Wall decor: 30 ideas for the kitchen

Your kitchen and dining area belong to those rooms of the house that are in dire need of a cozy and warm atmosphere. After all, only the dishes on the table are not enough for a happy family dinner! The kitchen environment should talk about the prosperity and habits of your family, so it is allowed to have a large number of a variety of decor. Here we have collected 30 interesting examples of what can be the decor of the kitchen walls - choose the best option for your taste!

What can I use to decorate kitchen walls

One of the most popular decorations for the kitchen is a wall with works of art. It can be paintings of artists, your own drawings, the creativity of your children or a collection of family photos within, most importantly - place it all on one wall so that the kitchen does not become too oversaturated. If you aspire to be in all the original, then as a similar wall decor you can choose old posters, retro posters or even wrappers from once popular products.

Paintings by artists like the decor of kitchen wallsDecor of kitchen walls with children's drawings, etc.Original decor for walls in the kitchen

And still, as an option, you can apply a picture on the wall. Now it is so fashionable and technically easy to implement. You just choose what you would like to put on the wall, and then it's up to the small one. The corresponding specialist will only have to transfer everything to the selected part of the wall and soon you will admire the beauty.

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The second most popular decor of the walls of the kitchen is the dishes. On open shelves, behind the transparent doors of the buffet or simply suspended on hooks, it will give your kitchen that incredible village comfort that the homes of our grandmothers were famous for and that can warm your hearts even in the worst weather. If you like this idea, but want to be more modern, then consider the option of hanging dishes on a perforated board. The idea has already become very popular in the west!

Idea for hanging dishes on kitchen walls Decor of walls with a perforated board

In the end, your kitchen can be decorated with any objects that are dear to your heart, be it a collection of wall clocks, pots with spicy herbs, herbarium and even appliqués made by yourself. We cease to torment you with text and move on to the presentation of our new collection of stylish ideas for decorating the walls of the kitchen!

A variety of kitchen decorations (photo)

Shelves with dishes like the decor of the kitchen walls Decorating kitchen walls with old posters retro Wall for chalk drawing in the kitchen Beautiful wall decor for kitchen Geographical map in kitchen design Rustic Kitchen Wall Decor

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Stylish shelves for kitchen walls Clock and other decor of kitchen walls Plates as the decor of kitchen walls Mirrors like wall decor in the kitchen Magnetic tape as the decor of kitchen walls Kitchen design with magnetic wall Bright decor of walls in a small kitchen Collection of dishes as a decor of kitchen walls

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Unusual stylish design of kitchen walls Stylish decoration of a large kitchen Kitchen shelf with hooks for cups Wall clock for kitchen Kitchen wall decor with own hands Wall decoration from paper with own hands Cork panel in kitchen design Monogram on the walls in the interior

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Decor of kitchen walls with plants Fito wall in kitchen design Decor of walls with lamps and photo wallpapers