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The interior of the house is beautiful and interesting. And you always want home to be always comfortable and cozy. There are many ways to emphasize the interior of the apartment and add new decor elements to it. One of these ways we will consider. We will tell you how to make original pillows with your own hands!


These pillows, suitable for any interior in your home. The main thing is that they fit in color and blend with the style of your house. When you have decided on the style, it's time to make a pillow with your own hands!


Table of contents of the article:

  • How to make a simple pillow ?:
  • Design Ideas for Pillowcases or Pillows
  • Cushion decoration with ribbons
  • Creating original pillows with applications
  • Стиль «Shabby chic
  • Pillows in the form of toys for the children's room
  • Photo of beautiful pillows made by own hands

How to make a simple pillow ?:

It is not necessary, every time to sew pillows with a beautiful design. You can make some standard dummies, and then sew for them a beautiful pillowcase that can be changed, depending on your mood and preferences.

Do not worry that you will not succeed, it is not! You do not need to be a seamstress and have special skill skills to make a pillow with your own hands.


All you need is to take a needle and thread, have patience and desire to make a beautiful thing. To make a simple pillow in the shape of a square, no special effort is required. The main thing to follow simple recommendations:

  • The cushion should be approximately 120 + 3 cm in length and 60 + 3 cm in width. But you can make your own size if you want a larger or smaller pillow.
  • Do not forget that to fold the fabric, it is worth adding an additional 3 cm, otherwise you will have to sacrifice the planned size.
  • We use dense fabric, which will be an inner case for our future pillow. Just buy a zipper that will fit your size.


For the filler of our pillow is suitable santepon or ordinary feathers.


And so, our foundation is ready. Now we need to sew a pillowcase and come up with a beautiful and original design for them.


Design Ideas for Pillowcases or Pillows

Think of a beautiful design for your pillow. It is possible that already in the process of work you will receive new ideas, as well as in the network there are many photos of original pillows with your own hands. Do not be afraid to experiment!

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There are many ways to decorate your pillow, for example:

1. Lace

2. Ribbons

3. Yarn and more!


The result of your work depends only on your imagination and possibilities.


There are many varieties of buffs. Pillows, which are embroidered with buffs, always turn out to be bright, beautiful and original. To make buffers, you also do not need to have special seamstress skills.

But for convenience, it is worth developing a scheme of your work, and also be patient. Since sewing, this is a pretty delicate work, requiring care.


Let's look at several types of scenery


Cushion decoration with ribbons

Decorating a pillow with ribbons is pretty simple. This method is suitable for both novice needlework, and for the experienced. From tapes it is possible to sew various patterns, bows and flowers.


Creating original pillows with applications

If you have the technique of application, then on the pillow you can add various drawings, patterns. Also, applications can be combined with ribbons, different laces and knitted products. You can combine all or several of the proposed methods at your discretion.

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Стиль «Shabby chic

Style "Shabby chic" is very popular in many houses. Its origin, this style originates from England. This is a very gentle and harmonious style, which is suitable for soft and delicate natures. This style will bring comfort and tranquility to your home.


Pillows in the style of "Shabby chic" - this is a great way to decorate the room of a girl or a little girl.


For such pads, a gentle light fabric is suitable. This style, of course, will appeal to all connoisseurs of tenderness and warm colors.


Pillows in the form of toys for the children's room

Pillow in the form of toys, certainly like your baby. They will bring an atmosphere of child carelessness. Pillows in the form of toys make it more difficult than the rest. But on the other hand, you will once again be able to practice in this work.


In addition to the fact that such a pillow will give a special atmosphere in the children's room, your child will be able to play with it and it is possible that your pillow will become one of your favorite toys for the baby for one year. In addition, children like manual work better than factory work. This is a good way to decorate a child's room and please your child.

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Photo of beautiful pillows made by own hands

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