Design of the living room bedroom - examples of combining

Design of bedroom and living room in one room

The latest trends of fashion designers, these are spacious rooms, a combined living room and kitchen area, it is possible to combine the hall and bedrooms in one room. Well, if there is where to clear up, then there are no problems with individual zones and only imagination is needed for the original arrangement of their homes. But, what if there are not so many places for fantasy flight, are there any variants of the original and comfortable interior of the 19-20 m2 living room-bedroom? Consider how you can make a comfortable and stylish living room-bedroom design for a small apartment. The main goal of the hall is to receive guests, to spend quiet evenings with family or friends, as well as passive rest in front of the computer monitor or TV. Functional task of the bedroom is the organization of personal space for relaxation, sleep, rest without prying eyes. How to connect seemingly incompatible rooms, especially if the squares are 18-20?

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Lightness and airiness in the woman's home organize curtains made of lighter materials, light colors. Separation of the bedroom in the living room with a podium and curtains Separation of the zones of the apartment into the living room and bedroom will help to emphasize other elements of the interior, such as the podium, furniture lighting, flooring (parquet, carpet, laminate). In the design of the room is 18 sq.m. of living room-bedroom, it will be appropriate furniture - transformer. Such furniture includes a folding sofa, a bed-wardrobe. Sofa bed, comfortable transformer for a combined living room and bedroom

Separate areas of bulky furniture or solid partitions to the ceiling in a small room (elongated and rectangular), is not recommended, because. it will seem even smaller.

Separation of the bedroom with a podium and decoration from the living room in one room

Separation of territory by a partition

Each additional square meter in the apartment makes it possible to make the design original and interesting. Let's get acquainted with modern interior options of the room 20 meters, a living room combined with a bedroom. In a larger room, you can divide the bedroom / living area by applying a screen. Putting it in your room, you get an extra space for things, the partition can serve as a shelf for books or as a showcase. The main task of the partition is the separation of the living room and bedroom area, as well as the decoration of the interior, the maximum use of the area of ​​the room. The glass partition will not reduce the space and add lighting to the living room The chosen partition should not weight, obscure the overall interior of the room. If there is not enough light in the room, it makes sense to make a partition from, use stained glass, or use plastic to make screens. The height of the partition also matters. It is not necessary to install the partition from floor to ceiling or make it touching one of the walls. The original partition can become a highlight of the interior of the room. Sleeper in the corner of the living room, cozy and no one will interfere with the rest A sliding screen, too, can be an excellent option to retire or go to the world of Morpheus. If there is absolutely no place or desire to build something in addition, then you can limit yourself to a mobile screen. Her mobility will allow her to use it when necessary, in case of need, she folds up perfectly and hides in a narrow closet. The original separation of the berth with a glass partition

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Organization of lighting

Lighting is of great importance in the distribution of the roles of the zones of the room. Light muffled light in the sleeping area and enough light for the living room to function daily. It is worth noting that it is better to pay more attention to natural light. Replacing the usual windows with panoramic, not only save on electricity, but also give the room a unique freshness, visually expand it, increase the space.

It is necessary to exclude the general light in the room, especially if there are several people living there.

The main light should be placed in the living room. Excellent looking floor lamps near the chairs. Large wall plafonds emphasize the small details of the interior. Do not forget about the warm LED lighting of furniture, floor, ceiling. LED backlight in bedroom-living room in one room More muted light can be placed in the sleeping area. It will be enough to have a small lamp or floor lamp near the bed. The original LED lighting of the floor, the back wall of the sleeping area, looks original.

Choosing furniture

Furniture is a key link in the design of the room. Organic, functional and aesthetic comfort are the leading characteristics for any furniture. The furniture of the bedroom and the living room carries a different functional load, for example, the bed is intended for sleeping, and without a closet or TV there will not be a single apartment. How to organize a space so that it was convenient and comfortable to live in a living room-bedroom.

Sliding partitions in bedroom and living room design in one room The rules for choosing furniture for a small apartment:

  1. Choosing furniture-трансформер. Например: складывающаяся кровать, на которой могут располагаться дополнительные полочки или диван-кровать.
  2. We use the maximum vertical space. For example, a closet, with its spaciousness, it is difficult to think of something else. Additional niches on the walls or the operation of the internal partition will allow using the maximum space for creating comfort. Do not forget that additional boxes in the couch or bed will also accommodate your belongings.
  3. Add extra square centimeters of TV, fixed on the wall with a special bracket. This accessory is better to choose in a specialized store, so that it corresponds to the TV model and fastened according to the technical characteristics of the walls of the apartment.
  4. Bulky chairs can be replaced with comfortable puffs on wheels. An excellent option for gatherings in the living area with friends or family will be a table on the wheels. If necessary, you can put it in the center of the room, and then put it in a more convenient place.
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Separation of the living room from the bedroom by a partition

Choosing furniture, you need to consider that it should be comfortable, organically fit into the interior of the room. A lot of unnecessary accessories - details will create a sense of clutter and tightness. Visually adds light furniture, perhaps with mirror elements. Reflection of the mirror will expand the space, add light to the living room. The bedroom is curtained from the living room


The original design of the living room and bedroom in one room can be made in an apartment of 18 sq. M. meters. To do this, we must take into account the needs of people living. That the design pleased residents of the apartment and guests, you must first make a project of the future interior, consider all the details, and then embark on an incarnation.

Bedroom and living room in one room separated by a semitransparent partition Separate zones will help curtains, partitions, screens or furniture. The main principle when choosing the option of differentiation is the optimal preservation of space and organicity in the interior. Lighting can help to organize comfort, in the recreation area - light is not bright, in the living room, respectively, have multi-level lighting, from bright to subdued tones.

Wooden partition from the living room of the bedroom The minimum situation should perform the maximum functions. Excessive details and cumbersome furniture will only weight the interior, create a sense of tightness and discomfort. Having become acquainted with the principles of design and examples of works, you can create your own living room-bedroom or use the services of a professional designer to realize your dreams.