13 design ideas for the bathroom, which will become trends

If you are going to make major repairs in your bathroom, but have not yet figured out how, then we advise you for inspiration to take a closer look at the latest design trends. We tried to find out what new design ideas are going to make a splash in 2015, following the latest projects of leading designers, and that's what we got.

13 best new ideas for the bathroom:

1. Characteristic floor tiles

Art floor tiles not only look admirable, but also opens up great opportunities when working with complex bathrooms. So, if in a small bathroom a beautiful floor allows you to add style without overloading space, then when you use it in a large bathroom it brings a unique effect of elegance.

Such a tile for a bathroom is, it can be said, a universal method of decorating floors in both small bathrooms and in more spacious ones. This element of finishing the floor in the bathroom is considered a good choice, because with his help it is easy to create an interior design in any of the popular styles, from classic to modern.

Bathroom design with beautiful tiles on the floor

2. Natural Beauty

Do you want a place for swimming that was friendly but calm? Then let the design of your bathroom be inspired by the beauty of nature - it's a great way to visually "warm" the room with the presence of many cold shiny surfaces, and at the same time bring in the space soothing vibrations. In the latest design projects of bathrooms, natural materials such as natural stone, moisture treated wood and indoor plants are increasingly being used.

Bathroom design with natural elements

3. Combining the bathroom with other rooms

Of course, this design move is not suitable for everyone, but is it bad to get one spacious room instead of two small rooms? In addition to the traditional unification of a small bathroom with a toilet, designers also offer to connect bathrooms to bedrooms and rest rooms. The use of exquisite materials is mandatory, because the open layout of the bedroom and the bathroom itself presupposes decoration in the style of luxury. But sliding partitions and curtains for dividing the space can be used at your discretion.

En Suite Bathroom

Bathroom adjacent to the living room

4. Smart water resources management

Conventional cranes and valves continue to recede into the background and give way to such clever devices as thermostatic mixers, controllers for several water sources and sensor control systems.

Smart water control in the bathroom

5. Separate baths

They do not just look more aesthetically, but also emotionally. A way to have fun and pamper yourself in the midst of business life! The separate baths are striking, sculptural design elements that help create the right mood in the bathroom for relaxation and relaxation.

Bath in the center of the room

Not enough room for a free-standing bath? Then try to combine it with the wall protrusion, as shown in the picture below. In any case, the usual corner and combined with the wall of the bath are out of fashion.

Incorporating a bath in the interior

6. Unconventional curbstones under the sink

Exclusive design pedestals or restored old furniture - does not matter. The idea is that your corner for creating beauty attracts attention. So, fashionable hanging shelves give the bathroom elegance and make it seem more spacious, whereas the old restored furniture can make the interior a real chic and create coziness.

A curbstone under the sink of old furniture Suspended stand under the washbasin

More beautiful ideas for furniture in the bathroom you can find here.

7. Geometric tiles

Geometric patterns began to enter into fashion at the end of 2014, but are going to become the main trend of design 2015. The use of geometric tiles in the bathroom is an excellent solution for those who want to add depth and visual interest to the space without using bright tones.

Tile with geometric patterns Bathroom with geometric tiles

8. Shower as a part of the room

Than to buy a narrow but bulky shower cubicle, it is better to organize a shower in the bathroom part, separating it with transparent partitions and a low floor curb. First, so you will have the opportunity to get more space for taking a shower than an ordinary shower cubicle offers. And secondly, this move looks much more aesthetically in terms of design.

Shower without shower Shower without shower tray

9. Luxury "under the old days"

While many are keen on restoring old furniture, others get genuine pleasure just from its "old" look. Unpainted wood and concrete are the best materials for creating this style, and antique mirrors and lamps can become for them just an ideal addition.

Bathroom with effect

10. Continuation of design

The bathrooms, which reflect the design of the rest of the house, promise to become one of the main design trends in the coming year and the future. This is another step towards making the bathroom a kind of continuation of the bedroom or living room, and not a separate room.

When the bathroom continues the design of other rooms in the house

11. Gray Tones

Gray was a popular choice for the bathroom in 2014, and there is a good chance that this trend will continue in the years to come. And if you're worried that the gray palette will make your bathroom too flat and lifeless, put in it elements of white or some other bright shade that, on a gray background, creates a spectacular effect.

Bathroom with gray walls

12. Attractive lighting

With the advent of embedded and LED lighting, lighting is beginning to play an increasing and greater role in interior design. Combining spot lighting with accenting or artistic light will give your bathroom a more dynamic look and even help visually increase its volume.

Stylish interior lighting

13. Contrasting grout

Designers still found the opportunity to use cement mortar in the creation of creative design of bathrooms, and this method will become one of the key trends in 2015. In particular, when installing wall or floor tiles, they offer us to use a contrasting shade of the solution or to rub the already prepared slots between the tiles to the desired color. Like the fashionable geometric patterns, the contrast between the color of the tile and the cement mortar gives the bathroom a very interesting and invigorating effect.

Bathroom tile design Cement mortar as an element of design Tile with trowelling in the same color