Spring decor - how and what to decorate the interior in 2018

Let's admit: who among us loves the last month of winter? I think there are very few people like that. Even though the ancient Romans took care to make it the shortest in the year, February still drags on for a long time with its short gray days and boring cold evenings. We suggest you pass this time for decorating your house by spring! In this article, you will find out which spring decor is in vogue today and how to add a cheerful spring mood to it.

All the spring trends of 2018 suggest that modern man is already saturated with new technologies and innovative products, and now he wants to find a balance between different spheres of his life. Art and science, nature and urbanism, luxury and minimalism ... How can they coexist harmoniously? You will be told about it by new collections of decor and color palettes of the Spring 2018 season.

Trend 1: creative spring decor in bright colors

Our first spring trend symbolizes the clash of science and art, which sometimes leads to amazing results. If you equally admire both the beautiful works of artists, and the artful inventions of scientists, then this spring decor in the photo is especially for you.

Wall spring decor in frames Bright multicolored lamps - spring decorSpring decoration with pillows

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Mysterious paintings-abstractions, bizarre polymer sculptures, new-fangled patterns on classic vases, photo prints, appliqués and collages, as well as the cunning decor of 2-in-1 - all this, flavored with enchanting bright color scheme, surprisingly contributes to the feeling of spring and summer in the interior.

Fashionable colors of the spring season 2016 Creative spring decoration of the interior Decoration of the house by spring - spring trends 2016 Spring decor of the interior with your own hands - vases Fresh spring ideas for interior decoration 2016 Stylish vases for interior decoration by spring Print on pots in the trend of spring 2016

Trend 2: minimalist spring interior decoration with natural motifs

The balance of naturalism and minimalism is the next theme in the trends of the spring of 2016.

We like minimalism because it reflects the true nature of things. Agree: every object in the minimalist interior design looks special, stand out - such as it will never be in a magnificent setting. At the same time, spring is a holiday of awakening of nature in all its glory. Therefore, the ideal spring decor for fans of minimalism is a new houseplant, a bouquet of flowers or a piece of wood.

Delicate spring decor for the house 2016 Stylish spring decor with lampsInterior Design in Spring Style 2016We select the decor of the house by spring 2016

If you want to create a completely new spring mood in the interior, then choose a decor according to a specially selected color scheme in the photo below, as well as textural objects that symbolize nature.

Spring ideas for interior decoration - color schemeSpring interior in the style of minimalismWasi-for-home-spring-2016 Also read: 10 lessons of decoration, which gives natureThe choice of colors for the spring decor of the interior with their own handsBeautiful spring interior - photos and trends 2016 Spring fabric for interior photo

Trend 3: spring interior, combining classics and modern style

The third spring trend on our list is trying to reconcile chic historical styles and fashionable modern forms and textures. He is 100% successful - due to the transformation of old furniture and decor with unusual patterns and colors for them.

Bright spring ideas for interior decoration

So, luxurious velvet fabrics serve as upholstery for minimalist furniture, and classic metal and wood products are complemented by modern fabrics with bold patterns. Surrealist canvases are inserted into the gold-plated frames, smooth plastic stands next to the pretentious carving, and objects are mixed just as merry not only from different times, but from the ends of the world.

Textiles and flowers - the best spring decor for the interior Interior Spring Trends 2016 for Home Spring decoration of the interior with fabrics and flowers Create a spring mood in the interior with your own handsAlso read: Home Decor Ideas in Different StylesSpring decor for home - tableware and accessories The idea for classy wall decor in the spring Interesting spring ideas for interior decoration

The color palette here is deep, saturated with dark and neutral shades, against which a bright spring decor is very beneficial.

Color palette for chic interior design 2016

Trend 4: Funny spring decor with own hands

And why spring decor for the interior can not simply reflect our daily life? Without a complex selection of details, tricky selection of shades and vain attempts to combine incongruous. Just look at your house through the eyes of children. What is missing in it? Of course, bright colors, patterns, and hand-made articles! Let your hobby serve for interior decoration by the spring of 2016. Your knitting, origami, experimental drawings and, of course, the artistry of your children, will be an ideal backdrop for raising the mood and inspiration in the new season.

Children's drawings - spring decor by their own handsColorful crafts for home by spring Frames on the walls - spring decor of the interior with your own hands Spring interior decoration with hand-made articles Idea - a spring mood in the interior with their own hands

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And if there is no hobby, then just add bright colors to the house!Spring trends 2016 - decor for the interiorWall decoration by spring with your own hands photoSimple ideas for decorating a house by springSpring trends 2016 - bright decor from Harlequin

Summing up, we can say that these 4 spring trends do not limit you in choosing a decor for your home, but on the contrary - they open even more opportunities and urge you to be bold. It was a time when people tried to imitate the covers of magazines. Today it is fashionable to be experimenters and violators of traditions. So be bold and open this spring, and she will give you a great mood in return. Good luck!