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White curtains in the interior

Unusually and elegantly to stylize the rooms of any housing will help the use of white or dairy window textiles. Looking white curtains in the interior is refined and allows you to visually expand the area of ​​the room. They should be selected according to the peculiarities of the coloring, tone differences. For example, for rooms decorated in a gray-lilac scale, pearl-colored linens will ideally suit. And for the classic and ultramodern directions it is better to choose snow-white models. Particular attention should be given to the edging of the canvases. In particular, the cornice on the background of the fabric should not stand out strongly and be a contrasting stain of decoration. According to its color, it must be identical to the wall. This rule applies to any density and type of curtain. Observance of simple recommendations and similar advice will help to easily pick up the perfect textiles for all living quarters.

Shades of white

The curtains chosen for an apartment can have slight differences in tone. Their account will help to easily find the best option for each room. The main shades of color are:

Snow WhiteBright colors that help visually identify the window opening and make it a "highlight" of the interior.
Clarified beigePleasant "soft" colors with a slight coffee tint. Attracts universality and neutrality.
PearlRefers to the elite colors. Has a special charm and will be able to emphasize the elegance of any room decoration.
LacticIt is distinguished by the presence of light, almost imperceptible yellowness. It will perfectly be able to replace the snow-white, if there is no need for a throw-out selection of the window.
Clarified platinumHas a light grayish shade. Neutral color, able to easily fit into any design.

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5 reasons for white curtains

The addition of a window opening with whitish canvases has many advantages and allows several changes in the general appearance of a bedroom or a non-residential premises. The main reasons for choosing fabrics in the snow coloring are:

  1. Isolation of dark walls. Allow to draw a gray, coffee and other darkened finish. Provides the creation of special comfort, eliminates the pressure of design.
  2. Preservation of snow. For example, in the Scandinavian and similar styles, the use of snow canvas on the windows harmoniously complements the general appearance of the room.
  3. Expansion of the wall with a window opening. Whitish canvas helps to create a common composition with a window, visually make the wall with it higher and wider.
  4. Emphasize ease of registration. The snow color of the canvases will adequately supplement any design and make the room more spacious and free.
  5. Clarification of the room. Allow to expand the free space in a small room or a poorly lit room.
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Choosing the style and combinations of shades when applying white curtains

The snow-colored curtains are albeit universal, but ideally not for every direction. The best solution is to use them for such styles:

  • Art Deco. It allows you to easily combine black and white color gamut, which will create a catchy and original contrast. For him, perfectly fit snow-white linens.
  • European. Attracts laconism and restraint. For this direction any shades of whitish can come.
  • urban. It is characterized by simplicity, ease and maximum rational use of space. Well it will be complemented by window textiles in pearl shade.
  • Provence. French stylistics will be well complemented by canvases with alabaster or similar whitish shade of textiles (with light yellow or gray).
  • modern. Add to the rational and comfortable stylistics will help canvas in shades of platinum, "muted" whitish colors.

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Choice of fabric

Correctly selected fabric for sewing window textiles guarantees the original stylization of rooms and ease of care for the canvas. The most popular types of fabrics used for sewing textiles in snow colors are:

  • linen. A beautiful structure of the material allows you to simply and quickly emphasize any design. Usually bleached fabrics are used that have a slightly yellowish or grayish tinge.
  • velvet. Luxury canvases with a small pile look elegant in any style. But it is recommended to use them for large rooms: velvet visually heavens the decoration. Requires frequent cleaning.
  • sateen. The universal version: lightweight fabrics with a beautiful weave are easy to care for, they can have different whitish shades.
  • jacquard. A beautiful canvas with a relief pattern is suitable for the design of sleeping rooms and halls. It looks exquisite, simple to wash.
  • flock. A canvas with velvety patterns applied on it will help to make the design look unusual. It is recommended to introduce it in directions already completed with ornaments.

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For what rooms are suitable white curtains

White, whitish and clarified platinum curtains are great for styling any living quarters. In kitchens and canteens, they allow you to beautifully select the window opening and make them spacious. In residential areas, thanks to the introduction of clarified textiles, a special charm and coziness are achieved. Designers recommend using them for rooms where children or teenagers live. Blotches of snow-white will help children feel comfortable and safe. Perfectly suitable for such canvases and for styling verandas, where the household will spend tea, family and friendly feasts. It is allowed to combine the whitish window textile with different colors from warm and cold scales. It is important only to choose the right shade of canvas and tulle. At the same time, light fabrics can be chosen not in white scales, but in different colors.

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Decoration of window openings in the bedroom with snow-white linen allows creating a cozy atmosphere. Choose the canvases that fall to the floor. For rooms decorated in vintage style, short products complemented by stitches are also suitable. It will look good whitish textiles in rooms with decoration in gray, lilac, cream, green and earthy tones. White canvases highlight the window area and emphasize the rest of the color. Whitish materials will brighten the room, but will not create contrasting transitions. It is recommended to choose pearl and platinum fabrics for rooms where white furniture is installed, a gray or heavenly decoration is made. In this design, the canvases with non-standard colors will fit in the best possible way and they will be able to competently supplement the general view of the direction, without highlighting the window area.

