Furniture and decoration for the balcony: 40 best ideas from

Living in the center of the city, we often have to lack the open space. Inhabitants of apartments in high-rise buildings and do not have their own courtyard, where they could put outdoor furniture and enjoy a healthy outdoor recreation. If this to some extent applies to you, then why do not you think about the comfortable arrangement of your balcony?

Balconies on high floors with views, for example, on the panorama of the city, surrounding the forest, river or lake, can become your favorite place for breakfast with the whole family. Yes, and small balconies overlooking the narrow courtyard can be transformed with the addition of indoor plants, compact functional furniture and lamps, not to mention the use of decor of natural materials, as well as exotic carpets, pillows, curtains and cheerful tropical colors.

Since the balconies are not characterized by large areas, and usually need to accommodate a lot, then here very opportunely will be furniture transformer. Such furniture items can save a lot of useful space, besides they will give the balcony functionality. It is from such trifles that comfort is formed in many respects.

In this article we have collected for you 40 examples of beautiful design of balconies with purchased or self-made furniture. Wicker, wooden or soft, modern or restored - you will see that it does not matter when it fits perfectly into the rest of the decor. Multicolored pillows and pots, shelves with books or games, antique lamps and candlesticks - these and many other details will help you turn your balcony into the most cozy corner on the whole planet. We wish you to find your inspiration here!

40 best ideas for a balcony on Pinterest:

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