Pillows on chairs by own hands - step by step instruction

Things made with their own hands create a unique atmosphere and emphasize the individuality of the owners of the house.


With the help of pillows and mats for furniture you can dramatically change the atmosphere in the house, decorate furniture, and garden benches. Next we will see how simple things change the situation.


Table of contents of the article:

  • New life to the old carpet
  • Tissue and patchwork litter
  • Crochet
  • We fix the product on the chair
  • Pillow on the chair with your own hands
  • Photos of the best ideas of pillows on chairs made by own hands

New life to the old carpet

The easiest way to decorate furniture is carpet litter. In addition, it's a great way to use old and unnecessary carpet, which is a pity to throw.


Carpet is soft and pleasant to the touch material, but at the same time it is resistant to deformations and very dense. To make a cover out of the carpet, it is necessary to cut out a square or round shape from the material, the choice depends on the chair for which the litter is prepared. Only leave ten centimeters at each edge, it is necessary for fastening a cover.


To maintain the shape, sweep the edges with threads. You can use dense or woolen threads. If you have a braid that blends well with the carpet design, you can use it instead of the thread.


Tissue and patchwork litter

Dense fabric can be used to create litter. For example, jeans, a draped coat, a tweed jacket and other old things.

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If you have even the slightest idea of ​​patchwork sewing, you can connect different types of fabric among themselves. The main thing is that individual patches are combined with each other, otherwise the product will look ridiculous.

51, p. 430, 183

To soften the litter, you need to sew a thin piece of foam, felt or sintepon to the wrong side.



There are a lot of schemes on the Internet. You can choose one and knit on it. Knitting uses a thick wool thread. For square and rectangular chairs, a scheme is used, the so-called grandmother's square.


For a round seat or a stool, a half-loop knitting technique with a crochet is suitable. Suitable as a monophonic, and multi-colored thread.


By the way, for making litter you can use different materials and threads, it all depends on your imagination.


We fix the product on the chair

In order that our bedding does not constantly fly off the chair, it must be fixed. How to do it:

  • Square shape - to sew a rubber band to each corner of the litter.
  • Round form - we sew the fabric, beforehand leave the hole for the elastic band.


Pillow on the chair with your own hands

Pillow on the seat of the chair can be done in two ways: tie or stitch. We'll make a pillow of cloth.


First we need to sew a pillow case. Necessarily from a dense fabric. Then we make a pattern - put the tracing paper on the saddle and bend the edges. Bend lines mark with a pencil or marker.


Next, we put the tracing paper on foam rubber and cut the base for the pillow in the chosen formats. Before making patterns for the fabric, attach the chart to the tracing paper. Add one centimeter for the seams. The result is 2 details.


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We sweep the two finished parts. The cushion is stitched from the wrong side. Sew the three sides of the patterns, the rear should remain, it is necessary to then insert the foam rubber. The finished pillowcase is turned out on the front part, foam rubber is inserted. To add decorativeness to the pillow, you can sew a button, insert a zipper and so on.

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Now you know how to make a pillow on a chair and be able to diversify furniture in the house. You can see the photo of the pillow for the chair in the gallery.


Photos of the best ideas of pillows on chairs made by own hands

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