15 stylish designs of small hallways

Modern decor, pleasant tones, free layout, functional furniture and bright fixtures in the hallway will create a good first impression of your home. The design of the hallway is the first thing that you and your guests see when you go into the house. If it is easy enough and pleasant, then you can give everyone a positive attitude to visit your home. And this, you must agree, is very important.

Creating a friendly design of the hallway is not a problem when you have a spacious room. But what to do when the hallway is of a very modest size? Light walls, bright lighting, mirrors and stylish decor can make the room look bigger than it really is, while comfortable and multifunctional furniture, cool shades and exquisite accessories will help create a more formal and correct appeal to your visitors.

We present to you 15 very stylish designs of small hallways. Be inspired by the beautiful traditional style of decoration, classical design and modern ideas for decorating hallways from professional decorators and designers. Regardless of which style you prefer, try to pay attention to the details that make each interior in its own way attractive. We hope that the selected interior design photos will help you create the most charming and attractive hallway!

The most important thing is to remember that decorating an entrance hall is an important task, no less important than the transformation of the interior of any other room. Alas, you can often meet the interior of the apartment, where the hallway was taken lightly, as a result, the entire design of the housing suffers. Do not repeat such mistakes!

Photos of small hallways:

A set of furniture for a small hallway Design of the hallway with a banquet Design of the hallway with a large mirror Small entrance hall in dark colors Beautiful furniture for the hallway Design of a small hallway with suspended furniture Design of the hallway in the classical style Interior design in tropical style Contemporary Hallway Corner for the hallway Furniture for a small hallway The rustic style of the hallway Hanger for the hallway Beautiful small hallway Contemporary design of the hallway