Effective tips for arranging a studio apartment

Creating an interior in the studio apartment, it is worth considering the main functional areas. This type of housing is considered an affordable and convenient option. The mobile screens, various materials and the best color solutions will help you to design. At the same time in one room there is a living room, dining room and a personal area. The methods of expanding the room are applied.

  • Features of apartment arrangement studio
  • Space organization rules
  • Tips for interior design
The layout of the room is characterized by freedom of space, borders and style.

Features of apartment arrangement studio

There are the following features of a studio type apartment:

  • absence of walls;
  • a lower price than a one-room apartment;
  • suitable for one person or a young couple.

For the room fit design options in the style of hi-tech or minimalism.

You can arrange a studio apartment yourself if you follow certain recommendations.

The principle point is the correct division into zones. Separate the space will help partitions and materials that differ in texture.

Creating the design of a small studio

Creating the design of a small studio, you should pay attention to the following rules:

  1. The main colors in the interior are milky, beige and sand, and similar shades. White color is diluted with bright accents, which create a cozy atmosphere.
  2. It is recommended to apply contrast solutions: white with black or white with brown.
  3. Do not use single and large chandeliers, which reduce space. On the perimeter of the room are mounted spotlights. Light sources expand the room, therefore it is recommended to use lamps even in furniture.
  4. For registration is recommended Scandinavian style, Japanese or modern options.
  5. It is worth to abandon the statuettes, floor lamps and floor vases. You can not clutter up space. There should not be any junk.
  6. Furniture is installed in the center of the room, and not traditionally along the perimeter. High and narrow closets are used. Coffee tables are selected from glass.
  7. For zoning, special furniture is used: a bar rack or racks.

To increase the space, a balcony or a loggia is used. If this room is insulated, then you can make an additional work area or even a gym.

It is not recommended when using the design to use dark shades, heavy curtains and massive furniture.

The studio has some features of the arrangement. The most part of the room is occupied by the living room area. Furniture is chosen functional. A bed replaces a sofa or a folding bed is used instead of a sofa.

If there is a child, then his bed can be transformed into a cabinet. Instead of a table, a window sill is being converted to a working place.

The kitchen sector should be compact. It is worth using the built-in appliances. The microwave oven is mounted on the brackets.

When starting redevelopment and repair work, it is worthwhile to develop an interior design.

Space organization rules

Space organization rules

1 room apartment studio involves creating an illusion of free space. The design design should take into account the functionality of the room.

Much attention is paid to the zoning of premises. To do this, the floor is of different levels, decorated with a variety of materials, as well as various floor coverings and color shades. An excellent solution can be the use of modular furniture.

For the correct perception of space, local lighting is used. It is important to preserve the natural illumination of the apartment. For this, partitions made of plexiglas are used.

Do not use heavy curtains. The windows are left half open. It is recommended to use Roman curtains.

Expands the space painted white ceiling, it helps to disperse daylight.

Tips for interior design

Tips for interior design

2-room apartment studio is created from small apartments by the type of Khrushchev. At the same time, the wall is removed and the planning of a single space divided into zones is carried out.

To create an unusual and functional interior of an apartment - the studio should take into account the following tips:

  1. The room is divided into the following areas: a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen-dining room and a working area. In addition to the traditional ways of dividing the room, the original ones are used, for example, with the help of lighting. One zone is shined more brightly, and the second remains in semitones.
  2. The color scheme is designed to unite the space and at the same time divide it into zones. Do not use large patterns and strips on the walls. Cold shades will expand the space, and beige will create coziness.
  3. Selected furniture is characterized by ergonomics. These can be built-in options or transformers. For storing things it is recommended to use sliding-door wardrobes. It is necessary to remove the wall from the apartment.
  4. Sleeping place is equipped separately, preferably closed with a screen.

Design studio apartment 30 square meters. m

Design studio apartment 30 square meters. m

Design studio in 30 square meters. m is performed taking into account many features. The room performs various functions:

  1. A fully equipped living room.
  2. A place to relax.
  3. As a bedroom.
  4. Assumes the device working area.

Sometimes it is required to place a children's zone. At the same time, a baby cot is installed.

To visually increase the space, light curtains are used. Will suit the pleated curtains, which save the area of ​​the windowsill.

Increase the space of panoramic wallpaper on the walls.

Design apartment - studio 40 square. m

Design apartment - studio 40 square. m

Design studio in 40 square meters. m also requires attention to expand space. At the same time, the main focus is on the selection of colors, compact furniture and lighting sources.

It is recommended to use glossy surfaces that reflect light.

40 sq. M. m represent the optimal area for space planning.

Using sliding structures, you can separate the sleeping area from the living room and kitchen.

When designing a design, an important factor is the number of family members. The layout of the room involves dividing into zones in the following ways:

  1. For dividing the room, screens or sliding structures that can consist of a stained glass system are recommended.
  2. Used partitions from plasterboard. This material is elastic, which allows you to create any shape.
  3. Zoning is done using a catwalk, which is especially suitable for separating the bedroom. Inside the catwalk, crates are mounted, into which sleeping accessories are added.

Create a cozy atmosphere

The following recommendations will help to create a cozy atmosphere:

    • extra furniture should be removed, it is recommended to use folding tables and chairs, the TV can be hung on the bracket, the bar counter is the best replacement for a bulky desk;
    • wires hide in the plinth or apply wireless technology;
    • if the bathroom and toilet are combined, then there will be a place for a washing machine and shelving;
    • It is not recommended to abuse accessories, the most necessary are placed on the shelves.

    It is important that all living in the apartment feel free. To do this, each resident should have a separate corner.

    Having a fantasy, you can create a comfortable and cozy room for the whole family.