Roman curtains photo 40 beautiful and practical veils for

One of the main roles in the design of residential space is played by curtains, which are to date not only protection from excessive light, but also an important element of the decor. Roman curtains photo from the article demonstrate that this is a great way to make a home cozy and stylish, introducing notes of modernity in interior design. In this article, we will tell you about what Roman curtains are and give photos in the interior of premises of different functional accessories.

Roman shades photo examples of ways of fastening

One of the features is that Roman blinds can be collected from top to bottom, and in the opposite direction, and the canvas itself is fixed at any height. Various ways of fastening allow to apply them for any window and balcony openings.

Roman blinds on plastic windows

Some types of Roman curtains are fixed on the cornice located above the window opening, if along a single wall there is a row of small windows, as shown in the photo - it is best for each to purchase separate curtains. It also happens that one large window includes several doors, then the curtains hang on each of them.

Roman curtains photo for plastic windows Roman shades photo for plastic windows in beige tones Roman curtains photo for plastic windows in the kitchen

Roman curtains on the balcony door: photo in the interior

In this design, the design of Roman curtains has several options. You can decorate them with only a window, and for a balcony door you can buy a long curtain in the same color and texture that will look pretty stylish, as shown in the photo. Another option involves the separate placement of several paintings for the window and balcony. As a rule, they are chosen from the same material, although various combinations are possible.

Often in the interiors you can find Roman curtains on the balcony. Their various designs look great on the window openings of the glazed balconies, without cluttering up these small areas.

Roman curtains on skylights

Так как мансарда является самым верхним помещением, расположенным под крышей дома, чаще всего она имеет наклонные окна. Roman curtains on skylights, расположенные под наклоном имеют свою специфику в установке, так как они должны располагаться параллельно оконному проему. Для этого можно воспользоваться обычными профильными карнизами, имеющими подъемный механизм или магнитами, приклеенными в нижней части окна (такой вариант предназначен для легких видов тканей).

Roman curtains photo examples of the choice of fabric

Roman curtains sew from a variety of fabrics, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages, as well as a different level of opacity. The most dense - Roman blinds from fabrics blackout, satin, jacquard, vinyl. Up to 50% of light is passed through flax, cotton, muslin and, in fact, the veil, organza and lace possess a complete transparency. Cotton is a natural material that has a rich color palette, but it easily crumples. Linen cloths have a smooth texture, they are used in a natural grayish shade, but they do not hold the shape well. The most popular synthetic fabrics have a wide variety of colors and textures, they have dust repellent properties, but they ignite rather quickly, and at the same time can release harmful substances.

Modern Roman blinds are often used in conjunction with long curtains, and the choice of material largely depends on their purpose. If they are used not only as an element of decor, but also for protection from light, it is worthwhile to choose a dense material. Often this role is performed by portieres, so Roman curtains can also be made of translucent materials, acting as a decorative element.

Design of Roman curtains photo taking into account the stylistic direction

Any curtains in the interior are part of the decor, which plays a special role in the design. Choosing Roman curtains, it is desirable that their shade was in tone to the finishing materials of walls and furniture. Also plays a big role in the style in which the room is decorated. If you are a follower of the minimalist trend, it is better to choose classic Roman curtains with a geometric pattern, side edge or monophonic. Modernism involves a multilayered combination of light-curtained curtains with transparent curtains, various combinations of fabrics and their shades. An excellent solution can be cascading Roman curtains presented in the photo.

Easily and gracefully look Roman curtains on a photo in the style of Provence with a floral print or pattern.

In the classical style, combinations are appropriate, when Roman curtains are combined with curtains. Especially advantageous is the design for apartments with high ceilings. In this case, Roman curtains, as a rule, monophonic or with a pattern, often frameless designs.

Double Roman curtains - the perfect solution for a modern interior

A similar way of decorating the window is called "day-night". In this design, everything is quite simple: two independent Roman blinds are fastened to one window opening, one of which is sewn from a dense fabric that does not allow light to pass through, and the other from a translucent one. Adjust the level of lighting in the room by raising or lowering the curtains relative to each other. Double Roman curtains can be made of contrasting colors or close to each other shades. In any case, it is necessary that they are combined with the interior of the room. The best option for any interiors will be Roman day-night curtains, where one of the canvases is white. It will perfectly match with any shade of the evening curtains. Ideal options will be combinations of tulle with satin, lacy light fabric with dense textiles, etc.

