Varieties of art nouveau fireplaces (62 pics)

Modern fireplaces today are not only representatives of space heating systems, but also a recognized detail of the interior. If you interpret the famous phrase about the car as a means of transportation to the fireplace fret, then, according to her, the fire portals are less often a feature of home luxury. They often win the hearts of those owners who associate their home with the same comfort and warmth that fireplaces can easily provide.

A modern fireplace.

Modern fireplace for a spacious living room.

Stylish fireplace panel

Laconic fireplace lines harmoniously complement the interior of the house.

Direct lines of the portal are peculiar to the interior in the style of minimalism.

Direct lines of the portal are peculiar to the interior in the style of minimalism.

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  • 4 Art Nouveau fireplaces-samples of beauty, practicality and comfort

Characteristics of portals

Fireplaces in the Art Nouveau style deserve a separate topic of conversation, because they are simultaneously the dominant of the interior of a country house, apartment or attic, which brings functionality to the style of the room, and an elegant twist, thanks to which the original and eternal mystery of fire will be preserved. And to curb this element with the help of modern portals can be completely different ways.

Cozy living room

A stylish, neat look of the fireplace in the Art Nouveau style. The designer harmoniously entered the portal into the interior of the living room.

Modern living room

The original design solution of the fireplace, dividing the spacious living room into rest areas.

As mentioned above, fireplace groups of modern style (from English "modern" - modern) primarily differ from other stylistic trends in that they carry a functional laconism, having in their design the basis of traditional fireplace fires. The main features in the design forms of such fireplaces are the following characteristics:

  • use of innovative materials in the design;
  • clear and straight lines;
  • minimalism in decoration;
  • high efficiency;
  • flame intensity control;
  • modernized afterburning systems.

Interesting, and from this no less practical, is the fact that in large spatial rooms of apartments, modern style portals can be represented by designers in the role of partitions. That is, in this case, the fireplace carries the role of not only a hotbed, but also zonates the room, giving an excellent opportunity in one area to arrange the hosts and the living room and kitchen.

Stylish living room design

Functional laconism of the fireplace complements the laconic style of the interior.

Creative interior

The option of the original built-in fireplace is the decoration of the living room interior in calm colors. Designers call such fireplaces-plasma because of the similarity with the panels of modern TVs.

Light room

Simple forms of the wall fireplace harmoniously fit into the calm interior of the room in loft style. Such a fireplace can be bought in the store or independently make a portal from available materials.

However, the school of design art exposes a characteristic rule for fireplaces, decorated in the Art Nouveau style. It consists in the fact that modern foci must harmonize with the interior of the room. In other words, the portal should like to grow into a room, becoming an integral part of it. Therefore, it should be chosen not only taking into account the interior of the room in which it will be located, but also taking into account materials and textures used in the design.

Types of fireplace portals

For the production of fireplaces' portals in the modern style, the following materials are traditionally used:

  • onyx;
  • marble;
  • granite;
  • concrete;
  • sandstone and ceramic plates.

Due to a variety of textures of these materials - polished, rough or smooth - the design of the fireplace portal itself also varies. And the benefit of its construction in the design of the room is that the texture of the material from which the fireplace is made can easily be combined with similar texture of the interior details, whether it is flooring, carpet, materials on walls or room furniture.

Classic Fireplace

Classic fireplace in Art Nouveau style. The fireplace's portal and the furnace's arch look like one with the interior of a spacious living room.

Fashionable corner fireplace

Modern fashionable direction-angular fireplace, allows to expand the visual perception of fire in the fireplace hearth.

Accordingly, it is reasonable to use various natural materials in the room itself, which will help the fireplace portal look like a headliner of the design project of the whole room, not a senseless cumbersome creation on the background of furniture.

Fireplaces in the modern style are produced in the following types and forms:

  • angular;
  • island;
  • built-in;
  • walled.

The first portals are more in demand due to the fact that they can be located indoors and along the wall and, if space allows, in the middle of the room. Moreover, their hearths are often open, which allows you to enjoy the flame in full measure. Nevertheless, for security reasons, they can also be produced with closed glass door-partitions.

Island fireplaces in the modern style are the founders of the high-tech direction, thanks to which the modern execution of the fireplace becomes more creative with elements of postmodernism. Such sources of flame can be painted in different colors, have intricate forms of stoves-burzhuek or boilers with chimneys. In any case, preferring an island fireplace, you should fully consider the room interior, which should also be furnished in notes of minimalism or even avant-garde.

A large fireplace-cube for a spacious living room.

A large fireplace-cube for a spacious living room.

Cozy Guest

The island fireplace places accents in the interior design of the house, and makes it complete.

The island fireplace is convenient because it can be placed in a room anywhere - at will of the owners, however in accordance with the place where the chimney will exit. The island form with ease will allow to leave the fireplace open from all sides, not cluttering with neighboring furniture, and the room will not lose its search for design.

If the choice of owners falls on a similar shape of the bright spot, the designers recommend that it be placed in rooms decorated in less flashy colors. It is best if the room is verified in white colors. However, the island fireplace does not interfere with getting out of the general interior.

Built-in fireplaces with closed fire portals, according to modern technologies of furnishing houses, easily fit into the interior with the help of panels of various natural and artificial materials. Similarly, they are built into walls or furniture, covering the chimney-drain pipe and portal, leaving only the hearth for access. Wall mantel variations differ from the built-in ones in that they are located along the wall or built into it.

These 2 shapes of fireplaces in the Art Nouveau style successfully provide savings in the useful space of the room.

In addition to all of the above: modern fireplaces allow you to experiment with your design, turning the lower portal into a long shelf or a coffee table. Therefore, it is rational to place them in living rooms, offices or libraries. Nevertheless, even in the original designed designer bedroom there is a place for modern fireplace ideas. The main thing is to take care of the safe operation of the hearth in the future.

Modern fireplaces in the interior of the house. Video

Fireplaces in the Art Nouveau style-samples of beauty, practicality and comfort