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In the design of the living room, dark shades are used to give a romantic and comfortable mood. For a room with a small area, this option should not be used, because the dark color in the interior of such a living room will look inappropriate.


The dark color palette (chocolate, black, deep blue, burgundy and other shades) is perfect for spacious living rooms with thoughtful lighting and will give the interior a captivating and elegant look.

To match the interior design of the dark living room, you can add a few bright and bright elements.

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The fireplace in the living room is a great addition to the dark shades of the room. The light emanating from the flame will add to your room mystery and intimacy.


To make sure you need to use dark shades, look at the photo with the interiors of a dark living room, similar to yours.


Table of contents of the article:

  • Several conditions for using the palette of dark colors
  • The use of a dark color in a certain style
  • Original design solutions for a dark living room
  • Photo of the dark living room design

Several conditions for using the palette of dark colors

For proper and successful use in the dark living room of the appropriate shades, it is necessary to take into account some features.


Dark color in the application of wall decoration perfectly fits to the living room with large dimensions. The main thing is to create the right lighting so that your room is not too gloomy.


If your room does not differ in spaciousness, then use light shades for the base, placing accents with dark elements. If you want to create an interior of such a room in dark shades, you can resort to increasing the area of ​​the living room, by connecting it with a kitchen or a loggia.


For the owners of the living room, which always shines with sunlight, dark colors will be a good solution, but do not go into extremes, creating a boring mood of the interior.


Use decor elements of bright and bright colors in the dark interior of the room. Items of furniture made in light colors, or shelves of bright color against a background of dark walls, will be expressively looked.


The use of a dark color in a certain style

Interior for the living room in dark shades is typical to use in the English style with the use of furniture made of wood in shades of dark chocolate and the tissues of rich cherry, blue, etc.


In the living room of dark tones, a gilded or transparent chandelier with flickering pendants will perfectly fit in, large mirrors in massive frames that will give more light to the room.


The successful colors of the dark living room in minimalist design are black, gray (the color of wet asphalt), soft dark colors of blue, lilac or dark turquoise. A successful solution will be the use of these shades in furniture or decor, on wallpaper along with mirror surfaces and metallic metallic elements.


With the use of a black and white palette, you can create a spectacular interior style for your living room. For decorating the wallpaper of one tone, bright details or black and white pictures in frames of pastel colors will perfectly fit. Lighting LEDs will create a modern gloss room in this style.


The style of the loft, which involves the use of brown shades in the brickwork of the walls, is in harmony with the color of the solidified concrete and the metallic shade. Of course, in this style you need to make bright notes of decor.


Original design solutions for a dark living room

To date, the most common stylish idea is to decorate a certain wall with wallpaper, in harmony with the overall interior of the room. Wallpapers with images in retro style will emphasize the classic style.


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For the design in the Art Nouveau style, you can use wallpaper with views of the city night, flickering lights. Popular for today, the space print will be the highlight of your living room.


To give your living room a charm can be a ceiling, trimmed in shades of black. But to trim the ceiling with a dark color is necessary in the case when the length of the room is 3 meters, or even more.


For living rooms of standard size, you can apply a glossy dark ceiling. Thus, thanks to the mirror reflection, the living room will visually appear more spacious.


Using dark shades, you can create a unique style for your living room. Even in the photo, the dark living room looks elegant and captivating.


Photo of the dark living room design


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