Some useful tips for taking pictures in the studio

Commercial photography requires high-quality photos. Photography in the studio allows you to achieve the best result. What techniques can be used when shooting, and what details can not be forgotten?

Basic moments

The main indicator of the high quality of the photo is the detail. The main elements on the portrait are eyes and face, in the landscape picture - the entire frame. Low detail in the studio is not justified. Focusing should almost always be on the main ideological object of the frame. In the portrait, the focus is focused on the eyes. Do not forget to follow him!

Portrait of a sexy girl in a photo studio

Absence of defects

Extraneous noise greatly spoil the photo. For shooting in the studio, they are unacceptable, since the photographer can control the lighting himself. Avoid digital noise - shoot at the minimum acceptable for the existing ISO lighting. Most of the noise appears in dark areas. However, they are not as critical as noise in the light areas of the image.

Defects, artifacts appear in conditions of complex shooting, as well as when the camera tastes wrong. After incorrect or excessive computer processing artifacts become more noticeable. Do not use sharping if there are artifacts in the picture. It is better to use a more acceptable method of noise suppression. Sharpening with computer programs (sharping) is justified only in the case of a poor lens. The effect of using sharping to enhance the "voicing of details" is deceptive and quickly boring. Avoid unnecessary sharpening!

Proper lighting in a professional photo studio

Quality equipment

Chromatic aberrations are colored lines along the boundary of objects and details. The worse and simpler the lens, the more color defects in the picture. The expensive lens gives aberration only with strong backlight and a wide aperture.

Before shooting, you need to check the matrix and objects for:

  • Spots;
  • Scratching;
  • Cracks and other microdefects.

The spots can strongly reflect. If the object in the normal representation of people is smooth, then it is necessary to eliminate microcracks on it by computer processing. Do not forget about the fact that quality is always more important than quantity! Avoid posterization, moire, excessive computer retouching and processing. The horizons of the horizon and the deviation of details on the resulting images should be eliminated with the help of appropriate graphics programs.

The work of a photographer in a photo studio

Correct lighting and format

Good lighting is another key to the many secrets of photography. Avoid knocked out dark and light areas in the photo. You are in the studio, so everything is in your hands. To ensure that the image does not lose percentage of the quality, save the original pictures in TIFF format. To send a finished photo, you can use JPG images only with the highest quality! Examples of quality photos you can see on the site of professional studio photography

Quality equipment для фотостудии