15 stunning cuisines in celebrity homes

As a rule, world-class stars change their homes like gloves and do not invest their souls in the design of the dwelling, buying already fully equipped mansions. Nevertheless, the choice of this or that style of interiors can tell us a lot about the nature and preferences of your favorite star, and also push us to the idea of ​​a similar design of your house.

We represent the 15 most stylish stellar kitchens!

1. Kitchen in the house of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas

Recently, this stellar couple laid out $ 11.25 million for a luxurious colonial mansion of the 19th century. Despite the availability of modern appliances, the kitchen in this house and breathes history.

Kitchen design by Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas

2. The former kitchen of Billy Joel

In fact, a cult American performer and pianist, Billy Joel already said goodbye to his New York home located on the oceanfront in the private sector of Sagaponak. But since the new owner of this mansion for $ 19 million is still unknown, we will leave this charming kitchen with high ceilings on our list.

Kitchen design in the house of a famous person

3. Kitchen Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

The new house of Kim and Kanye in the closed village of Hidden Hills, Los Angeles has 8 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, 2 swimming pools, 2 spa rooms and a vineyard. There is such a luxury of $ 20 million and one can understand why, looking at this huge, marble-trimmed kitchen in the French country style.

Kitchen design in celebrity houses

4. Even Lady Gaga has a kitchen!

From the kitchen of Lady Gaga you could expect anything, but in fact the singer obviously lacks the brightness on the stage, and at home she appreciates the warmth and comfort. Her new mansion in Malibe, worth $ 23 million, has a kitchen in an old European style with wooden beams and beautiful "village" elements.

The house where Lady Gaga lives, kitchen design

5. Kitchen Jennifer Lopez

In the property of Jay Lo there is a huge penthouse in Manhattan worth $ 22 million. In such a spacious kitchen with an open layout and stylish modern furniture, you can not just cook, but also make incendiary Latin American dances!

Kitchen design in the penthouse Jay Lo

6. White Kitchen Céline Dion

Mega mansion Celine Dion, which is currently estimated at $ 62.5 million, boasts a main house, guest house, two separate buildings for tennis and swimming, as well as a water park. At the same time, the Céline kitchen does not have huge dimensions, but on the contrary it looks very cozy and nice in white color and with an abundance of lighting.

Kitchen design in the house of Celine Dion

7. Kitchen Jennifer Lawrence

One of the most promising young actresses, Jennifer Lawrence can not only cook, but also receive guests in her kitchen in a mansion on Beverly Hills. The Oscar winner has bought this house from Jessica Simpson for $ 6.4 million.

Kitchen design in the house of Jennifer Lawrence

8. Luxury kitchen Jay-Z and Beyonce

What else could you expect from two stars that do not leave the pages of the Forbes magazine? It is reported that Beyonce and Jay-Z allotted $ 85 million for this mansion in Beverly Hills. A smooth, completely white kitchen with a simply amazing look certainly played an important role in making this decision.

Design of a white kitchen with a luxurious view

9. Kitchen in the house of Bruce Willis

Judging by the kitchen of Bruce Willis in his new home for $ 12 million in Bedford, he also likes to enjoy the beautiful views, but still appreciates the comfort and warmth of the home.

Kitchen design with large windows in the house of Bruce Willis

10. Sarah's Kitchen Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick put up for sale their townhouse in Greenwich Village for $ 22 million. You can only envy the future happy buyer, because he will get a stunning kitchen with a dark wood and built-in appliances.

Design kitchen Sarah Jessica Parker

11. James Marsden's Retro Kitchen

Star of the films "Track 60" and "People X", actor James Marsden recently bought a cozy house on the Hollywood Hills, complete with a modern kitchen that features bright accents in the retro style of the 50-60's.

Stylish kitchen in retro style

12. Kelly Rip's Kitchen

Until recently, the actress, comedian and TV host Kelly Rip had just an exceptionally stylish kitchen with red accents and a huge portrait of Marilyn Monroe.

Kitchen with red accents and a portrait of Marilyn

13. Cuisine Милы Кунис

The newly mum, Mila Kunis, recently said goodbye to her maiden abode, selling it for almost $ 4 million. This Mediterranean-style house on the Hollywood Hills features a spacious open plan that unites the kitchen, living room and dining room.

Design of a large kitchen with a living room

14. Cuisine Jodie Foster

White furniture combined with warm shades of marble and wooden details creates a unique "airy" look of the kitchen of Jodie Foster in a house on the Hollywood Hills.

Design of cozy cuisine by Jodie Foster

15. Kitchen in Lofte Kirsten Dance

The style of the loft in the interior is in demand even among the stars! Kirsten Dunst pays $ 12,500 a month for this penthouse in Soho. The kitchen, decorated in loft style, features brick walls, marble worktops and sparkling metal appliances.

Kitchen design in loft style