Bedroom with two windows on one and different walls

Bedroom design with two windows

Rooms with two windows are found in ordinary city apartments (even in the Khrushchevka), and in private houses, so the options for their arrangement are interesting to many property owners. Thoughtful design of the bedroom with two windows will help make the interior refined. Windows are sources of natural light. The more of them in the room, the lighter and visually more spacious. If necessary, they can always be hidden behind heavy curtains, but it is better to emphasize these windows. Design bedroom design should begin with the development of style design of these window openings. If we are talking about private housing, then one of these windows can be made panoramic, so that the room becomes more light and spacious. But you need to understand that when designing a room, you need to take into account the layout of the rooms. They can be on the same or different walls.

Advantages and disadvantages of a bedroom with two windows

The bedroom with two windows has its advantages and disadvantages. The plus is that the presence of two window openings already gives the room its originality. In order to emphasize the unusual interior, it's enough just to hang interesting curtains. Two windows allow you to create unusual lighting solutions and effects through a combination of natural and artificial lighting. This bedroom requires much less energy than a room with one window. If the room has two windows, then the number of options for arranging furniture and decorating the room increases. But the originality of the layout has some drawbacks. Repair of a bedroom with two windows requires a lot of material costs, since it will be necessary to adjust and trim construction materials more. Also, high illumination in the bedroom is not entirely appropriate, because this room is intended for recreation.

Originality is one of the advantages of a bedroom with two windows Photo of the Moon  Painting on the headboard  Gray curtains in white interior  Tiles on the floor  Door to the wall

Errors in the design of a bedroom with two windows

And designers, and simple homeowners sometimes make mistakes in the design of a bedroom with two windows. It is better to get acquainted with them in advance in order not to allow at least these mistakes later. Do not confine yourself to the bedroom only with a ceiling chandelier. It is not comfortable. If the floor is covered with a carpet, then it must match the size of the area of ​​the room. Do not ignore the accessories. For example, the bed will look much better if it is decorated with decorative pillows. All photos, paintings or children's drawings should have their place. They can be hung on the wall (preferably at a height of 1.5 meters from the floor level) or put on a specially designed shelf for these purposes. If the room has a low ceiling, then you need to give up furniture of dark colors, because it makes the bedroom dark and squat. And, of course, do not make the bedroom superfluous.

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Bedroom design with two windows Lamps on bedside tables near the bed  TV above the fireplace  Shelves on the wall  Table with lamp in the corner  Window in the headboard

Zoning rules

Even in a large rectangular bedroom with two windows, it is not recommended to install additional partitions made of gypsum plasterboard. they will negate the originality of the layout of the premises. For zoning the room, it is more appropriate to use different lamps, color combinations or interior items. In this bedroom there are two centers: a bed and a zone near the windows. They can be divided not by contrast, but by tranquil combinations of colors. Just for a place near the bed you need to use pastel shades of the same color. For example, the wallpaper near the window has a turquoise color, and next to the bed - light blue. Furniture can only conditionally demarcate space, do not put a cabinet in the middle of the room to divide it into two. When zoning a room, you do not need to mix styles. The modern bedroom should look like a single logically completed complex.

Zoning a bedroom with two windows Work desk in the bay window  The palm in the corner  Lamp on chests  Pictures between windows  Glass table by the armchair

Useful tips for zoning a bedroom with two windows

Zoning a bedroom with two windows implies a soft separation of different parts of the room. Instead of partitions in the room, it is more appropriate to put screens. These structures will prevent the spread of direct sunlight. If you need to fence off the bed from the rest of the room, it must be decorated with a canopy. The area with the bed needs to be slightly darkened (compared to other sections of the rooms). Different colors, textures and materials allow not only to zonate the bedroom, but also emphasize the main advantages of interior compositions. Zoning the bedroom should be as calm as possible. Just one shade gradually turns into another. To make smooth color transitions, it's best to paste in the bedroom non-woven wallpaper for painting. They are multifunctional, they do not have to be changed if the landlord decides to decorate the bedroom in a different style.

