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If you need a rug in your own house, do not rush to go shopping! After all, it can be done very easily with our own hands! Just look at the rugs with your hands on the photo! They are very diverse and unusual. And the guests who come to your house, just obzaviduyutsya!


There were always and there are actual mats-halves. Yes, sometimes they can mutate, adapting to new, modern trends. But, as long as the goal of each house is to give a cozy atmosphere, cozy carpets can and will lie on the floors.

For example, after a thorough cleaning in the wardrobe, for sure you can make a rug of old things with your own hands. Together with it your house will become brighter. And also it is an excellent variant for arrangement of a children's corner. A bright accessory on the floor will definitely appeal to a child!


Floor mats are a great opportunity to extend, or even give a new life to some old thing in your house. It's worth to look more closely, and you will surely find something like this ...


For example, carpets are very easy to weave, for which you will need a fabric with threads and a needle. Everything, even special skills is not required! We propose to learn more about how to make carpets by yourself.


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  • Rug of T-shirts
  • Photo of beautiful rugs with your own hands

Knotting mat

To make such an option, you should prepare a grid for the carpet. Since they can be different, choose from large cells, with which it is much more convenient and quicker to work. Also need a crochet hook thick. It should be easy to drive into the cell of the carpet mesh. And also ribbons of knitwear will be needed. It is about the last point we are talking about by sorting out the wardrobe. After all, it was probably in him that the old things of your entire family were buried. In the course will go all that does not come in handy in the sock. Strip at the seams old things and cut the strips, about five centimeters wide. How to decorate a bird feeder with your hands - step by step instructions with a photo


True, here it will be necessary somewhere within twenty footballs. If you have such a number, and even in about one key, you are incredibly lucky! For such cases, professional designers are sent to the second hand. T-shirts will have to be cut long, maybe even boring, but the result will justify itself. It is not necessary that the straight strip is straight. The main task is to do the work until the end. When large strips are ready, you should cut them into pieces, about 12-15 cm.


Yes, it's long enough, the whole movie will have time to pass, so be patient. Then the flaps obtained should be scrolled in the washing machine, it is not necessary to add detergents. The main thing. That as a result, they will look like a pasta-tubes, thanks to which the rug will turn out to be designed in a design.


Things may not be knitted, but the fabric should not crumble, and it's better if you choose a soft, pleasant to the touch. For example, towels from makhra will do. But, they will not be rolled into a tube after washing.


Then follows the most interesting procedure - carpet weaving. Put the mesh on your knees, on the left, put the box with washed pieces, in the right hand, take the hook. It is best to start from the center of the carpet. Under the net, the first shred should be put, both ends of which are pulled outward with the help of a hook. Tie a knot, pulling, you need tightly, on the side of the cell from the capron.


Such a reception is the most elementary, which everyone does at school many times. Continue to weave on the spiral until the emptiness is over. If the pieces of shreds are finished, you need to do more, or simply cut the mesh.


If you do this kind of work for the first time, we recommend choosing a rectangular form of the rug. Then you can do a round, oval and at all, arrange a game of flowers. Decor of the rope - photos of fashionable novelties in the interior


That's all, your amazing rug is ready. Now you can brag to your friends with an amazing new thing in your house.

varicoloured_colour_ patchwork_colour_-patchwork carpet

Rug of T-shirts

The first part of the step-by-step instructions on how to make the rug described above is done here in exactly the same way. Like the previous version, you should make blanks from strips, but now they do not need to be tied to the grid, and indeed, you can do without it. As an alternative, you can use any kind of fabric. Rows on this basis need to glue a double-sided adhesive tape, which is stacked in turn scraps. Try to make the packing as smooth as possible. After laying in the middle you need to stitch, bend and apply a new one ...


In general, such a carpet is very similar to the previous one, and in some cases they can not even be distinguished from each other. In addition, accurate information about what to do quickly. Still no!


At the end, the carpet can be cut as a lawn, or leave its original shaggy.

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These are the most popular carpets, with their own hands. At the same time, remember that for such a new thing you can use literally anything, giving a new life to the old things that were stored in your house!


Photo of beautiful rugs with your own hands




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