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The appearance of a private house outside speaks about the social status of the owner, his tastes, style and way of life. Therefore, when building or repairing the exterior, it is important to choose beautiful and high-quality finishing materials. Facing the facade with a stone in this matter is unrivaled. It can cover only the basement, part of the facade or the whole private house, combined with plaster or wood - in any case it will give the house a natural aesthetic and charm of antiquity.

From what materials can the facade be finished with stone, their pros and cons, and also the photo of stone exteriors of houses - read and look further in this article.

Choose a facing stone for the facade

The facade made of natural stone is the most expensive, chic and complex in the installation option. Natural stone rocks have been used in the construction and finishing of houses for hundreds of years, providing excellent durability and authentic look. For modern facade cladding, natural stone is cut into plates of various sizes and shapes. The front side of the tiles can have an exquisite relief, but the reverse side is always flat - for easy attachment to the walls.

Facing the facade with a stone - installation photo

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Artificial facing stone for the facade is a less expensive alternative to natural. In addition to saving money, it also simplifies the delivery and installation process, because it is lighter than natural material. Note: the appearance of the facade and its durability do not suffer at all - an artificial stone is created on the basis of cement using molds that allow you to copy the appearance and relief of this stone.

Decorating the facade of the house with a stone - artificial veneers

The process of laying a natural and artificial stone consists of the following stages:

  1. Preparation of the surface of the walls (it is necessary to remove traces of old finish, plaster, clean up unevenness and primed);
  2. Covering the back of the stone with a special glue or mortar based on cement;
  3. The stone is applied to the wall, pressing it down so that the surpluses of the solution come out;
  4. Removal of allocated surplus;
  5. Filling the gaps between the stones with a mixture for jointing;
  6. Wait until this mixture is completely dry;
  7. Facade treatment with a hydrophobizing solution, which will provide additional protection of the facade cladding from the effects of natural phenomena.

Agree, gluing each stone to the wall can be quite a tedious process. Much easier in this regard is to make the facade under the stone with the help of siding.

Option number 1 - use panels made of polyurethane foam. They are very light and conveniently connected to each other. Modern technologies give them such a "stone" appearance that you can distinguish them from natural material only after touching. This type of finish can also serve you for many years, because it has good resistance to all weather conditions.

Artificial stone for the facade in the section How to look installation of these panels - step by step on the photo:Facade decoration with stone - photo step by step Ready result:Facade under the stone from the panels

As you can see, this is quite a convenient material for finishing corners, columns and other problem areas:

Facade panels under the stone at the corners and columns

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Facade panels made of natural stone combine the best of all the above options. They are made from real stone veneer, but are installed on walls as easily as polyurethane foam panels.

Facade made of natural stone - veneered with veneer panels Finishing the facade of the house with stone and plaster - photo in progress Facade panels made of stone veneer

Whatever option you choose, facing the facade with a stone will give your home a sense of permanence and history. Let's take a look at the photos of private houses with stone trim!

Facing the facade with natural stone (pluses, minuses, photos)

To the positive sides of facing the facade with a natural stone, one can safely say:

  • Strength and durability of the structure;
  • Ecological compatibility of the material used;
  • Preservation of coolness in summer and heat in winter;
  • Beautiful appearance;
  • Easy to care because there is no need for polishing or painting. The natural stone should be periodically rinsed with water under pressure.

The disadvantages of the facade of natural stone are few, but they can play a decisive role in the decision:

  • The large weight of the stone, because of which there are high requirements for the stability of the walls;
  • High cost of materials and delivery;
  • Labor-intensive assembly process.

Photo of private houses with natural stone finishing:

Facing the facade with natural stone and panels Elegant decoration of the facade with natural stone Spectacular facade made of natural stone Also read: 25 stunning houses in high-tech styleBeautiful natural stone for the facade Facing the facade of the house with a natural stone in a dark color Facing a private house with a natural stone Finishing of the facade with natural stone and wood

Facing the facades of private houses with artificial stone (photo)

Among the advantages of finishing houses with an artificial stone:

  • Large range of design from different manufacturers;
  • Affordable prices;
  • Relative lightness of the material;
  • Exact similarity with natural stone.

At the same time, in comparison with it, an artificial stone has the following drawbacks:

  • A shorter service life (about 20-25 years of preservation of the initial appearance);
  • Less resistance to moisture, temperature changes and sunlight.

We bring to your attention several photos of houses with an artificial stone facing.

Finishing the facade with natural stone - green exterior Finishing facades of private houses with artificial stone - 30 photos Facing with an artificial stone - a photo of a private house Artificial stone facade decoration of the house in a modern style Also read: Decorative facade of polyurethane adhesive - 20 photosArtificial stone for the facade under natural material Facing the facade with stone and siding Finishing of the facade of a two-storey house with artificial stone

Finishing the front of the house with panels under the stone - photo of the exterior

As we already mentioned above, the facade can be finished with panels for stone with natural veneer or polyurethane foam. Regardless of the material, such siding provides the following advantages:

  • Ease of material in installation and maintenance;
  • Wide range of models;
  • No need for special wall preparation;
  • Easy replacement of damaged items.

How does the decoration of the facade of the house with panels under the stone look like in the photo!

Finishing the front of the house with panels of natural stone - photo Finishing of the facade of a private house with panels under a stone and a tree Facade decoration under the stone with polyurethane foam panels Also read: Beautiful grilles on the first floor windowsFacing a two-storey house paneled with stone and tile Decorating the house with panels under the stone in the photo of the exterior Two-storey house with stone trim design Beautiful house design with a stone facing