We decorate the house for the new year 2015 stylishly

One tree is not enough to create a feeling of a magical winter fairy tale in the house. To do this, you will also need to apply a variety of wall and desktop decor, which you can both buy in stores, and make it yourself. Last time, we gathered for you a collection of decorative ideas that are easy to implement with your own hands. And today let's look at the most fashionable and stylish home decorations, which we are advised to apply to designers in the winter of 2014-2015.

1. Make the interior design warm!

Let's start with a reminder that this winter fashion includes luxurious colors, such as lilac, purple, purple, dark shades of blue, green etc. Best in the interior, they are combined with various metallic shades (gold, silver and copper colors), as well as with black, brown and gray tones. To bring a note to the interior at the same time luxury, and warmth, decorate upholstered furniture in houses with pillows and blankets in a similar color scheme. Notice, they do not necessarily have to buy, but you can tie or sew with your own hands. Here are some examples of successful color combinations:

Fashionable colors for the New Year 2015 Fashionable knitted cushions as decor Decoration of the sofa with bright pillows Brilliant pillows and a knitted plaid for the couch

2. Choose the right decor for desks and chests of drawers

Now let's talk about decorating tables, shelves and other horizontal surfaces in your home. The main trend for desktop decoration this winter is golden color and geometric patterns. Mix them with other metallic shades, plus add 1 neutral (for example, gray or brown) and 1 bright shade (for example, black or pink), and the stylish look of your house is guaranteed!

By the way, gold, silver or copper jewelry does not necessarily have to be bought. It's enough just to get a paint or a spray of the right shade, and to transform with it an old vase, bottles, jars etc. things.

New Year's decor for gold Decorating a house in a fashionable style 2015 Stylish cup painting Candlesticks in geometric form Golden desktop decor Fashionable New Year's decor 2015 Cutlery to the New Year's table Glass and gold as a table decoration New-year napkins on the table Desktop decoration for the New Year 2014 2015 Stand for a glass with your own hands

3. Prepare beautiful decorations for the Christmas tree

When the sofas and tables are decorated, it remains to add the central element - a Christmas tree. First of all it is necessary to determine what will be your green beauty? Stands under the tree do not always look aesthetically pleasing, in addition, gifts should not be added simply on the floor, so you will need a special rug or cape. You can choose a floor mat with a geometric pattern that will answer the fashion of this winter, or wrap the bottom of the tree with a soft and fluffy white veil creating the illusion of snow. Timeless classic!

Stylish carpet under the tree Fur carpet under the tree

As for Christmas toys, it is important that they are in harmony with the rest of the decor in the room, that is, with the color of the same sofa cushions and table decor, as we discussed above. This winter in the fashion of golden and silver Christmas toys that can be combined with white (if the interior lacks bright colors), or luxurious purple, blue and red toys. And do not forget about geometric patterns and shapes!

Christmas trees 2015 Transparent Christmas ball with toy inside Paper Toys on the Christmas Tree Stylish decor for a Christmas tree Golden toys on the Christmas tree 2014 Christmas tree with golden toys Christmas tree with golden and blue toys Christmas decorations in gold and violet shades Red and gold balls on a green Christmas tree