Bedroom with two windows with areas for sleeping and resting Palm tree by the window  Mirror in the headboard  Photo wallpapers in the interior  Armchairs opposite the bed  Tree on the ceiling

With the help of which you can zonate the bedroom

Zoning bedrooms are often done to create an optical illusion in order to visually increase the room and for greater attractiveness of the design style of the room. Zoning helps to divide the room into different functional areas. This is necessary if at different times of the day the bedroom is used for different purposes.

Zoning a bedroom with two windows при помощи расстановки мебели

Most often the room is zoned with arches, but unusual solutions are found in the form of an aquarium or electric fireplace. Also it is possible to single out the sleeping area with the help of a small podium on which the bed will be placed. And the room can be divided into 2 equal parts using conventional curtains. But this method is not suitable for all styles. For example, it will be inappropriate in rooms in the style of country or high-tech. Therefore before zoning it is necessary to consult the designer, and only then to repair a premise.

Penis near the wall

Choosing furniture and furnishing options

The sofas are uncomfortable, their posture is bad and their back hurts. The bed should be placed even in small bedrooms. You can save on free space, and not on your spine. It is best to install the bed in such a way that the light from the windows falls on it from the side. If the area allows room, near the windows you can put a small sofa, coffee table or chair-bag.

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Light furniture in the bedroom with two windows

If the window openings are located on the same wall, then between them can fit a bookcase, a full-length mirror or a TV cabinet. One of the walls of the room should be occupied by a wardrobe. It is better to decorate it in the same style as the bed. In the large spacious bedrooms next to the windows you can design a working area with a computer desk and a wheelchair. Between window openings you can also install a bookcase.

A banquet against the wall

The best bed is a bed with an orthopedic mattress.

Puffy at the bed  Radiator under the window  Giraffe on Half  Shelves with books near the wall  Chandelier with candles in the interior

Style Selection

There are many styles of bedroom decoration. If possible, its design should be harmoniously combined with the interiors of other rooms in the house, but specialists do not impose any restrictions on this score. You can distinguish 3 basic styles of decoration, which are suitable for a bedroom with two windows. Mediterranean style will give the room a certain romanticism. It's not luxurious, but pretty elegant. For its registration, no serious monetary waste will be required. Scandinavian style is also suitable for a room with two windows. The bedroom, designed in Scandinavian style, will be simple and functional. But most often these rooms are made in the style of Provence. This style is characterized by light colors, rustic motifs and images of flowers. But for a bedroom with two windows, other styles of interior may suit:

  • avant-garde;
  • high tech;
  • baroque;
  • minimalism;
  • retro;
  • constructivism;
  • postmodernism;
  • manerizm;
  • conservatism, etc.

Bedroom with two windows in Art Nouveau style The combination of dark wallpaper and a white fireplace  Mirrors on the tables  Chocolate walls in the interior  Parquet on semi  Zerkallo over comodom

Color Solutions

With natural and artificial lighting, the shades look different, so you need to make a good effort to make the room perfect and day in bright sunlight, and in the evening when stationary lights come on. Too bright colors can irritate during the day, because they will look even more saturated. Excessively light shades can irritate your whiteness. Excess light can be slightly muted and use mostly calm pastel or natural colors. They can be successfully combined with each other. The presence of two windows in the room allows you to play on the contrasts, without fear of making the room visually less. In such a bedroom, the combinations of black and beige, white and blue, blue and red will look spectacular. Also a room with two windows can be decorated in the following colors:

  • peach;
  • yellow;
  • sand;
  • терракотовый;
  • pistachio;
  • lime green, etc.

Bedroom with two windows in light colors

The presence of two window openings somewhat complicates the task of selecting the appropriate color palette.