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Living room

Pearl или белесый оттенок оконного текстиля — отличное решение для просторных гостиных. Для таких помещений рекомендуется выбирать длинные полотна. Они подойдут для дополнения французского остекления и для стилизации стандартных окон. Хорошо сочетаются с теплыми нейтральными тонами отделки: песочным, кремовым, кофейным. Станут броским элементом стилистики, выполненной в темных тонах: фиолетовом, коричневом и даже черном. Выбирать для просторной комнаты можно и плотные, и легкие полотна. Первые подчеркнут грациозность стилистики. Второй тип поможет сделать пространство свободным, исключить его нагромождение. По желанию можно повесить текстиль с ламбрекенами в белоснежном колере. А можно по верху и низу полотна пришить широкие полосы других тонов (серого, салатового, лилового). Оттенок оторочек должен выбираться из уже используемого в оформлении комнатки цвета.

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A spacious veranda with a table and chairs or benches is ideal for a comfortable stay. To complement its design will help decorating the apertures and windows with whitish textiles. It is recommended to select semi-transparent fabrics for styling areas. They will perfectly protect the holidaymakers from the sun's rays, brighten the verandah and make its decoration original. For sites designed in the village style, the canvases with light yellow color are optimal. But for ultra-modern verandas with gray or similar furniture it is recommended to give preference to pearl canvases. To maintain the attractiveness of products, it is often recommended to wash them. Otherwise, the street dust will be tightly clogged in the fibers and lead to the appearance of unsightly spots on the fabric, the formation of brown or gray plaque.

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In children's rooms the use of snow-white window textiles is the right solution. In the daytime, light fabrics will let in enough light. And at night a heavy curtain will help to sufficiently darken the room for a comfortable sleep of the child. In addition, whitish canvas allows you to expand the space, make it free. It will be good to combine snow-white window textiles with different finishes: blue, pink, olive or sand. For the conscious awareness of the window frame it is recommended to add thick tulle fabrics in one of these colors. Also well complemented by the design of bright pickings. Against the background of snow-white paintings, they will look very nice. Allowed and the choice of patterned textiles: with insignificant interspersions of pastel tones. This option is attractive with less march and a more gentle look.

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Strict interior


When styling kitchens with whitish window textiles, it is necessary to exclude dense and wide models. Replace the curtain, which closes several windows at once, will help divided into several parts of the product. Excellent short canvases to the windowsill, roller and Austrian models. Very beautiful, they will look both on one window, and on the serving bay above the working area, a sink or a dining group. At the request of the owners it is possible to supplement the selected shading room with transparent tulle. But in ultramodern designs you can do and only shading textiles. Colors should be chosen not white, but diluted with a yellowish or grayish tinge.

Light curtains for the kitchen Curtains for a small window  Tulle in the kitchen  Vintage curtains  Simple Kitchen Decor  Bright interior

A mandatory requirement to maintain the cleanliness of the canvas is the presence of a powerful extract. Simplify the removal of dust and contaminants help selection of fabrics that have minimal embossing texture.

Classic interior of the hall

How to care for white curtains

To maintain the attractiveness of light curtains in the house will help to observe the simplest conditions of care:

  1. Permanent dust removal. Cleaning materials can be vacuumed using a special nozzle. Also periodically it is necessary to wipe cornices, rings (hooks) from which dust can settle on tissues.
  2. Timely washing. With a slight darkening of the cloth, it is better to immediately wash them. Expensive fabrics are recommended for dry cleaning. Delicate cloths should be washed by hand, wear-resistant materials can be washed in a typewriter in a gentle (manual) mode.
  3. Good gargling of tissues. The remains of the powder, the conditioner in the fibers in the sun can come through (turn yellow or turn gray). High-quality rinsing of canvases will help to avoid such phenomena.

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Dry the cloth on a clean balcony rope. Therefore, before hanging, you need to make sure there is no dust, dirt on it. Irrigation of tissues is carried out only in sparing mode.

Simple curtains для лоджии


Selection of white window textiles is not difficult, if you know about the tonal differences and features of different materials. For example, for living rooms it is recommended to select fabrics that will help to protect them well from sunlight in the daytime.

Minimalism in the interior Retro Interior  Roman white curtains  Black and white curtains  Spacious living room  Decor of a loggia

For spacious rooms intended for the reception of guests, holding tea parties, you can also choose lighter, translucent fabrics. But on the verandas and at all you can use only organza or tulle. Such a textile perfectly complements the design of the site and will slightly shade it on sunny days. Also it is necessary to take into account both colors of materials, fabric structure. In the premises where food is cooked, windows are often opened, it is better to choose a smooth cloth, on which dust will be minimized. For other rooms, the use of dense fabrics with patterns and relief weave is allowed.