Bright interior of the apartment: bold use of contrasting

Bright interior of an open-plan apartment

The bright interior of the apartment, in which four people live and two pets, can be called very bold and unexpected.

In addition to the unusual layout, which is built on the integration of several common areas, it is surprising that all the walls, ceilings and floors in this house are painted exclusively in white. Against this background, catchy details look very appropriate and original, essentially changing too sterile space.

So in the snow-white kitchen, we see a green-green teapot, an orange blender and a black panel with bright geometric patterns. The dining room amazes with an abundance of coal-black paint - it is this shade that has a dining table, chairs and two decorative partitions.

In the living room, attention is drawn to the green sofa and creative samples of contemporary painting on the walls.

Kitchen interior in white with bright patches Double bed kitchen in white color Black walls in the dining area Bright accents in the interior of the living room

Particularly interesting is the children's room, one of the walls of which is decorated with a mottled geometric pattern, and the floor is covered with a multicolored patchwork rug. Addition to this surprisingly immediate situation is a wooden table, two red chairs, a lot of colorful books and a variety of toys.

Bright play area for children Bright accents in the interior of the nursery

The whole look of this unique housing creates a positive and light atmosphere in which it is pleasant to be both adults and children. Due to the competent distribution of space, there is enough room for free movement and even active games, which is very important for a family in which small naughty kids grow up.

Layout of an open-plan apartment

Perhaps, you also want to radically change the interior of your house and make it more daring and memorable?