Beautiful niches in interior design (45 photos)

Adding niches is one of the easiest ways to give the interior an unusual shape and bring bright accents to it. Small or large, rounded or rectangular, the niches in the walls are usually used simply for storing things or for an effective demonstration of your favorite decor. In general, there are 2 options for creating niches: in one design with a wall and in contrast. The latter can be achieved with the help of such design techniques as:

  • Selecting a contrasting hue of paint, wallpaper or other cover for niches;
  • installation of recessed fixtures, candles or LED lighting;
  • installation in a niche of bright shelves;
  • niche framing with special materials etc.

In this article we have collected for you 45 examples of very beautiful niches in different rooms: living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, hallways, bathrooms and even toilets. If you want to give your home an original style with niches, then here you are sure to find useful ideas for inspiration! We represent you ...

Niches in interior design (photo):

Aquarium built into the wall, and niches with lighting High shelves with wooden niches Large entrance hall in Moroccan style with niches Design of living room with niches Bedroom design with niches Niche with glass shelves in the bathroom Shower shelf in the niche Niches in the bathroom in the style of Zen Niche under the TV of plasterboard Built-in gypsum board recesses Niche for the fireplace and seating Beautiful living room design with framed niches Bright niches in the dining room Round niche for TV Niche for storing wine in the kitchen Kitchen with a high ceiling and niches under it Niches over the stove in the kitchen Niches with illumination in the hallway Square niches in the wall for decoration Shallow decorative kitchen in the kitchen Niche as a wall decoration in the living room Kitchen design with a niche for bottles Niche decoration with beautiful wallpaper Niche with a serving shelf Niche with a built-in lamp in the corridor Gypsum board niches in the design of the living room Niches with candles in the bathroom Niches in the bedroom design Bright niches for decor in the bathroom Bright niches in the living room Niches, upholstered in wood Niches in the toilet Fireplace and niches for decor in the living room Niches on the sides of the door Niches on the sides of the mirror Glass shelves in a recess Secret niche in the interior Niche with swivel door Thick shelves in a large niche Toilet with niche for decoration Indoor plants in niches Niche in the room above the workplace Bathrooms with built-in shelves Magnificent kitchen with niches with lighting Wine bottles in a niche