10 design options for tiny houses that smash prejudices to

Murphy bed in the living room

Project by Koch Architects

In today's story, we present to your attention ten design options unusual house with a modest footage that will help to create wonderful conditions for life and fill the atmosphere with incredible comfort and warmth.

Small apartments not only have a favorable effect on the ecology of the environment, they can also significantly reduce the owners' expenses for the maintenance and operation of the cottage.

This house is equipped with a wonderful attic with an attached staircase, cupboards, sink and functional furniture suite.

Sleeper over the kitchen area

Project by Koch Architects

Capture additional square meters using built-in modules

Even the partition at the head of the bed can divide the attic into two bedrooms and create a lot of storage space for books.

Book shelving in the bedroom

Детская от Sullivan Building & Design Group

Do not be afraid to use bulky items

The guest room in this mansion is equipped with a large bed that fills the whole space, but at the same time creates wonderful conditions for life and a relaxing stay.

Book shelving in the bedroom

Спальня от Sullivan Building & Design Group

Create a sense of spaciousness

If you have apartments with a small footprint, then you can form a sense of freedom through the use of high book racks and panoramic decor of windows.

Book shelving in the dining room

Столовая от Sullivan Building & Design Group

Designer Nadia Geller (Nadia Geller) applied white curtains to separate the sleeping areas in a small space. In addition, they are used to hide the working angle.

Paintings on the wall in a small dining room

Project by Nadia Geller

Keep things in a neat and aesthetic appearance

Note the example of decoration from homeowners and architects Lauren and Kyle Zerbey. They decorated the wooden furniture set with snow-white plates and bowls.

Shelf for dishware

Кухня от Studio Zerbey Architecture + Design

Use ceiling heights to create practical zones

The omitted plates in the dining area create a cozy and intimate setting, while the elevated design in the kitchen fills the atmosphere with lightness and volume.

Interior of a small dining room

Столовая от Studio Zerbey Architecture + Design

Equip an unobtrusive patio on the adjacent plot

This New York townhouse was equipped with a laconic, gentle green bench in combination with the original wooden table and modern chairs.

Dining room in the patio

Court of Dufner Heighes Inc.

Use unexpected corners of the house to equip functional areas

This amazing project was designed by talented professionals who transformed an old unused garage into a chic veranda and a dwelling.

Veranda in the garage

FABRE courtyard / deMARIEN

Light floods the dining room, while simple concrete floors and industrial hanging lamps bring a sense of warmth and comfort to the atmosphere.

Kitchen and dining room in white color

Kitchen from FABRE / deMARIEN

Innovative details such as a built-in sofa and work space perfectly fit a small apartment space. Glossy surfaces are well combined with industrial design.

Study in a small living room

Living room from FABRE / deMARIEN

Most of the major functional areas were located around the central cube.

Concrete floor in the dining room

Dining room from FABRE / deMARIEN

Another original renovation of the garage with a small area was conducted by the owner Michelle de la Vega in Seattle. French doors and high windows, as well as laconic designer furniture allow you to create a sense of room in the room.

Two-level apartment in the garage

Kitchen by Ira Lippke

Do not think that a small square will be able to limit your possibilities

Pay attention, as the mistress of this house has renovated a modest bathroom. Full-size bath on the legs under the glass roof and surrounded by a magnificent stone tile looks very interesting.

Bathtub on the legs in the bathroom

Bathroom from Ira Lippke

This tiny dwelling is equipped with a modular furniture set with a folding design that allows a single space to function as a bedroom, a zone for eating food and a workplace.

Workstation in the bedroom

Будуар от Churreria Photography

A bed in this dream house transforms into a sofa with a dining table. In this case, the desktop completely disappears if necessary.

Sofa with dining table in the bedroom

Dining room by Churreria Photography

If possible, you can equip the terrace with an open bathroom, a couch and household appliances, especially in a region with a mild climate.

Dining area on the balcony

Veranda from Churreria Photography

In this project, the owners have installed in the apartment a functional closet that hides a bed, a dressing room and a desk. A small partition with a mesh insert separates the bed from the main living area.

Folding bed in the living room

Bedroom from Michael K Chen Architecture

When the lifting bed is folded, then a considerable area of ​​the room for reception of guests is released.

Folding table in the living room

Kitchen by Michael K Chen Architecture

The owner Jay Shafer built a small house on a small plot of land with a charming exterior.

Small wooden cottage

Фасад от Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

The interior decoration was completely decorated with textured wood, which formed a warm and cozy atmosphere in the room.

Cabinet decorated with natural wood

Home Office by Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

We brought to your attention interesting solutions decor for home with the equipment of modest apartments.

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