Use of niches, shelving, built-in furniture, or how to

Racks in the interior of the living room

Each of us in the apartment has many items, the purpose of which is to provide a comfortable existence.

If your housing does not have a large area, then the question arises very quickly, how to place all this wealth, and at the same time do not make the place of your dwelling like a warehouse or a pantry.

Bookcase in the interior of the living room

First, take the rule before the New Year, not regretting, get rid of what has never been useful. Thus, you will get rid of a huge amount of various junk and make room for more convenient placement of really important things.

Secondly, do not buy bulky furniture, it's best to use a relatively light one.

Shelves in the interior of the living room

A good solution is to use shelving, where you can easily arrange everything you want, which, by the way, if necessary, will be very easy to find.

Rack in the interior of the living room

Another great way to design - it's transformable furniture, as well as from the same open podiums.

Folding sofa bed in the bedroom Kitchen on the podium in the studio apartment

Buying a sofa, it is worth giving preference to models in which there is a built-in box for laundry, because it will help with maximum efficiency to use the space.

Sofa with niche for linen

The same can be said about the bed, it is best to buy a modern model with drawers, they can be put not only underwear, but also much more.

Bed with drawers