What kind of decor to put in the center of the dining table?

No matter how beautiful this or that dining table is, but stroking its empty, flat surface, we always feel that something is clearly missing. Each large or small dining table needs a central element that will decorate it; and if during the meal there can be a main dish, then what to put on the table, when it is not used for its intended purpose?

Depending on the rest of the decor and the interior design in general, your dining table can be decorated with bright central elements, creating a somewhat dramatic effect, or a simple but elegant decor. No matter what your budget and what style you prefer, we have for you 5 proven ways to decorate a dining table with examples:

1. Group dynamics in the center of the dining table

One of the most popular ways of decorating tables today is group decor. Stylish vases, decorative bottles, candlesticks etc. things arranged in an artificial disorder, will cheerfully revitalize the interior and make it more interesting.

Group decor on the table Table decoration with vases Fashionable modern decor on the table Decor from cockleshells for a dinner table Decoration of a table for Halloween

2. Room decoration with flowers

There is nothing easier than putting a bouquet of fresh flowers in the center of the table! Designers recommend placing them in simple, monochromatic or transparent vases that will advantageously emphasize the delicate natural beauty of each flower. At the same time, experiments with the shape or material of vases can sometimes give an astonishing result.

Decorating the table with flowers Rectangular flower vase Table decor in country style Unusual decoration of the dining table Beautiful decor on the dining table

3. Fruits and vegetables as a favorite edible decor

Apples, pears, citrus and other gifts of nature that can be stored for a long time without a refrigerator are the best decor for a dining table. Why? First, they are more useful than a vase of sweets. Secondly, they are easier to move than group decor. Third, it's cheap, and most importantly - they bring a bright, cheerful accent to the room.

Fruit table decoration White vases as decor Fruit in the basket on the table Blue accents in kitchen design Decoration of a dining table by apples

4. Decorative power of suspended lighting fixtures

The bold pendant lamp, installed above the dining table, is a new popular trend in the design of living rooms and kitchens. In fact, when a beautiful lamp hangs low enough, no decor for the dining table is required. Moreover, the low luminaire will temptingly emphasize the table setting, making the process of food intake even more pleasant.

Dining table with pendant light Modern chandelier above the dining table Design of the living room in the style of minimalism Decorative pendant light Chandelier in classic style above the table

5. Exclusive desktop decor

Our latest collection of central elements for the dining table includes the most unusual objects that can become the main decoration and highlight of the entire interior.

Decoration of a table by plants Decor on chair by designer Marlena Pavich Décor on the table with your own hands Desktop decoration for Easter Bio fireplace as a highlight of the interior