Roman curtains in the kitchen photo 10 beautiful designs

With the design of modern interiors of the kitchen, Roman blinds are the most popular. Their convenience is that they are able to protect the room from extraneous views and excess light, without taking up much space, especially if the kitchen has small dimensions. This design is very appropriate, if the window is a working surface, a sink or stove - Roman blinds will not interfere with the cooking process and become dirty, because at any time they can be raised to the required height. If the window is small, you can pick up classic Roman curtains in the kitchen and fix them on the top of the opening. For large windows with multiple doors, the best solution will be the individual canvasses attached to each leaf. Before choosing Roman curtains, it is worth paying special attention to the material. Modern textiles, treated with waterproof and antistatic impregnations, will be the best option. Roman curtains in the kitchen can perfectly match with the usual long canvases in spacious rooms - this design will give more comfort.


What should be the Roman curtains in the nursery

For a child's room, Roman curtains will be an ideal option. Having a rich color palette, they easily complement any interior. The practicality of such paintings is that they are less prone to contamination - a small child with sticky handles or a felt-tip pen in his hands will simply not be able to reach them. Roman curtains in the nursery, no doubt, will create a cozy home atmosphere. In addition, the child can easily be controlled by a cable. Choosing Roman blinds in the nursery is important to consider the type of fabric - the ideal option will be natural linens, such as cotton, linen, etc., as well as from bamboo, which is an environmentally friendly material.


Roman curtains in the bedroom photo, changing stereotypes

Despite the fact that many of us used to see a bedroom with long, wide curtains, in modern interior design, it is more often Roman curtains. Sometimes this is due to the steady desire for minimalism and the desire to decorate the interior with the latest fashion trends, and sometimes it's just a necessity. If there is a bed or some storage system directly under the window opening, long curtains will interfere. Roman curtains in the bedroom will be a real salvation for small rooms, and also if there are several windows, when long single-type veils overload the interior. It will be appropriate to alternate the Roman curtains with drapes as shown in the photo below. It is worthy to replace the bulky structures from the long tight curtains and tulle with double Roman curtains, the dense canvas of which protects from excessive light, and translucent from prying eyes.

Roman curtains in the living room

Roman curtains on the windows of the living room - a beautiful modern solution. In their choice should pay attention to the coloring - if it repeats the picture on the wallpaper or upholstery furniture, such curtains will become an integral part of the interior decor. It is worth keeping to the general style. Roman curtains photos of which are located in this article show how successfully their paintings look in combination with furniture and long curtains, and also as a self-sufficient element. The blue, olive and cherry color of the veils will help make the interior more noble and solemn. For small living rooms it is better to choose light and translucent Roman blinds, and add notes of mystery can canvas from batist pastel shades.

How to sew Roman curtains with your own hands

In order to make Roman curtains with their own hands, it is initially necessary to determine their location - whether they will be inside the opening near the glass or in front of the window, and, accordingly, calculate the width of the canvas. For fastening you need a wooden bar of the same width, covered with a cloth. The design of curtains will consist of separate rectangular fabrics, which must be cut horizontally and sewed, leaving only the underside. The product is turned to the front side and stitched around the perimeter. Roman blinds must necessarily have in the lower part of the weight bar, for which it is necessary to make a wide fold at a distance of 6 cm from the edge.

The next step is to chalk the boundaries of the folds to insert wooden rails. On them, from the wrong side sewn curtain tape. The height of the fold depends on personal preferences - it can be very narrow or wide.

At a distance of 2 cm from the top edge, a contact tape is sewn, with which the sheet will be attached to the bar (the second half of the contact tape is also attached to it with the help of brackets). With the help of fasteners the bar is mounted to the window opening.

Further in the Roman curtains are inserted all the wooden bars, including the weights. From the wrong side, 3 rings are sewn on each strip of ribbon with ribs (one in the center, two from the sides).

We take three identical laces. Each of them we tie on the lower rings and alternately pass through the vertical through the upper ones, leading them to one side as a result. Ready Roman blinds will only be strengthened to the bar and make a latch for the lace, which will control them.

Considering the Roman curtains on the photo in their various variations, we can say that their application in the interior is quite practical and aesthetic. Which option to choose depends on your superfluous preferences, and our article, we hope, will help to take into account some subtleties of design.