Not in meters of happiness - 27 unique ideas for the design

Book shelves over the sink

Shelves over the sink look great

Today we will talk about the interior of the mini-kitchen. If you are the owner of such, then you know about all its shortcomings.

Sometimes you do not want to cook for such a kitchen, because there's always not enough room. But if you correctly distribute it, you will get a very comfortable room. So what needs to be done to make the interior of a narrow kitchen a pleasant and not an irritating place?

Open shelves in the kitchen

Open shelves look great and practical in use

Use the space on the walls competently

In a small kitchen is difficult to store dishes. Often it just does not fit. It is worth making several different shelves on the walls, and some devices just hang, and the problem will be solved.

Shelves for dishes in the kitchen

Clever solution for storing dishes

Hooks for kitchen utensils

Kitchen utensils can be placed on hooks, a good solution will be a special storage tray

Wall cabinets in the kitchen

Wall cabinets are very comfortable and practical

Soft corner in the kitchen

Soft corner will make the kitchen cozier

Kitchen with island

The kitchen can be divided into several zones using the color

Hide the chairs

Stools and chairs can find their place under the table. This is a great idea for a small kitchen.

Outstretched small kitchen

For small rooms it is best to make furniture to order

Blackboard in the kitchen

On the blackboard you can write your favorite recipes

Kitchen under the stairs

The appearance of the kitchen may deviate from generally accepted standards

Roomy furniture in the kitchen

Kitchen furniture can be as high as the ceiling; at the top it is better to store what is rarely used

Kitchen table in the kitchen

This rack is very convenient for storing dishes

Interior of a narrow kitchen

In a small and narrow kitchen cabinets should be placed only on one side

Small U-shaped kitchen

To make the kitchen look clean and neat, all the items need to be hidden in lockers

Sink in a separate table top

If space allows, you can install a separate table top

Small functional kitchen

To avoid the sensation of chaos, everything must be folded in its place

Photos in the interior of the kitchen

In the kitchen with high ceilings, you can hang pictures or photos

Dishes on kitchen cabinets

On the cabinets you can store dishes

White kitchen with breakfast bar

White kitchen in combination with bar stools

Large refrigerator in a small kitchen

On the refrigerator you can store boxes

Small kitchen in white color

Furniture white color visually increase the area of ​​the kitchen

Yellow accents on the white kitchen

Yellow color will add a touch of solar heat

Kitchen in white-gray color

Cozy kitchen

Furniture made of wood in the kitchen

Furniture from light wood

Storage rack for spices

Carefully use the space

Narrow kitchen in white color

You can also use the angle

Shelves for dishes in the kitchen

Upper shelves suitable for storing little used items

Useful angle

Use the angle to store small items. Jars of spices will look fine there. Making a custom-made furniture is a good solution.