Interior of the living room in the style of provence -

Design of the living room in the style of Provence

The desire to create an original interior decor in your home sometimes pushes people to study all sorts of styles and techniques for its implementation. Because there is a direct relationship between the comfort of housing and its design arrangement. Someone stops at modernity, someone more like the Expressionist escapades, there is a choice for everyone. And it is not surprising that many people are interested in Provence. This is a recognizable style, with no unnecessary pathos and the presence of some bright colors. No, he does not need all this, because he is self-sufficient in its simplicity and at the same time firmly occupies a prominent place. The accent of this original decor, first of all, in attention to detail and the floral range in decoration. That's why women are so fond of making out the design of the living room in the style of Provence. Where else can you so successfully apply natural motives? A similar tradition came to us from the south of picturesque France, where under the hot Mediterranean sun original flowers grow and wheat fields are planted.

  • A lot of colors. That's what is enough, it's flowers, which in such a room should be a lot. In the account go both alive, in vases with water, and bouquets of the dried plants of the wild nature. A colorful flower arrangement is an indispensable element of elegant style, without which its cuisine can not even be imagined;
  • Floral ornament on textile. Details are just important here, since even napkins can contain a festive pattern. And such components as upholstery, floor carpets and curtains simply can not do without it, sometimes recalling the picturesque alpine meadows;
  • Attention to details. There are various accessories, elements of kitchen ware, decor, which invariably adorn the common space with a provincial note. In some ways, it can be christened with rustic elegance, because even unnecessary, at first glance, attributes cause a feeling of peace. They really are in their place and thus triumphant in the house eternity, serenity of the human spirit.
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Strip in the upholstery of furniture in the design of the living room

Color spectrum

As we have already noted, preference is given to calm, pastel tones with a slight admixture of white. This can be expressed by various effects: fading, burning out the main color in favor of a white hue; a strict balance of balance between the color of different elements of the interior (no screaming contrasts!).

Decorating the walls in the old days in the living room

Finishing the surfaces of walls or ceilings should not be dark, snow is also welcomed here as swan's down, like a snow on Christmas cards a shade. If, however, there are bright tones in the general scale, be it emerald or blue, then only to emphasize some small details: the photo frames, the pattern on the parent chair, the kitchen stand, the elegant chandelier, etc. As you already understood, there is no need to chase the exclusive color to create a unique design of the Provencal style living room with your own hands. It's enough just to love nature and sincerely want to fill your home with comfort. Harmony, ease of perception, and not pretentious tricks are important. Of course, the presence of direct sunlight enriches the situation, just like the canvases of the artist Van Gogh. He infected many people with his yellow talent.

Light pistachio design of the living room


Organically it will look like a set as if from the last century. Aged, with slightly rough scratches and peeling paint - he perfectly embodies the whole etymology of the French idea of ​​Provence. In a cozy living room is not superfluous will be a huge dining table, decorated with a patterned tablecloth and snow-white napkins. Chairs can be draped with a soft cloth with a distinct texture.

Lamps and curtains

And if there is a sofa, then they do not interfere with the fresh-smelling pillows. It will also be difficult to do without a village rocking chair. This attribute of the most senior owner of the house so fits into the environment, which in itself is a symbol of style. Just imagine a father or grandfather reading a book under a rug - Oil painting. The fireplace is not an obligatory element for the living room, but the chair will be combined. A noble sideboard should be filled with exquisite porcelain, transparent glass. After all, when there is a lot of light in the room, you need to use it! Allow him to clean clean dishes to reflect the game of sunlight to enjoy.

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Turquoise design

Materials for finishing

If we talk about the surfaces of space, then they must also follow the general principle of decor. So, the flooring should be natural, as if from a restored parquet. It can be any new, but it should bear the feeling of the 19th century. A laminate is also possible, but it simply can not give the texture that the tree gives us. The color of the selected material should be calm anyway, not to cause confrontation with the common pastel of the Provencal interior.

Wood Wall DecorationBright contrast here is inappropriate. Wooden floorboards can be artificially crooked or even, imagine, have visual bald spots.

Combined materials in wall decoration The ceiling is exceptionally light whitewashed, with the possible presence of wooden partitions to emphasize the effect of a country house. Since the south of the country of Napoleon is associated only with rest and delicious cuisine.

Living room with large window Walls of faded tones, with a slight hint of ornamentation from Art Nouveau. For a natural floral pattern on wallpaper or other facing material will only emphasize the author's statement of the owner of the house.

Bright and rich living room


Here the flight of fantasy is almost unlimited: a lot of trinkets, memorable things, knitted napkins, grandmother's service and a lot of other things. Extremely original will look a huge candlestick in the kitchen, which can be used during dinner to preserve the authenticity of the light and not include artificial, electric lighting. As in the good old movies. Fanciful vases with wheat ears, modest flowerpots with flowers of fields - all this will please the eyes and heart of the beloved woman. And if you decorate the walls with watercolor works, and even those written with your own hand, then you will have an incomparable sense of peace in your heart-

Decor living room design

The abundance of white textiles everywhere creates a cozy and relaxed atmosphere when it seems that one can imagine a room as a best friend. Who does not ask superfluous, calms and gives joy. The curtains should not hide the sun. Light and fresh air from the window should be as much as possible.

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Panoramic windows in the living room

The style of Provence gives the impression of comfort and functionality of everything that is present in it. Muted tones of the general decor bring together a whole variety of shades and balance the color balance. The authenticity of the situation is supplemented by elements of the life of previous generations, the presence of all sorts of rarities. By and large, the interior of the living room in the style of Provence can be created in the living room and kitchen of almost any home. It is important only to have daylight and follow our simple advice. Provincial chic is only outdated outside, in fact it is popular all over the world. Nobody, being in such a room, will not think about the owner, that he is a "peasant". On the contrary, it will sweep the presence of a romantic style. This is one of the few examples of high art in the design of the house, which is completely alien to minimalism. On the contrary, some excess of details and retro gizmos complete the overall impression.