Decor ceiling - design ideas

When creating the original design of the dwelling, many leave the surface of their ceiling snow-white. Sometimes this is due to stylistics, but often this happens from ignorance of all possibilities. Modern methods of decoration allow the use of ceiling decors not only in aesthetic, but also for practical purposes. There are a lot of decorating options to choose suitable for the interior.

  • Stretch and fabric ceilings;
  • Painting;
  • Photo wallpapers and applications;
  • Decoupage and painting;
  • Use of polyurethane;
  • Drywall;
  • Decorative plaster;
  • Skin;
  • Tiles made of foam plastic;
  • Parquet;
  • Bamboo decorations.

Ceiling Finishing Options

The options are really huge. In order not to get confused by the abundance of opportunities provided, we will conduct a small educational program for each of them.

Some gradually go out of fashion, like stretch ceilings. Others, on the contrary, are gaining popularity. However, they all have the right to use for design.

Stretch ceiling

Due to the possibility of drawing a picture on PVC material, the styling of stretch fabrics can be absolutely any. Ethnic motives, curlicues of Art Nouveau - all of them will emphasize the conceptual taste of the owners of the dwelling. The originality of the images correlates with the individuality of the owners, after which it is fixed on the ceiling surface. The installation of tension strips is recommended to be left to professionals, since the work involves the use of special tools. If the technology can still be learned from video lessons from the Internet, it is not everyone who wants to acquire a heat gun. In addition, the image is applied to the film by means of special equipment. There are other nuances that experts prefer not to share.

Stretch ceiling in the bright living room

If the drawings look great in the nursery, then in other rooms you can do without images at all. Leave a perfectly even, matte ceiling. However, the white ascetic cloth of many does not satisfy its simplicity. The soul of the owners requires an unusual coloring of stretch ceilings with spot lighting or another kind of decor.

Stretch ceiling in the blue bedroom Dark stretch ceiling in the living room Glossy stretch ceiling in the living room Stretch ceiling with gypsum plasterboard in the bright living room Decoration of the ceiling in black and white style Furniture and stretch ceiling with one color  Stretch ceiling in the living room with beige shades  Stretch ceiling with patterns  Noble brown color stretch ceilings for the kitchen  Stretch ceiling under the tree in the interior


Decor through environmentally friendly fabrics can decorate any plane of the house. The safe material is characterized by the widest assortment and excellent operational properties. It perfectly fights with mold, it is easy to clean and not deform with time. Decoration of the ceiling with a cloth changes the apparent dimensions of the room.

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Decor ceiling with a cloth in the children's room

Council. The fabulous texture of some materials will be appropriate for the nursery. Luxurious drapery with a radial pattern is more suitable for a bedroom.

If you use a flatbed type of installation, it is easy to achieve the effect of the tent. To strengthen the airiness of the undulating surface, it is recommended to use translucent varieties of tissue. If drapery is carried out glutinous, then there is no such effect. Because the material will be glued like a classic wallpaper, without a frame or profiles. It will be interesting to look at the tissue inserts.

Drapery ceiling with a cloth in the children's room


The simplest solution. It's easier to just leave it as it is. It can be used not only as a finishing stage of finishing, but also as a preparatory stage for further decoration. Ease of painting requires a flat surface and a single-layer primer. After drying, apply a uniform coat of water-based paint. Then the finish will not fall off.

The simplest solution to the ceiling in the living room


Original souvenir type of finish is also applicable to the upper plane of the dwelling. It does not require a perfectly flat surface, if it is planned to achieve the effect of antiquity or attrition. To decorate any other image, alignment and grouting are required. Modern drawings are printed on the printer and covered with acrylic lacquer. Then put on the ceiling. To achieve smoothness, you need to take in the hands of a special roller. If the owners stop at the old times, then sticking can be limited. After drying, the top layer is neatly removed. It is soaked with an atomizer so that it separates from the finish. When the pattern dries, it is recommended to apply another layer of decorative varnish.

Decoupage потолка в спальне

Photo Wall Mural

The assortment of this kind of decor is limited only by imagination. Bright canvases are easy to install and print quality. You can always decorate with a custom image. Original inserts of personal photos into animated themes look original. This ceiling decor is ideal for children. The child can be given the right to choose his favorite characters.

Bright wallpaper for the ceiling of the children's room

Photo Wall Mural для потолка квартиры Flower print wallpapers for the ceiling in the bedroom Ceiling in the children's room Photo Wall Mural с перспективой для потолка в гостиной Ceiling in the living room Starry sky in the children's room Ceiling 3D wallpaper   Decoration of the ceiling in the bedroom with wallpaper with perspective Decoration of the ceiling for antiquity  Bright wall-paper for a drawing room in a beach style


Also used for nursery. The purchase of standard labels is convenient in that they are easy to replace if necessary. They hide the flaws of planes or dirty spots. But you can arm yourself with gypsum cardboard or vinyl to try and make applications yourself. Stickers leave little residue. And the ability to paste nice decorations inspires not only children.

Applique on the ceiling of the nursery


The easiest method after painting. Often implies ceiling decoration by own hands, because the manufacture of stencils does not require special skills. The contour image is cut out on a dense material, after which it is fixed to the ceiling plane. It is used for a children's room, but adults usually "break away". They experiment with different colors to make the drawing look extremely effective. Too zealous, you do not need to, because the main advantage of the stencil is the finish speed.

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The easiest method of decoupage of the ceiling after painting

Council. You can do only one color, if you correctly mark the gradients.

Designer delights depend solely on homegrown artists. It is necessary to dilute the paint and provide for several layers. The next one is applied only after the previous one has dried. To create a three-dimensional drawing, dense material and thick paint are used. Instead of saturated paint, it is allowed to use putty. The brush is replaced with a spatula, and fine work gives way to brutal finish.

