6 ways to visually increase the modest space

Dining area in the living room

The small apartments are cozy, comfortable and serene, which is ideal for a relaxing holiday and a pleasant pastime for the hosts.

However, limited space sometimes causes certain difficulties in the reception of guests, the holding of solemn events or when new members of the family appear.

In today's material, we tell you about the amazing ways of decorating a small room and giving the apartment an incredible charm.

1. Selection of unusual accessories

These exotic Moroccan lanterns are decorated by Carson Poetzl, Inc. located on both sides of the panoramic mirror with a wooden frame. They not only perfectly fit in the classic Interior Design, but also help to fill the situation with a soft and unconstrained radiance and warmth.

Lamps are made with the use of a textured cold metal, which forms a cylindrical lampshade with a magnificent perforated ornament.

Pendant lamps near the mirror

Mediterranean toilet from Carson Poetzl, Inc.

2. Formation of a charming environment

Use wallpaper with a fascinating texture or unusual ornamentation to bring to the apartment atmosphere dramatic expressiveness and incredible charm.

In this example, the wizard from M.A.D. Megan Arquette Design applied a contrast finish for the walls and emphasized it with a magnificent furniture set and bright accessories.

Dining area by the window

Dining room in fusion style from the workshop of M.A.D. Megan Arquette Design

3. Creating optical illusions

Adding a mirror to a small space is a wonderful way to visually expand the apartment. These accessories also perfectly brighten and enliven the room, fill the apartment with sunshine and natural heat from the opposite window.

Dining room by the mirror

Modern dining room from the designer Celia James

4. Challenge the gravity

Using the wall models of the furniture set allows filling the atmosphere unusual house or apartment by air and volume. Choose the equipment options with a simple and concise silhouette that emphasizes a calm and undisturbed decor.

Cabinet on the loggia

Stylish modern office by Loadingdock5 Architecture PLLC

Equip in the corridor an excellent storage system with a large number of shelves and niches for the location of accessories, small items and stationery.

In the next photo, a pedestal suspended to the wall is shown to your attention. It is made with the use of textured wood of a brown shade.

Suspended nightstand by the stairs

The hall in retro style from the company Jennifer Weiss Architecture

5. Add a surprise element

Turn an empty dressing room into a wonderful and multifunctional office. To equip it, choose a concise and practical furniture set that will allow you to work in comfortable and pleasant conditions.

Study in the dressing room

Cabinet from Jennifer Weiss Architecture

6. Focus with disappearance

Try using creative furniture, produced using non-traditional materials. Products made of acrylic or plexiglas allow you to bring a feeling of light and volume into the room. They also do not visually obstruct the space and give it incredible lightness and airiness.

Dining area with transparent chairs

Megan Blake Design Studio

Decorate the door leaf by painting it in the color of the wall. This simple implementation and unmatched solution will give you the opportunity to create the illusion of a spacious room.

Door under the color of the walls

Project by Jennifer Weiss Architecture

We presented to your attention a unique selection of tips and recommendations from talented artists that will help you visually expand a modest space and fill it with warmth and unlimited comfort.

And you liked these options home decorating? Tell us about your ideas in the comments below?