Unique blackout curtains - comfort and safety

Recently appeared blackout curtains made a furor in the textile market. A fundamentally new approach to the development of fabrics for the decoration of windows like many consumers. Modern curtains are a multifunctional addition to the interior of the room, in which a person is comfortable and safe.

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  • 3 Types of window decoration
  • 4 How to choose a real blackout
  • 5 Material Care
  • 6 The darkening fabric is blackout and dimout. Video
  • 7 Contemporary fabric shkaout for curtains

What is the secret of the novelty?

Cloth blackout has a number of characteristics that make it unique. The fabric does not let sunlight pass. In today's globalized world, when many people are forced to rest during the day, such curtains are particularly in demand. They will be a valuable gift to the inhabitants of the northern latitudes, forced to sleep in the light of the white nights. Material blackout can obscure the room by 90-100%, creating a tired person all the conditions for a full sleep.

Under the influence of high temperatures, the curtains melt without igniting or emitting toxic substances. People staying in the room will not get poisoned. This property makes curtains indispensable in modern offices and living quarters. After all, the occurrence of a fire from the fire of curtains is plentiful. The window decor of the blackout fabric will never cause a fire and will not allow the resulting fire to increase.

In addition to light tightness and fire resistance, blackout curtains also have a number of useful properties. They have noise-insulating properties that allow them to absorb up to 30% of incoming noise from outside.

Light-proof curtains

Light-tight curtains made of modern fabric are ideal for a sleeping room.

Heavy Blind Curtains

Dense curtains blekout do not require careful care, have a good sound insulation and dust repellent property.

The fabric also performs a thermal insulation function, keeping the room warm during cold weather and preventing internal air from warming up in the heat. At the same time, there is no greenhouse effect in the room.

Curtains do not burn out in the sun, they keep the shape perfectly, they do not shed during washing, they are perfectly covered, sewed and draped. They are resistant to dirt and do not require ironing.

The cloth is very dense and wear-resistant, but at the same time pleasant to the touch.

Such curtains are recommended for people with allergic diseases. After all, the canvas does not accumulate dust, which is often the cause of an allergic reaction. And its composition is safe for allergy sufferers.

Blackout curtains will please consumers with their appearance, ergonomic properties and extremely necessary functions in the modern world.

Secrets of making wonderful fabrics

In the manufacture of cloths, a double satin weave of polyester fibers is used.

The fabric is two-layered and three-layered. The classical three-layered fabric consists of the outer, intermediate and inner layers.

The outer layer faces the opening of the window. Usually it has a white color, which has high reflective properties.

The intermediate layer carries the main load of the qualities of the material.

The inner layer faces the room and performs a decorative function. The color of the inner layer can be monophonic or with a pattern, matte or with overflow, smooth or relief. It can be embroidered.

All layers are treated with acrylic foam. In the two-layer version, the outer layer is absent.

Layers can be joined in two ways. The first method involves the creation of a three-layer web by joining three different fabrics. This method is also called "sputtering." It allows you to create curtains stunningly bright colors with unusual patterns.

The second method consists of a special weaving that connects all three layers. In this case, the layers are made of different threads intertwined. The second method allows you to create a stronger and more reliable cloth, although less bright. Fabrics with a sputtering sometimes exfoliate, and their outer layers are scratched.

Three-layer material is more expensive than a two-layer material, but all its properties are stronger. At the same time, the two-layer version is easier. Therefore, it is often purchased as a lining for curtains.

The refractoriness of the material is achieved through special impregnation treatment. However, in more modern models, instead of impregnating an additional refractory thread Trevira is woven into the canvas.

Cloth with thread Trevira comes out less stiff and more resistant to fire. It glows slightly under the influence of high temperatures with gradual fading.

In contrast, the impregnated fabric gradually loses its refractory properties due to washout of the impregnation during washing.

Contemporary Cloth Fabric

Modern fabric blekaut along with excellent aesthetic indicators for interior decoration of living rooms and bedrooms and office rooms does not burn and does not emit harmful substances.

Types of window decoration

Curtains blackout are made in different versions.

Even the most fastidious and demanding buyer can choose from an assortment of curtains a blackout product to your taste.

A practical host will be pleased with universal roller blinds. They are easily mounted, do not take up unnecessary space and are compactly folded. It's easy to take care of them: just vacuum or rub with a damp cloth. This is an ideal option for the office, as well as for laboratories, pharmaceutical and medical facilities.

Gourmet and minimalist will like the Japanese curtains. They look great on large panoramic windows. Japanese patterns will give the interior a subtle eastern flavor.

Curtains pleated will help to solve the problem of decorating windows of arched or any other unusual shape. The creative owner will be pleasantly surprised by the variant "day-night", in which a dense layer is made of a blackout material, and a transparent layer of veil or lace.

Classical cozy curtains with draperies will suit lovers of the traditional style.

Option roll blinds of three-layer fabric blekaut light beige tones create a cozy atmosphere in the room and protect from the bright light of night lights.

Option roll blinds of three-layer fabric blekaut light beige tones create a cozy atmosphere in the room and protect from the bright light of night lights.

Strict Japanese Curtains

Strict Japanese curtains (curtains coupe) in the office for negotiations will give a business view to the room and will preserve commercial secrets.

How to choose a real blackout

As the price of the material is rather large, the textile market is full of cheap fakes. To buy this innovative product, you need to carefully study it before buying.

First of all, you need to inspect the tissue section. If the sample is not available, you can try to move the threads of the edge of the material. Inside, black fibers of the intermediate layer should be viewed. They should be perfectly visible in any lighting. The outer and inner layer of the blackout sheet look equally bright and aesthetic. Only the outside of the picture is a bit like a suede, and the inner one is smooth and shiny.

The cloth must be brought to the light source. The real fabric of blackout light will not pass.

Curtains with a picture

The boring name of blekaut does not mean a boring coloring, maybe so, move the curtains and in you in Venice, correct if mistaken.

Fabrics shlakaut for curtains.

Printed fabrics for the curtain.

Care of the material

Cloth does not require special care. It is washed several times a year as needed, as it repels dust.

The temperature of washing is better to choose 30-40 ° С. The product is perfectly cleaned. Machine spin is not recommended, especially as the fabric dries very quickly.

Dry the product in a place protected from direct sunlight.

If you need to iron the canvas, you need to do this with a warm iron. High temperature can disrupt the weaving of man-made fibers.

The darkening fabric is blackout and dimout. Video

Modern curtain fabric for curtains