Finishing the bedroom ceiling with a stencil


If the owners plan to decorate the interior in the style of the century before last, the stucco is the best option. In a room with a high ceiling, this solution will look superb. The modern approach involves the use of practical polyurethane, which has the necessary performance. The lightness, moisture resistance and flexibility of the material are complemented by a long service life without changing the color. To fix on the ceiling, special glue is used. Subsequently, the material can be safely washed and repainted. Gypsum products are rarely used because of their heaviness. Most people love stucco for the budget value and the possibility of independent work. Foamed polyurethane is fixed on glue binder, putty or liquid nails. The home decor can be decorated with the following varieties of stucco:

  • Ceiling moldings should be installed at the very end. They visually increase the amount of space and hide the flaws of the plane. These can be cracks, curve joints with walls, marking spots. Smooth or convex elements of decor are applied proceeding from interior stylistics. They can be selected to match the color of other walls. But no one interferes with painting with his own hands. To do this, you must purchase a primed plinth to ensure that adhesion is successful.

Ceiling moldings at the edges of the ceiling

Attention! Even molding is used when the ceiling is already saturated with a certain decor. In order not to create a feeling of lasciviousness, the relief moldings are laid aside.

  • Falshalki designed to imitate natural beams made of wood, which look cumbersome and costly. Polyurethane is much more effective in many respects. The effect of changing the apparent volume of housing is the same. Among the advantages of falshalkov can be distinguished moisture resistance and the absence of mold. They keep the form for a long time, reducing the owner's expenses for the acquisition of new items. Another important feature of the material is the hollow structure of lightweight parts. Due to its fire safety, this advantage is used for wiring. Easy communications are practically hidden on the ceiling, providing ideal lighting.

Use of false posts on the ceiling of the living room

  • If the chandelier or other lamps do not, then the owners should take a closer look at the sockets. They have a variety of shapes and fit the stylistics of a large lamp. Are appropriate for the decor of any room, regardless of its destination. Brand collections contain all the necessary sizes, so it's not necessary to limit yourself to the center of the ceiling.

The ceiling design in the living room with stucco

Decorative plaster

Among the varieties of this type of finishes distinguish structural and textured plaster. The first is characterized by the creation of a colorful relief on a white plane. This is achieved through the use of scallops and rollers. The work is laborious, requiring some skills. The finished mixture of decorative finish can easily be painted after drying. The peculiarities of textural finishing include the absence of the need for manual revision. Tools are laid aside, as the mixture itself has a characteristic relief. It is also painted after full drying, if required by the owner of the house. The only wish for such plaster is the observance of the ecological safety of its components. Water-based finishing and dispersion paint allow creating a unique decor on the ceiling. It does not require skills or work experience.

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Decorated plaster on the ceiling of the living room


The ease of working with material inspires human imagination. The implementation of the most unexpected ideas is due to its excellent performance characteristics. Accepts any shape and proportion. Well produces illuminations that are relevant for the nursery. Practical material does not require special care and covers all flaws in the surface. If desired, you can create a multilayer structure in a step-by-step manner. Soundproof plasterboard is mounted on an installed frame of wooden beams and metal profiles. Then it is supplemented with a suitable cloth and built-in lights. After puttying and painting, spot lighting creates an exclusive design. Aesthetic pleasure is guaranteed.

An interesting solution for ceiling decoration with plasterboard

Painting многоуровневого потолка в гостиной комнате The design of the ceiling in the bedroom in a classic style Design of the ceiling in the bedroom in a modern style Using plasterboard for making voluminous compositions of a hanging ceiling in a children's room Multi-level ceiling in the children's room Two-stage texture of the ceiling from plasterboard Ideal surface of multi-level ceilings in the children's room Pasting the ceiling with wallpaper Ceiling decoration with plasterboard for a children's room Design of the ceiling in the living room using plasterboard

Plates of foam plastic

Gradually disappear into the past, despite the ease of installation and replacement. Universal material is characterized by excellent adhesion, resistance to temperature changes. However, the moisture resistance of the foam leaves much to be desired. So that it does not quickly yellow, it is necessary to laminate additionally. Especially if a white tint was chosen. Multicolored products are easy to clean after lamination, which facilitates their use in the kitchen. Wear resistant material also has insulating properties. Its combination with gypsum plasterboard is considered a classic. Lets forget about mold.

Budgetary alternative to more expensive filigree and false ceilings

Bamboo decorations

To create ethnic style, bamboo decor is often used. The ascetic and enigmatic stalk of a plant is easily set on a plane by means of an adhesive binder. For this, the braided modules are pre-cut in half and securely fixed. On the market you can find ready-made combinations of all sizes. Lattices are easily constructed using a conventional twine. It is interesting to look at the multi-stage texture of the ceiling from plasterboard. Oriental decor is intriguing.

Bamboo decorations для потолка

The use of parquet or leather is extremely rare, because it is characterized by high cost and heavyweight interior. Such clearance should be decided only after consulting with professionals. They must also be laid. Otherwise, there is a risk to spend money and stay without an explanatory result. After successful installation, the decoration looks extremely rich. It is necessary for those who want to emphasize their high status.


Вариативность декорирования потолка поражает воображение. При желании легко обойтись собственными силами, не обращаясь к профессионалам. Возможность установки большинства разновидностей декора вдохновляет хозяев на дизайнерские подвиги. Lepness или аппликации — все это подвластно обычному человеку. Польза и удовольствие гарантированы. При условии соблюдения рекомендаций, оформление потолка станет визитной карточкой дома.

Decoration of the living room ceiling with beams Decoration of the ceiling in the bedroom Interesting decoration of the ceiling in the living room with a high ceiling Ceiling decoration in the kitchen False ceilings in the interior of the kitchen