Stained glass in the interior: types and examples +75 photo

Stained glass in the interior

At the word "stained-glass window" immediately appears the image of the central windows of the masterpieces of European architecture - Gothic cathedrals. Passing the sunlight, filling the interior with a game of color, huge decorative glass compositions painted the cold stone of the temples with bright patches of light.

  1. composition of fragments of colored glass, connected by means of metal bindings;
  2. fusing of colored glass pieces onto the substrate;
  3. film stained glass over a single glass;
  4. Painted (flood) stained glass: after applying the contour, the transparent surface is covered with paints, the result is a picture that copies the original stained glass technique.

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The classic stained glass window is always unique. This work of the artist in a single copy, it is impossible to stamp it as silicone molds. Modern versions that simulate compositions from colored glass by gluing transparent colored films onto the substrate, or by applying colorful layers and borders (analogues of metal bindings) can be put on stream. This is the cardinal difference that affects the value and artistic value of the glass panel.

Stained glass doors

Seamless stained glass: glass is not cut, but melts

Seamless stained glass windows are created by high-temperature processing of a pattern of small colored fragments lined onto a single glass sheet. There is a soldering of the individual layers, filling the metal contours with heated glass, which makes it possible to obtain a stained-glass window of large dimensions of sufficient strength. There are several techniques used to produce this type of stained glass. They are distinguished by the metal used for the contours or by its absence, and by etching (acid treatment of different sites according to the sketch) it is possible to form patterns from opaque and transparent elements of different depths. By etching, you can create a unique piece of decor for your own house, the main thing is to observe the safety rules.

Original design Stained glass on the ceiling  Ceiling decoration  Flower motifs on the window  Loggia with stained glass  Backlight on the wall

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Stained-glass stained-glass compositions: a classic, admirable

Stained-glass window - the connection of the glass by means of insertion into the metal fringing and subsequent soldering. It is by this method that stained-glass windows decorating castles and medieval churches are made. This is the most ancient, labor-intensive technology, which has its drawbacks in the creation and installation:

  • preliminary cutting of glasses of the required sizes;
  • the need for an ideal fit for metal (lead) covers and glass fragments;
  • significant width of the H-shaped profile;
  • heavy weight;
  • impossibility to create a rounded surface (only flat objects).

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An improved stained-glass window is a product in the American Tiffany technique. This is a composition of painted glass pieces, assembled into a single whole by a copper tape and a tin soldering. The rejection of rigidly fixed bindings allows the use of fragments of the smallest size, create convex-concave forms, repeat smooth lines of sketches.

Artistic stained glass window

Relief stained-glass windows: the main role is played by the volume

When developing the design of interior decoration, decorating furniture, door leaves, ie. objects, often in front of the apartment owners, especially effective is the use of relief stained glass. Creating an additional volume allows you to make each decor element a "casket with a secret": the facade is visually transformed depending on the time of day, general lighting, attracts attention.

Stained glass in the kitchen Window design  Semicircular window  Stained glass as an element of the interior  Styleный интерьер зала  Stained-glass window in the hallway

Obtaining stained-glass relief is possible in 2 cases:

  • when the chamfer (facet) is peeled around the perimeter of the glass elements;
  • when using volumetric, faceted, ground glass inserts in the general plane of the composition.

Cutting draws ordinary glass in appearance to the jewels, the edges shine from each light beam, the copper rim adds golden flicker and any furniture door becomes the door to Aladdin's treasury.

Luxury doors Contemporary Bedroom Interior  Living room in a private house  Stained Glass Windows  Original window decor  Stained glass in the bathroom

Film version of the stained-glass window: more accessible, simpler, more economical

The most simple technology of manufacturing is a film stained-glass window, however it looks no worse than textured counterparts. A home master can make this decor element with his own adhesive tape. Important moments of the process are: the development of a drawing taking into account the fundamentals of technology, careful preparation of the surface, accuracy when applying color fragments, if it is a question of individual parts of the composition.

Vintage interior of the living room

Manufacturers of film materials went further along the path of facilitating the work of "self-made" - they offer a wide range of ready-made self-adhesive drawings of different formats. The advantages of the stained-glass film are obvious: it does not burn out under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, it can protect households by accidental splitting of glass, it perfectly reproduces the effect of stained glass, it can be easily replaced if the drawing after some time seems irrelevant.

Modern window design Stained-glass window with illumination  Colorful Stained Glass Window  Vintage interior  Painting on the window  Flower motifs

Stained glass in the interior: a tour of the styles

Today, the technologies of stained glass windows make it possible to create replicas of old products, as well as modern compositions that can become a real decoration of the interior. The prerogative of the customer is to decide on the style, the rest will be done by professionals.

