Original ideas for improving the interior and increasing the

Large windows in the kitchen

Small interiors require constant changes and search for new solutions to improve comfort.

Apartments with a large area also often require improvement and redevelopment. Even a small element can transform the entire space.

In the large two-level apartment in the dining room there was no order, as the hallway was missing, and all the coats and bags were on the couch. Designers lowered the ceiling in front of the door and framed the cabinets in the form of columns.

The ceiling light created a separate light. From the dining room put a bench. Now before the front door there is everything necessary for storing outer clothing and bags and a full-fledged hall. Interior Design acquired a slightly mysterious eastern look.

A massive column in the hallway

A large family with young children felt the need for individual isolated rooms, even small ones. They often came to relatives and could stay overnight.

Rejected screens, which replaced the walls, solved the problem of transforming a large space into several rooms.

Back door to the dining room

With a slight movement of the hand, children's furniture is removed and the bed from the closet is reclined. Now guests can sit in a separate bedroom, enough to move the wall.

Back door to the dining room

Juliet lives with a cramped apartment in a beautiful old neighborhood. To add fresh air and nature to the small interior, she replaced the window with a balcony glass door and expanded her world.

Under the laws of the state, she was not allowed to change the architecture of the facade, so the railings are attached to the wall and the overhanging platform of the balcony is gone. All the same, the space has significantly expanded.

Luxurious view from the bedroom

The house has only one bathroom, so the entrance to it was from the hall. To make it easier to go into the bathroom from the bedroom, made a second door.

Apartment redevelopment scheme

Now, waking up in the morning, you can go straight to the shower, not traveling round the house and going out into the hall.

Glass door in the shower room

In the attic, where the living rooms were created, it was inconvenient to climb, because the low ceiling did not allow to level up at full height. It is difficult to lift a roof section and change its construction.

The window opening solved the problem of the height of the inclined ceiling. Thanks to this decision stairs to the second floor became much lighter, airing the house is much easier.

Dormer window above the stairs

The kitchen in the old house is located in the corner room and has two windows. Nearby is a poorly lit dining room. It is not possible to remove the wall completely, it can weaken the supporting structure of the building. We limited ourselves to a large opening by placing a countertop on the lower part of the wall at the furniture level, creating a bar area and good, natural lighting.

Interior of a small kitchen became more spacious. The dining table was moved to the living room and through the window it was convenient to serve dishes and utensils for serving the table and back to load it into the sink. Previously, I had to walk around through the door.

Large windows in the kitchen

Hanging cabinets significantly reduce the space of the kitchen. In an effort to create more space, they were removed, leaving only one with shiny transparent doors.

To increase the storage space for utensils and other necessary items, open shelves were created on the walls. Bright glossy tile and glass reflect light from the window, making the kitchen more spacious and airy.

The refrigerator, installed in the cabinet and projecting forward, separates the cooking area from the rest of the room, replacing the wall that was removed.

Open shelves in the kitchen