Unique atmosphere of warmth and coziness - home fireplaces

Fireplaces for home firewood will help in creating a unique atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Therefore, when designing and building a house, everyone tries to allocate space for this family home. To accommodate a wood-burning fireplace in the house requires a large area. In small rooms, the fireplace will have an awkward appearance. In fairness, it should be noted that the construction of a fireplace is not an expensive pleasure, but as a result, the contemplation of a sparkling flame usually exceeds all expectations. There is no better remedy for stress and fatigue than watching the merry crackling of burning logs on cold winter evenings. Wood burning fireplace gives the house a feeling of incredible comfort, tranquility, peace of mind.

Wood burning fireplace with a brick furnace

A wood fireplace with a brick furnace in the interior of a country house.

Furnace-fireplace made of bricks is equipped with storage compartments for firewood. An interesting design solution for the hallway of a house or a hall.

Furnace-fireplace made of bricks is equipped with storage compartments for firewood. An interesting design solution for the hallway of a house or a hall.

When building a fireplace in the house you need to get permission in the fire department. For a private house, this is quite easy, which can not be said for apartment buildings.

It should be noted that the most suitable place in the house for the fireplace will be a load-bearing inner wall, and the corner fireplace should be located at the intersection of two bearing walls. It is undesirable that the fireplace is located opposite the windows or next to the staircase.

Corner oven-fireplace

The laconic decoration of the wood fireplace makes it suitable for use in any stylistic direction.

Metal wood burning fireplace

A wood fireplace with a cast-iron furnace for an interior in a modern style.

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Materials for making fireplaces

Wood fireplaces come in different shapes, different heat dissipation, and also are made from different materials. When building it out of bricks, it is necessary to be guided by the basic rule of building fireplaces. This ratio of the depth and height of the firebox. It must be one to two. If you break this technology, the device will give less heat and smoke much. Many manufacturers offer metal models, usually a collapsible design. Now they are gaining a lot of popularity. Very fashionable look cast-iron fireplaces. When making such a device use a conventional cast iron furnace, edging the portal with cast iron.

Wood burning fireplace with brick open firebox

A wood fireplace with a brick open firebox is an unusual solution for decorating a hunting lodge.

Luxurious fireplace portal from wood

Luxurious portal of wood for a wood fireplace harmoniously fits into the interior in a classic style. The furnace is covered with a wrought-iron grate.

Types of wood fireplaces

There are such types:

  • fireplaces with an open firebox;
  • fireplaces wood with a closed fire chamber;
  • stoves-fireplaces.

Classic, or a fireplace with an open firebox, appeared many centuries ago and has practically not changed to the present day. The efficiency of such a device is not very large and amounts to no more than 15-20% due to the emission of radiant radiation. Therefore, it is better to use such a fireplace for houses with other sources of heating. Under this model, you need to pour a separate foundation, consisting of several layers. The main part of the fireplace of the wood is the interior. Its main task is to heat the room. It consists of a firebox (a place where firewood is burned), a underflood (the lower part of the furnace), an ash duct, a grate, an ash chamber, a fireplace table and a chimney. The outer part is of a decorative character. Here there is where the fantasies of the hosts and the designer come to an open. In the lining of fireplaces for the house used various materials on the market. These include ceramic tiles, marble slabs, tiles, and many other materials. You can choose and buy ready-made sets for the fireplace.

Snow-white wood burning fireplace in the living room

Snow-white wood burning fireplace for a living room in Scandinavian style.

Wood burning fireplace in the living room

The portal of the wood-burning fireplace with the open firebox is successfully decorated with stucco molding.

Fireplaces with a closed firebox, including combined models, are more modern. The lifting mechanism installed on the firebox allows the door with the refractory glass to open not only sideways, but also to rise upward, leaving under the lining.

Very common are closed fireboxes made of cast iron or heat-resistant steel. The inner part of such a furnace is lined with refractory bricks.

The efficiency of such models can be up to 80%. This is achieved by changing the convective currents and forming a zone of secondary combustion of the outgoing gases. One or several walls in such furnaces are made of heat-resistant glass, so the effect of contemplation of burning and crackling of firewood is completely realistic, as in fireplaces with an open firebox. Another great advantage of cast iron or steel furnaces is that it does not need a massive foundation, and they can be placed or moved to any point of the house during re-planning. Facing can be done in the style of minimalism (to distinguish the furnace itself made in a certain form) or to cover the portal with expensive materials for individual orders.

Fireplace for living room in Art Nouveau style

An excellent example of a fireplace for the living room in the Art Nouveau style. A massive cast iron furnace makes the concept of style complete.

Fireplaces with a closed firebox are considered a safer option for a home.

Fireplaces with a closed firebox are considered a safer option for a home.

Wood-burning stoves-fireplaces are mobile (portable) models. They are very easy to connect to any chimney. The cost of such fireplaces is much less. They are made of the latest modern materials. They completely lack linings. Painted with heat-resistant paint.

This oven can be used not only for heating the room, but also for cooking. You just need to equip it with additional equipment. In furnaces-fireplaces use different types of fuel, but the best are firewood.

Cast-iron fireplace with a closed fire

Cast-iron fireplace with a closed firebox and a wood-cutter in a suburban house in the Moscow region.

Compact fireplace oven made of metal

A compact stove-fireplace in the living room of a small country mansion. The functional element of the heating system gives the interior a special romantic atmosphere.

Choosing firewood for the fireplace

In the fireplaces, the heat is kept worse than in the oven, so more firewood is needed. When choosing firewood it is necessary to pay attention to the wood species. Firewood for the fireplace must have a dense structure. The more dense it is, the more heat is released during combustion. These are such species of trees as aspen, birch, oak, ash, hornbeam, chestnut. It is not recommended to use coniferous varieties of trees, since they clog the chimney with tar and contribute to the formation of excessive condensate.

Logs for kindling should not be freshly chopped. In such logs about 50% moisture content, which significantly reduces heat emission. Use well-dried wood. For example, firewood for a fireplace, stored under a canopy for a year, with a humidity of about 20%, is considered ideal. Those that are stored indoors - 15%. Up to 0%, wood can be dried only in artificial conditions.

In addition, you can buy special tools for wood fireplaces, a basket for firewood and a special decorative prikaminnuyu lattice.

Spacious living room

A bright design solution for an interior in a classic style - a wood-burning fireplace with a closed firebox.

Cast-iron stove-fireplace in the living room

Wood-burning stove-fireplace in the brick portal - a harmonious complement of the interior in the country style.

How to choose a fireplace oven. Video

Wood burning fireplaces in the interior of the house. Photo Gallery