Natural wallpaper in the house

Натуральными обоями сегодня называют и бумажные, и текстильные, и флизелиновые настенные покрытия, но если чье-то природное происхождение и может не вызывать никаких сомнений, то это, несомненно, будут обои Grasscloth, сплетенные из волокон растений без использования каких-либо вредных добавок.attachment_114" style="width: 660px" class="wp-caption alignnone">Natural wallpapers from Elitis

Natural wallpapers from Elitis

attachment_116" style="width: 660px" class="wp-caption alignnone">Natural wallpapers by Phillip Jeffries

Natural wallpapers by Phillip Jeffries

The term "Grasscloth" (literally translated as "grass cloth") is a comprehensive concept combining products made from sisal, raffia, hemp, cane, jute, bamboo, acacia, flax and other plant materials. All these products differ from each other in texture and color, but at the same time they share several common characteristics:
  • cloths are weaved using cotton thread manually and their structure is obvious to the naked eye;
  • To simplify installation on walls, they are superimposed on rice or any other paper with a very light glue that is sensitive to water;
  • painted only with natural water-based dyes.
attachment_111" style="width: 565px" class="wp-caption alignnone">Beetles of cattails

Beetles of cattails

attachment_109" style="width: 565px" class="wp-caption alignnone">The field where sisal is grown

The field where sisal is grown

attachment_110" style="width: 565px" class="wp-caption alignnone">Reed gathering

Reed gathering

A beautiful texture that fills the space with warmth and meaningfulness, durability, flexibility and strength are the main reasons why wallpaper from vegetable fibers remain invariably popular at various times: both in the modern era, glamor 70s, and in modern days eco -consciousness. In Ukraine, however, these wall coverings have only recently been applied, and therefore there are many different issues on the national forums:

"They say that natural wallpaper is short-lived. That the nonwoven hold on better and are glued much easier. Is it so? Who has already come across these materials? "

"I want to know the responses of the owners, how do cats treat them? will not they fight etc.

"Is it true that they do not tolerate moisture?"

Начнем с того, что современный выбор натуральных обоев в действительности очень велик. В мире сегодня присутствует множество производителей, которые используют в своем производстве самые разнообразные материалы. При этом полотна Grasscloth ныне вышиваются всевозможными стразами, кристаллами и бусинами, а также окрашиваются по трафарету в самые немыслимые узоры.attachment_113" style="width: 660px" class="wp-caption alignnone">Natural wallpaper from Arte

Natural wallpaper from Arte

attachment_115" style="width: 660px" class="wp-caption alignnone">Natural wallpapers from Omexco

Natural wallpapers from Omexco

Но даже простые монотонные обои из натуральных материалов смотрятся роскошно. Самые невыразительные оттенки (например, серый или бежевый) оживают на стенах с обоями Grasscloth. Секрет этого лежит в неоднородности самих растительных волокон, их природной уникальности — в том, что их невозможно раскрасить равномерно.attachment_112" style="width: 660px" class="wp-caption alignnone">Natural wallpapers by Phillip Jeffries

Natural wallpapers by Phillip Jeffries

attachment_118" style="width: 660px" class="wp-caption alignnone">Natural wallpapers by Phillip Jeffries

Natural wallpapers by Phillip Jeffries


With all their advantages, natural wallpaper is suitable for use with some reservations. First, not everyone will like the taste of clear joints (seams) between the stripes of these wallpapers, which are very visible on the wall. Secondly, they really do not like excessive humidity and they should not be washed in any case (if they are not varnished or the like), because they are a good absorbent and they use water-based paints.

Natural wallpaper should not be used and in premises where people smoke, - they absorb tobacco smoke as well as curtains, but they can not also be removed and washed, so they really do not have a place in the home of heavy smokers.

Grasscloth should only be installed in dry, well ventilated rooms. Care behind them is a dry cleaning with a vacuum cleaner or a panicle, and if a spot forms on their surface, it should either be carefully scraped off or soaked with a dry paper towel. When wiping with a damp cloth these wall coverings may lose their color and lose their luster.

Cats really do not remain indifferent to such wallpaper and like to climb them up to the ceiling, but some Grasscloth grades in this regard provide an amazing reliability of the facing coating. For example, wall coverings of jute and bamboo are extremely durable and able to withstand noticeable changes withstand frequent contacts with pets and children. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to how the woven fabrics were woven - the basket weaving provides the greatest strength.

No wonder the most popular in Ukraine view of Grasscloth today are bamboo wallpaper — они обеспечивают все три наиболее желаемых для экологически чистых настенных покрытий качества: долговечность, влагостойкость и гибкость. Это единственный вид современных натуральных обоев, которые можно применять в ванной комнате (но также при условии нормальной работы системы вентиляции).attachment_117" style="width: 660px" class="wp-caption alignnone">Bamboo Wallpaper by Phillip Jeffries

Bamboo Wallpaper by Phillip Jeffries

So is it worth it or not worth buying a Grasscloth wallpaper?

Installing the Grasscloth wallpaper does not differ in simplicity (how they are attached, read in the next article) and it takes quite a long time, but at the same time it reduces the costs of preliminary preparation of the walls - these coatings are an excellent solution for surfaces that are not in the best condition. Their deep texture, in addition to being beautiful, allows you to mask holes from nails, scratches and other minor wall defects without any distortion.

In fact, natural wallpaper is absolutely not worth worrying about:

Yes, they do not like moisture, but only its accumulations - if on the walls of the room where you want to set the wallpaper, the steam does not accumulate (look at the old wall cover - is there a splotch or condensation?), It does not matter to you .

Yes, animals can try to destroy them, but plant fibers are flexible enough, and their weaving is very strong, so neither dogs nor cats can do them much harm.

And if, with all this, you do not smoke in your house, then you simply do not have any reasons not to decorate its walls with natural wallpaper Grasscloth ☺.