Brick wall in the interior  White carpet on the dark floor  Suspended chandeliers by the bed  Seat with drawers at the window  Chandelier and built-in ceiling lights


Although in a room with two windows during the day there is a lot of sunlight, you need to take care of artificial lighting for the dark time of the day. In the bedroom it is worth using several types of fixtures. Firstly, there must be a ceiling chandelier in the room, the color and shape of which are determined by the chosen style of the interior. Secondly, near the bed on each side should be on the lamp. These can be ordinary lamps on bedside tables or wall sconces. Thirdly, additional coverage should have a window area. There is often a workplace, a boudoir or a mini-living room, and they also need individual luminaires. They can be floor-standing floor lamps in the corner, sconces or spot-mounted ceiling lights. To make the bedroom piquant, you can integrate all bedroom lamps into the Smart Home system and install dimmers.

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Lighting спальни с двумя окнами Mirrors on the sides of the bed  Plinth under the ceiling  Figurines on the shelf  Books in the tables  Wallpaper stripes on the walls

Window decoration

In the bedroom everything should be fine: a bed, a chandelier, and, of course, windows. If it is good to make window openings, you will get a finished stylish interior. The way of registration depends on the overall style of the bedroom, the area of ​​the room and the location of windows in it. If we are talking about small window openings, which are located close to each other, they should not be accented. For their design, simple opaque curtains are suitable. If the windows are located on opposite walls, then they can be decorated with a simple drapery. Window openings located on adjacent walls in the corner rooms can be covered with Japanese curtains, blinds or light curtains. You can not leave bedroom windows without curtains. In this room you want to retire and hide from prying eyes, as well as from the scorching morning sun, so you need to hang curtains even on windows of unusual shape.

Decoration of two windows in the bedroom Light interior with turquoise curtains  Narrow window above the bed  Multilevel ceiling in the interior  Original chandelier in the interior  Beams on the ceiling

Tips for choosing curtains

Curtains must match the interior of the room, so they must be bought or ordered at the finishing stage of the finish. But the choice of curtains depends not only on the design of the room, but also on the ceiling height in the room. For a room with low ceilings fit light light curtains. In the bedroom with a working area you can hang French curtains. In large rooms with high ceilings, long drapes of any colors look stylish. The color of the curtains should be chosen according to the color of the furniture, so that the interior looks interesting and concise. Neutral shades (sand, cream, beige, etc.) are suitable for any design projects and create a quiet cozy atmosphere. Curtains in the bedroom may not look solid or stylish, because this room is not a dressing room. For some styles, it is permissible to replace the curtains with spectacular blinds.

Striped curtains in the bedroom with two windows Picture over comodom  Four-poster bed  Cabinet in the corner  TV on the wall by the window  Vase with flowers on the table

Registration of panoramic windows

A large panoramic window needs additional decoration. In this case, curtains are not easy to close the opening and emphasize the size of the window structure, but also connect the interior of the room with an opening view on the street. For panoramic windows, curtains with a small pattern or diagonal lines are contraindicated. On such window apertures it is impossible to hang short curtains. Panoramic glazing always becomes the center of the room, so you can not save on its design. These windows will effectively look horizontal or vertical blinds, rectangular Japanese curtains, translucent roller blinds and curtains-muslin. Roman blinds also look stylish in the bedroom with two panoramic windows, but one should not weight them with a cascade structure. Also on the panoramic windows, it is interesting to see a combination of all these curtains.

Bedroom with panoramic windows Lamps over pictures  Telescope at the window  Light bulbs in a dark interior  Tree in the interior  Pillow on the floor


In a bedroom with two windows, you need to focus on bright natural light. And this applies to any interior, because good lighting is needed even in rooms decorated in the Gothic style. For convenience in the bedroom should be installed several different lamps. An important place in the design of the design of the bedroom is the zoning of the premises. If the area allows, you need to set the bed away from the windows. In small bedrooms, window openings can be covered with heavy opaque curtains. The choice of suitable colors for decorating the room depends on the type of interior. But do not experiment too much with shades and materials. Because of the contrasting color combinations, the room can cease to be cozy. It should be remembered that the bedroom should be comfortable.