of any type of structure. It is capable of transferring heat to the farthest rooms of the house.

The efficiency of such a fireplace reaches up to 80%, which is an excellent achievement for a heat device that operates on solid fuel.

Such an oven can easily be integrated in the radiator room heating system. Heated water, which disperse on the batteries, located throughout the house, fills the entire space of the room with warm air.

Strict, laconic design of the stove-fireplace.

The strict, laconic design of the stove-fireplace makes it universal.

The original stove-fireplace

Furnace-fireplace - a multifunctional design, which is not only an interesting decorative detail, but also an element of the heating system.

Stove-fireplace of long burning. Short review. Video

Furnace-fireplace - ideal for villa design