Pictures from cereals - a step-by-step instruction with

A very interesting and popular form of creativity is the creation of paintings from improvised materials. For example, pictures of cereals with their own hands can organically fit into the interior of any room, they will look very interesting and unusual. This kind of creativity is not very complicated technique, so anyone can learn to create masterpieces. In addition, it is noted and the benefits of such exercises for the body.

Picture of food

It is believed that creating a picture of seeds and cereals with your own hands calms the nervous system, helps fight depression and bad mood. Such work requires precise actions and perfectly develops the motility of movements. Classes develop artistic taste, a sense of style and beauty.

Table of contents of the article:

  • What you need to work
  • Technology of creating paintings
  • In general, the process can be divided into several stages
  • Preparation of the basis for the picture and materials
  • Grain coloring
  • Degradation of grains
  • Photos of the best pictures of cereals in the interior

What you need to work

As materials, grains of different crops and plants are needed. For this, grains of peas, coffee, corn and other crops are used. As additional materials you may need different leaves, you can use beads, pieces of fabric and so on, that is all that the picture can be decorated.


The tool kit includes the most common items: tweezers, gouache, which is used for painting grains, PVA glue, pencils, superglue, silt and spray paint. The needle is used to correct the pattern of the painting if necessary, and cover the finished fabric with varnish.


As a basis for the future picture, thick cardboard is mainly used, packing boxes from a hair dryer, a TV set and any other equipment, as well as other rigid materials, are also suitable. In order for the pictures not to lose shape, and not to soak away from the glue, they are not made of thin cardboard and paper, the substrate must be dense. Original pillows with their own hands - 75 photos of ideas + step by step instruction


Ready to work for registration will need a frame. It can be made of wood or plastic, as well as any other material.


Technology of creating paintings

Beginners, who decided to first engage in such creativity, it is best to choose simple drawings, for example, squares of grains or ornaments. Gradually, drawings can be selected and more complex.


In general, the process can be divided into several stages

Preparation of the basis for the picture and materials

For the selected cardboard, plywood or other substrate, a pattern is first applied with a simple pencil. You can use copy paper for this. The contour of the sketch must be a neat, smooth, barely noticeable and delineated thin line. Then you need to decide on the materials. Choose the right grain, are determined with the number and color. If necessary, the grains are stained with paint. When choosing the color of grains, one rule should be observed: do not choose materials that are close in color for location in neighboring areas.


Grain coloring

The process of staining is not complicated, but requires certain manipulations. The selected cereals, most often using rice, are placed in a container. Then add a few drops of paint to it and mix. Then the material is laid out on a film and periodically mixed, so that the grains do not stick together. After complete drying, you can use them.


Degradation of grains

Gradually, the pattern is filled with grains of the right color, spreading them on the glue with tweezers. In order for the seeds to lie flat, they can be corrected with a needle. After the drawing is completed, the grains are allowed to dry and varnish with aerosol.


Especially popular are paintings with patterns or ornaments, as well as paintings that reflect simple geometric shapes. A ready picture should be placed in a frame and you can decorate the interior and make a picture of the picture of cereals for memory. Decor of the rope - photos of fashionable novelties in the interior


Photos of the best pictures of cereals in the interior



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