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StyleGothicModernTiffanyModern classicMinimalism
Primary colorsSaturated tones: blue, blood red, emerald, yellowMint, cobalt, milky-pearl, pink, purpleSoft shades: autumn-yellow, orange, muted-grassy, ​​brown, blueColor variations due to artificial additives are infinitely expandedMonochrome or contrast
Distinctive featuresLead covers, glass fragments of geometric shapesSmooth lines, the use of floral ornaments (irises, poppies, lotuses, ivy)Rounded forms, detailing, special "opal" glassesPossibility of impregnation of other materials, not limited to scale, without braidsClear lines, large color spots
Application examplesVolumetric compositions, windows, filling of door leavesInterior partitions, window glazingLampshades, chandeliers, ceiling plafonds, vases, caskets, traysWall partitions, walls of shower cabinsDecorative elements of interior, light panels, wall inserts

Minimalism в интерьере Windows with stained glass  Furniture with stained-glass windows  Bright interior  Loggia with large windows  Flowers on the window

Stained glass window: everything behind the glass changes color

Depending on the artistic task and the scale of the glazing, the stained-glass windows can completely cover the window openings or decorate their part. Interior designers recommend when choosing the decoration of the room to coordinate the picture of glass with the elements of the set parquet, enhancing the overall style impression. Particularly impressive are the voluminous stained-glass panels in the country houses with the second light - through the kaleidoscope of fragments inside penetrate the rays of the sun, create an intriguing play of light and color that makes the interior of the main room unique.

Colorful stained-glass window

To designate the center of the house, you need to use voluminous color spots, small pieces that resemble the Harlequin suit, which will crush a large space.

Stained glass on the front door

Stained glass door leads to a fairy tale

Decorative inserts of colored glass can decorate the doors of both classical and modern design, the main difference being the figure. Options for the opening for glazing:

  • minimum (narrow long insert);
  • maximum (fully glass door);
  • intermediate (the top of the door leaf, its half, a significant part).

Stained glass motifs in the interior

A glass door leaf without a solid base can only be turned into seamless etched, sandblasted, film-stained glass or a painted version, here the main criterion is safety of use. But the classic door will withstand any option - its strength characteristics are sufficient for the stained-glass window element.

Window decoration в кухне Geometric door decor  Décor antique  Glass inserts in the interior doors  Bright accents  Original decor

A special decoration of a large house can become stained glass partitions - double hinged doors, mounted in walls with glass inserts. Such structures easily unite several rooms, creating a suite of rooms for the reception of a large number of guests.

Colored glass ceiling

Modern versions of the stained-glass windows are light and durable, which allows not only filling them with openings in the vertical construction of the house, but also fastened to horizontal surfaces. Instead of the often used ceiling moldings in combination with the cascade chandelier, it is possible to stain glass ceiling, which can emphasize the desired style of the interior.

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Stained Interior Doors

The advantages of this method are obvious:

  1. Light sources are hidden;
  2. Electrical wiring is removed between the main ceiling and decorative;
  3. The height of the room decreases slightly;
  4. Possibility of highlighting different sectors of the glass composition, creating several variants of the picture instead of one;
  5. The choice of a stained glass image, corresponding to the general interior design.

Stained glass in the apartment

Decorative elements in stained glass technique: light accompaniment

The stained-glass windows of "flaming Gothic" looked most spectacular when the sun penetrated into the rooms, and the pure colors, obtained due to natural dyes, glowed and pleased with their completeness. Today, you can use all the options for artificial lighting, creating that light saturation that is necessary according to the set decorating scenario.

Spectacular design of the attic Window in stained glass technique  Flowers on the window  Style прованс  Living room in a private house  Decorative window

Electricity allows you to place stained-glass paintings with illumination where there is no natural light (corridor, hall). The slits of the walls, filled with luminous stained glass, create the illusion of sunshine, which is extremely necessary for a person's psychological health.

A bright accent dining room can become a dining table, where the stained glass panel is framed by a tree. It is also necessary to highlight, allowing you to see all the richness of saturated colors. A similar effect will bring into the atmosphere of the living room combining metal and a painted glass fireplace screen, allowing the glare of a living fire.

Stained glass on a table lamp Retro Living Room  Big window  Framing windows  Glass ceiling  Veranda decoration

Use of stained glass in furniture: antiques and modern reading

Items of furniture with stained glass inserts will be appropriate in any room of the house: kitchen, bedroom, dining room, living room. The main thing is that they correspond to the interior.

  • A sideboard, a show-window, a cupboard will place behind the stained-glass doors dining utensils, glass and crystal;
  • Chiffonier, where the central door is filled with a stained-glass insert, and the extreme ones are made of noble wood, will decorate a large bedroom;
  • The screen-stained-glass window, consisting of solid leaf-panels or decorated with ornaments made of colored glass in the upper part, will separate the private rest zone in a small studio;
  • The facades of the upper cabinets of the kitchen set, decorated with stained-glass windows, will add to the atmosphere of the kitchen a touch of cozy antiquity.

Sliding glass doors

Having stopped choosing on a stained-glass facade, take care that the tile of the apron above the work surface is neutral, not distracting attention from the main colorful accent.

Artistic stained-glass window Window decoration in the house  Glass doors  Contemporary stained glass window  Interior in oriental style  Mosaic stained glass window

The choice is based on reality

Determine which version of the stained-glass decor is suitable for the existing room, the designer is capable, but the final word for those who will live surrounded by colored glass. If the country house is like a castle, use the classic stained-glass window. If you want stained-glass splendor, and in the apartment there are small children and pets, stop by analog options. With a minimum of living space, decorate the home with several accessories using stained glass appliances. The pleasure from overflowing of bright colors and light is guaranteed in any case.