Smart interior of a very small kitchen: the idea for small

The interior of a very small kitchen: a mobile kitchen set

How to comfortably and comfortably equip the interior of a very small kitchen?

For any of us, it is not a secret that it is always difficult to develop a comfortable and inexpensive option for decorating living space in small apartments. There simply is not enough room for everything that we would like to have in our home. Especially in the kitchen, where you need to fit as much equipment as you need, and leave a place not only for eating in a close family circle, but also for gatherings with guests! However, if you want, you can find though not perfect, but smart and simple solution here.

We bring to your attention a new project of German designers Kristin Laass and Norman Ebelt, which is designed for the design of a very small apartment. The idea is called "Fine print" and involves a compact arrangement of furniture, appliances and equipment.

Plants on the mobile kitchen set Retractable bar counter Mobile kitchen set Transformable kitchen set

Such a practical solution will fit perfectly into any kitchen space, even the tiniest, and will not take up much space. The design includes a table, a stove, a refrigerator, a sink and a storage cupboard for storing various items. And it can easily be supplemented with a usual set of chairs. Look how simple and wonderful it fits in such a small area!

Oven in the mobile kitchen set Oven in the mobile kitchen set

By the way, the organizers of the Berlin exhibition, where this model of German designers were exhibited, welcome such original ideas for small apartments, because they believe that in our time the need for space free from furniture items is of decisive importance.

Drawer for dishes Built-in mini fridge

Another interesting detail: the exposition presented six functional kitchen projects for small-sized housing, which were a great success, and all of them were executed by students of design faculties. And to whom, how not to students to know about the convenience of using ergonomic furniture in a small living space?

Stove in a mobile kitchen set Drawer for storing dishes